Whimsical Wednesday- Alex O’Loughlin Fanart Day


We have some good stuff for you this week in the fanart department. The contributors have had their imaginations and creativity working on overdrive so as always we appreciate their work.



First we have some different pieces from Gaby at H50Europe showing Alex in a few diversified moods.

Here she took one of our favorite photos of Alex from season 2 and placed him on the beach.  What a neat setting and who would not want to go horseback riding with him?

alex o'loughlin-on-beach-on-horse


This next one seems to be good for the mood Alex has been relaying in his most recent articles. Not only physically is he hurt, but he also sounded emotionally scarred. This also shows off his great profile.

ale o'loughlin hurt


Becoming_Bryna is still unavailable this week so once again H50Europe pitched in providing this movie poster of Alex as Jack Reacher instead of Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher seems to be a common theme between Bryna and Gaby so just maybe Hollywood got this one wrong with the casting. 

jack-reacher- alex o'loughlin version

Credit H50Europe 



Keeping with the Steve McGarrett side of Alex, here is one from the very talented, Monika. It is pretty cool the way she added the many faces of Steve within the lettering of his name. 

steve mcgarrett--11-7

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz


Since we have been jumping in weekly too, we created one that encompasses the episode the other night. The tears in Steve’s eyes broke our heart.

steve mcgarrett closure




Thanks to everyone for some great and different ways to look at Alex. After all, anyway to look at him is always welcomed 🙂


Also, if anyone else that has the gift of creativity and wants to showcase their pieces on our Whimsical Wednesdays fanart posts, email us and let us know.  All contributors are welcome as long as their creations are in good taste and not hurtful to Alex.




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