Alex O’Loughlin Weekly FanArt

alex o'loughlin fanart   This week’s Alex O’Loughlin fanart should make you smile. The creativity continues to amass and we really appreciate being able to show it off weekly. It gets hard to keep coming up with something different to say weekly to do it all justice but we shall try. Let’s take a look at the wall. […]

Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Whimsical Wednesday

alex o'loughlin fanart   The fanart gallery is open again and the newest works will have you admiring Alex in a whole new light. The imaginations of the contributors were on overdrive this week and they came up with some innovative pieces. There is even one that at first glance you might not even think is Alex but […]

Alex O’Loughlin February Calendars

Alex O'loughlin Feb calendar   The first month of 2017 has passed and we are on to the second so in order to kick it off right here are the February calendars done monthly by one of our regular contributors, Silvia. Nice take on Will Bryant which Alex portrayed in Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant back in Australia.   […]

Mary Bryant Fan Video

alex o'loughlin in mary bryant movie Just something fun I found on YouTube recently. If you haven’t seen The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant you are really missing out. Its a really epic love story.  

Alex O’Loughlin Can Drum Up Chemistry With a Door Knob

The line about Alex having chemistry with a doorknob is just a funny one I read over in the comments section of the Latina blog. It seems a good number of Alex fans are popping up over there to protest Alex being called “What’s His Name”. It was also implied that casting JLo with Alex […]
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