Hawaii Five-0 1.3 Malama Ka Aina Recap

Malama Ka Aina (Respect the Land) is episode three of the new Hawaii Five-0. This episode begins with the 5-0 team attending a football game together in their off time. When Danno takes his daughter Gracie to get a hotdog he notices that two men are making their way to the field “strapped”. He tucks his daughter away in the bathroom and calls Steve on his cell. They make their way towards the men but a shootout starts and several people are gunned down on the field.

From the tattoos of the victims they deduce that this was a gang war and one of the players leads them to an operation where guns are sold in pizza boxes. The pizza shop owner is convinced to help them out after he is dropped inside a shark cage to think for a spell. He is able to tell them the New Jersey mob has armed the Samoans, to provide security, so the mob can expand their gambling operations.

Chin Ho and Kono work through their own family issues as their cousin Sid is identified as an undercover cop trying to bring down one the gangs. He is able to give them information and help Danno, Steve, and Kono go under cover to get evidence to stop the mob boss from moving in.


– The football game and the dancers on the field

– Danno’s daughter Gracie

– Steve and Danno bonding while letting their suspect stew in a shark cage

– Danno and Steve arguing about whether or not Steve was held as a baby

– Danno’s ringtone for his wife’s lawyer – Darth Vader’s theme music


This was a very fun and fast paced episode. I enjoyed it thorughly and give it 3 out of 4 Jersey slimeballs in shark infested waters.

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  2. Hi Stranger – welcome back, we missed you- hope all is well.

  3. Danno’s daughter is such a sweetie. His ex-wife’s ringtone LOL. The shark cage funny. Very unorhtadox policing methods, but they make me laugh. The antics of Steve and Danno are so funny at times. Really enjoying it. Because I have to watch eps on Internet I had no idea the name of each episode.
    I thought H50 was going to be shown on channel 10 in Australia the 20th. Been checking on the net, it is not mentioning H50 on channel 10 as yet. But we are viewing Commonwealth games at present, so normal programmes are not on.

    Anyway know what tthe go is here? Seen it advertised for 2011 over here?

  4. Tiffany, H5O…great…exciting…will never miss an episode. Thx pamela

  5. I have watched H50 every week. Not just watch it but tape it also and then watch it again. Just can’t get enough of Alex. Can’t wait for next weeks according to the previews. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  6. I’m loving this series, have not watched the first version because it was not my time, I was born in 1986, was too small, Alex always wonderful, gorgeous, talented and charismatic, wish I could give a big kiss on him personally and say that I love others, I ask God to bless and protect you. kisses from NEL.

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