Hawaii Five-0 Ua Hopu Trailer

Woot! Looks action packed and awesome. Steve finally gets his man, Wo Fat, but it comes a bit too easy and that spells big trouble for everyone. The final 2 episodes of the season are here. Tune in on Monday, May 7th at 10/9c on CBS!

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  1. There is a new promo on that episode and wo wow and OMG I was speechess.!! Steve and Wo fat together on the plane. Looks awesome I cant wait to see it.

  2. I’m literally already shaking!!!! I don’t want the season to end but I HAVE to watch this noww!!!!!!!!!!! OMMMMGGG. <3

  3. Thanks for the video Tiffany! Alex is looking good!! :love:

  4. Ohh my I am going to eat Scott and Alex AHHH!! for the tiny interview they gave where they talk about the season finale plot. They teased each other about it and they were all smiling , They look so cute both of them.

    I hope Tiffany can manage to find the video Im talking about to share it with the fans.

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    Great clip of the upsoming new episode…thanks so much Tiffany. Now if the media would only do the same and promote Hawaii Five 0 as it does all the other shows, that would be wonderful. Can’t wait for these two new but sadly final season episodes!!

  6. Unfortunately can’t see the video…we used to be able to but the last couple have not been available here in Canada. It kind of spoils things for us because they don’t even show promos on TV. Alex is looking really good though..thanks for the photo Tiffany.

  7. Can’t Wait, McGarrett & Wo-Fat teaming up, and Danno getting kidnapped, looks like it, can’t wait : () ^_^

  8. This is gonna sound “bad” but Wo Fat is a good looking actor, bad, but good! Looks like he’ll be around for a while Also, noted Alex’s hair seems to be grayer, or maybe its the lighting…gorgeous just the same….like George Clooney, only better. AND my number one beef with the media once again….TV Guide had a wrap up of all the dramas coming up and a photo with every one EXCEPT 5 0 !!! Wha’ts up with that? 😆 :bandit: He just does NOT get media coverage like the rest of the shows…booo to all of them. He’ll show them next year what an asset he is… :love: :heart:

  9. Thanks Tiffany for the photo and video of Monday’s Hawaii five-O. Really looking forward to seeing the show this Monday. :love:

  10. Michele –

    I wish that were Alex in the shower but that looks like Kono to me, so I doubt it’s Alex. :whistle:

    1. Amazing promo and I agree with the director Larry Teng when he said this episode was going to be EPIC, sure it looks like it will be that way :kidnappings, plane crash, shower scenes, Wo fat, Steve back in action and angrier than ever, etc . Is it Monday yet???? I cant wait for the 2 final episodes.

      And the shower scene, it is certainly Kono, but if u take a closer look at the promo the guy in the shower with her is Adam Noshimure. I believe that is the guy Kono is seeing and that is the guy she called on Mondays episode. I believe somehow they both hook up and Adam is using her to get the information he needs of his father. and then betray her by pointing a gun to her and that is why she look scared

  11. cant access the clip in the uk, but the picture makes up for it tiff, thank you. mind you i dont know what im gonna at the end of s2, my s1 dvd will be a liitle worn until season three! thanks again for all you do for keeping us updated, really do appreciate it! well done!

  12. Tiffany, thank you very much for this exciting clip. I’m looking forward to seeing Alex next Monday!

  13. Loving it but yeah to easy don’t want him to die just need to see Steve beat his butt

  14. I know it’s just acting but who is in the shower with Steve? Lucky girl! :love: Looks like two great ending’s for the season! Thank’s Tiffany!

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