Alex O’Loughlin Hawaii Five 0 8.01 Gif-fable Moments


Now that the season is in full swing, and we are back with our regular recap and screencaps in the gallery, it wouldn’t be the same without some GIFS from the episode. Last year we did them as part of the Different Points of View. However, since we are no longer doing that post any longer, and we did not just want to add a few here and there, we introduce Giffable Moments. We do not plan to keep any type of schedule with it, but since GIFS are always fun, we did not want to leave them out either.


Here are the Gif-fable Moments we saw from the premiere. If you ever see any others or ones you would like us to do, please contact us here or through our social media channels and we will do it for you.


Uh -oh the team could be in trouble

alex o'loughlin uh-oh


The McGarrett strut has always been fun to watch – whether faster, slower, or just as is

alex o'loughlin strut-slow

alex o'loughlin strut-regular

alex o'loughlin fasts strut


No resisting this charming smile

alex o'loughlin sly-smile


This seems to be old hat for him now- the fans are ok with his ease and comfort level, too

alex o'loughlin shirt-change-front

alex o'loughlin shirt-change-back


Got to have the serious side and concerned look in every episode 

alex o'loughlin serious


A hot pursuit 

alex o'loughlin gun-action


leads to a cold retreat sometimes

alex o'loughlin retreat


The customary phone call but this time they gave it a spin

alex o'loughlin phone-span


Seems to have some nervous energy

alex o'loughlin nervous-energy


and an itch

alex o'loughlin itch


The agony here was well played- had to feel for the poor guy – first radiation poisoning and then smoke inhalation.  

alex o'loughlin HELP


The frustration of the depravity of the situation sets in 

alex o'loughlin frustation



The first cargument of the season  (even if short and inclusive of a third party)

alex o'loughlin car


Had to make sure we ended it right !

alex o'loughlin action



Note: We readily admit that GIF making is not one of our strongest suits and we do not have a solid gif maker on the admin team, so if you have the desire to join the team and are a good gif maker- let us know as it will be very helpful. 

With that being said, we also started a gif gallery (similar to our photo gallery) for you and will build it over time. 



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