Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up- April Hiatus


When we did our last wrap up on the 9th, we mentioned that we would not be doing the weekly wrap-ups while the show is on hiatus but would do one here and there when there is enough material. With that being said, there is now enough material. Thankfully this hiatus has not started off like last year when we did not see a new pic for 5 weeks. This time the activity around Alex has been busy so it is time for an update and the end of the month seemed to be as good of time as any.



New Photos


Alex was stuck at the airport on the 17th for a long delay when the plane had some issues during the pre-check. Never a fun day when that happens but he seemed to be taking it in stride.

alex o'loughlin honolulu airport



He even was willing to take a few fan shots including one on the plane with the stewardess he kicked back with during the long wait.

alex o'loughlin honolulu airport




This couple had been living in Hawaii but were moving to the mainland. This is the last pic they got while still in Honolulu. Not a bad way to go out.

alex oloughlin honolu airport




On the 25th he ran into a fan back in Honolulu. He even recognized him from the set as he has been an extra before. Alex seems to have a good memory from other people’s stories that have said something similar. The hiatus beard also seems to be coming along nicely.

alex o'louhglin fan photo




New Old Photos


Another reason the hiatus has been more active this year are there are a few new/old photos that have popped up. These two are from Wesley John who you might recognize from episode 7.21 as a Yakuza that had captured the team. It looks like hanging with the “enemy” was a lot of fun between scenes. Teri who provided the pics of the puppy back then has also told us the same about Wesley. He was a really nice guy to her and her sons. His Facebook page also shows that so check it out and follow him and his career to see how it blossoms.

alex oloughlin behind the scenes alex oloughlin behind the scenes




Also an older behind the scenes from episode 7.12 back to when they were shooting it in January. Alex with Rey Payumo who was a guest actor.

alex oloughlin behind the scenes




This one is another behind the scenes from during the season that was just shared recently and it is from 7.18.  What you see on screen is not always what you might think as you can see here.

alex o'loughlin and scott caan





Adding to all the pics, CBS Watch also provided a nice surprise on the 18th when they released the video of Alex reading Hello Lamb complete with animal sounds. That was a nice treat and if you have not seen it, we did a complete post about it here.




The wrap video for season 7 was also released. if you have not seen it, here you go, Alex makes an appearance at around .57 sec in. The wrap videos are always fun so watch the whole thing. Surprise ending if you do. 


Official Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 – Wrap Video by Moku Ribuca from HRFF on Vimeo.



That’s it for the first few weeks of hiatus. Just 66 more days left (as long as the writers do not strike). In the meantime, there is the CBS Watch photo shoot to hold everyone over in May. That should be arriving anywhere between May 9-26 so once we get it, we will share it. There is also three new episodes starting this Friday so that will also help fill the drought.








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