Hawaii Five 0 Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana Gif-fable Moments


We are back with a few gif-fable moments of Steve from the last episode, and when we say few, we mean few. There were not many based on screen time and dark scenes. However, there were some great moments in the episode too, so we grabbed those. This post is all visual so hope you enjoy the Alex moments we chose to relive again.



Turns out he had a right to be concerned.

Alex O'Loughlin -whatsup


Taking it all in

Alex O'Loughlin gif - problem


Making his point

Alex O'Loughlin pointing


The McStrut is always nice to see – even if he has to duck under trees

Alex O'Loughlin strutting


Full length suit view while watching him think it through – acceptable 🙂

Alex O'Loughlin tinking


Every episode needs a Steve smile

Alex O'Loughlin smile







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