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  1. Ur so lucky JennaMarie! I wish I lived in Hawaii. Look at Alex’s smile! *I’m melting* :p

  2. JennaMarie, .Thx so much. Keep us posted !! 🙂

    1. How lucky can you get? What was he eating? I have a cousin who just returned from Hawaii. She said she would keep an eye out for him, but she didn’t get so lucky.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photo of you and Alex, JennaMarie. Wow! This made my day!

  4. JennaMarie you lucky girl, you were at the right place. Thank you for sharing your photo with us. Cheers ! 😮

  5. that is one lucky lady, good for her. my cousin is stationed in hawaii in the air force and since i am in florida i might see if he needs a nanny that will work for free. 😀

  6. I know… but i was just so starstruck that i couldn’t think straight anymore after that. lol. thats okay the next time i’m at the mall i’ll keep and eye out for him!! — i’m now going to take my camera with me everywhere i go.

    1. I hear you. I would be starstruck too! I think it’s great that you were respectfuly and waited until he was finished eating before you approached him.

      1. ohh yeah definitely, i mean i wouldnt want anyone to interrupt me while i’d be eating. We people of hawaii have that aloha spirit ^_^

  7. HEY this is a picture of ME and ALEX!!! I find it awesome that it’s even on this site!!

    I have to tell you it really was amazing getting a chance to meet. Nov. 6, 2010 will be by far my favorite day of this month.

    This is how the incident happen. I was sitting outside of the starbucks in Kahala Mall with this guy that i’m seeing. I hear a motorcycle pull up and i just happen to look as this guy parks literally right across from me and i’m thinking to myself… “hey… he looks like alex o’loughlin” it isn’t until i notice his tattoos that i’m like… “OMG it is him”. — at the time i’m at starbucks with a date and he’s with his lexus car club group and they leave me and a this guy’s girlfriend behind — i tell her… i think i just saw the cute guy from Hawaii 5-0. and we’re like… LETS go find him!! We assumed he goes into “Whole Foods” because that was the direction he was walking to. But we unfortunately don’t find him… as we exited out… i spotted him outside of whole foods with two other friends eating.

    I don’t want to interrupt a man thats eating his dinner so me and my friend just wait…. after a good 40 mins… he starts heading turns his motorcycle. i head turned him and ask “Can I take a picture with you?” — he looks at me with a smile and he’s like “Sure”. So the guy that i’m on a date with is getting ready to take the picture and Alex jokes “How does my hair look?” — I nearly just died right there — the whole moment was amazing!!

    he then heads off to his motorcycle — and i gotta say he looked sexy riding that thing lol. Alex O’Loughlin is truly a sweet and nice guy. That night just made me fall more in love with him. I think i should start going to Kahala Mall more often. That truly was a RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME type of moment. ^_^

    1. Cool story, JennaMarie. Thanks for sharing! It would have been so cool if you could have also gotten a pic of of Alex on his bike. 🙂

    2. JennaMarie, Great story ! Are you living there or on vacation ?? So he eats at Whole foods ! Should have known he eats organic !! Thx so much for sharing your story !! pamela

      1. I live here in Hawaii ^_^. I’m hoping I’ll get to see Daniel and Scott caan hehe

    3. to say that as we a ll wouoldl for sure of like to meet Alex… that I’m glad that you did… and too that it made both u’re day and for sure always….

      for sure you are a very lcuky lady indeed… thanks for sharing… 😀

  8. 👿 man i am so jealous! sigh… ^_^ wouldn’t that just be a dream come true! now if only i could get enough money together to go to hawaii! :woot:

  9. OPPS. Forgot to say thanks Tiffany !

  10. OH MAN ! I’m sooo jealous !! Love Alex so much. He’s so compassionate & down to earth. Would love to have been that young lady… :kiss:

  11. Once again we have proof of what a great person Alex is…to be so accomodating and lovely with this fan…and you guys are all so right. How lucky she is and how envious we are. But at the same time glad to see him do this sweet thing. GREAT PHOTO. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Wish I could be there. Maybe he would put his arm around my for a photo shot. Lucky, lucky woman. Alex is so handsome and sexy. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  13. Tiffany, I’m red with envy when I see pictures of Alex hugging a woman, as he is super wonderful, talented and beautiful, I love Alex, and my not know that mario kkkkk

  14. Yes I would say this is one lucky woman and I wish
    it was me Alex had has arms around and what a
    ULTRA hot and sexy man he is too!!!!!!!!!!
    Kelly Ann Scovell(GreenBay,WI) :heart:

  15. Wow! She is so lucky!!! I wish it was me!

  16. I think I just went green, with envy. He is such a lovely man. Hawaii anywhere near Queensland Australia? shucks. LOL

  17. yes, very lucky indeed and yes, very jealous am I. 🙂

  18. Does he live near Kahala Mall? That used to be a more exclusive part of Honolulu–more “gated” homes. Lucky girl!! Great picture!

  19. She IS VERY lucky and I am terribly jealous. All though I have to say, its probably a good thing I haven’t ran into Alex because I know without a doubt, I would be arrested. I know if I ever had the chance, I would be like a crazed wild cat! lol I would HAVE to kiss him. Have to. I just can’t stand how irrisistable he is.

    1. I spoke with Alex at SOTB in Hawaii, I gave him a photo that my husband had taken of me in front of the advertisement for The Back-Up Plan, I was standing in front of Jennifer and Alex was looking at me. I asked him if he looked at it as he was signing it and he gave me a big smile and said “whoa that’s too cool”. I was lucky enough to be at The Grove when he was there for his Entertainment Extra interview, my friend Mary and myself were seated in La Piazza having lunch, we knew he was going to be there so we waited for him and we weren’t disappointed. I had asked the server beforehand that when he arrived with his guest would she offer them a glass of wine from me. He arrived and was going up the stairs directly in front of our table and Mary said softly “ALEX” and he looked at us and smiled. The server then proceed upstairs to ask about the wine, she came down with a smile on her face and said “he remembered you ladies from Hawaii”. Unfortunately he couldn’t have any wine but his guest did. When he came down the stairs, he came directly to us and I told him the wine was on me and he thanked me very much and told me Amber really appreciated the gesture and enjoyed her glass, but he couldn’t have one. He then gathered us together and we had a photo take with him. I would love to post it but it’s on Long Leg’s O’Loughlin’s website and they’ve asked us not to post them anywhere else. It was an exciting experience, we was so gracious and sweet.

      1. That is so cool and I will have to check out that photo. You lucky lucky girl you. On another note I love his shirt. I knew somewhere inside he had a little bit of a bad boy lol 🙂

      2. Wow, audreyd. Stalker much?

  20. Just look at that smile .on her face to…lucky girl she is :heart:

  21. My, my my. She is a VERY lucky lady. He is just so sweet and accomodating **sigh**…. :love:

  22. for sure very lucky lady indeed…

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