FanArt Whimsical Wednesday


Just a couple days away until the next and iconic Hawaii Five O episode. In the meantime it is Whimsical Wednesday and fanart day! Enjoy these pieces from our collaborators.


First we have the serious Alex in an older photoshoot with some changes for what seems to be his most current mood. Thanks to H50Europe for this clever background for Alex.

Alex O'LOughlin stilllife

Credit H50Europe


As you might already know Becoming_Bryna is known for her movie posters but based on her being away this week,  H50Europe took over that role. Here Alex is in the movie poster Jack Reacher and once again we prefer him to Tom Cruise hands down.  

Alex O'LOughlin as Jack Reacher

Credit H50Europe


Next we have a couple that were inspired by the 150th episode promo shots as we all seem to agree those hot shots of Alex acted as a muse for many.


Monika was one of them and she took this shot and turned it into a hue of colors and a mirror image adding to its (his) overall desire.

steve-mcgarrett- hue

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz


One of our admins was inspired by this shot from the promo and wanted to create something that brought out his eyes a little more. Got to love a sharp dressed man. 

alex o'loughlin sketch


Hard to choose a favorite this week- do you have one?


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