Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week of Sept 19


This past week’s review surrounding Alex O’Loughlin pretty much revolved around Sunset on the Beach and the first episode of the season. There were a few other pics that did appear so although a couple days late, we decided to do a short weekly wrap up. If you want to see any of the main event pics and videos you can check them out here, here, and here.


A couple of fans were able to meet Alex onset and shared their photos. As expected they were very excited to meet him and as usual said nice things about the experience.


Alex O'loughlin with fan



Alex O'loughlin with fan



A pic from when Alex was in Australia for his holiday was quite popular and looking at it you can probably figure out why. It was posted on December 31 2015.

alex o'loughlin shirtless



The day of the SOTB premiere, Beth Chapman who is fondly known as Mrs Dog as she is the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, posted this great BTS photo of her and Alex.

Alex O'loughlin with Mrs Dog



Some first shots of Episode 74.03 were released. Looks like an interesting episode.

hawaii-five-o-promo-episode-7-03 hawaii-five-o-promo-episode-7-03

Credit CBS

We also added over 700 episode screen caps of the premiere episode and you can catch a glimpse of those in the gallery.

That’s a wrap on the week. This week is already started with a couple of pics which we will be bringing to you in the next weekly wrap -up.




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