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The movie, Feed, is about sexual fetish. Specifically it is about feeders and gainers. This was not a new concept for me as I have heard of it before on a kinky podcast I used to listen to. Basically a feeder is just what they sound like¦they feed their mate and the gainer gains weight. Most couples consist of a fit male and a grossly obese woman and the movie was the same. Alex O’Loughlin plays a young, fit, married man who has a 600 pound woman on the side. He and his gainer have a web site where they share their gaining adventure with other feeds and gainers AND unbeknownst to the womans’ people were taking bets on when she will die.

We get to see that his obsession with feeding and gaining stems back to his relationship with his mother who was bed ridden because she was so overweight and often begged her young son (Alex) to feed her. Eventually he kills his mother but finds himself attracted to overweight women AND the process of feeding them.

An Aussie cop travels to Ohio to bring him down and finds something even more horrifying. There have been other gainers in the past that DID die and when they passed they were fed to his latest obsession so there was a strong cannibal twist too.

I did not like the story much. The writing was good, perhaps even excellent but I just didn’t dig the storyline. In this case kinky was a bit “yuck”. The force feeding scenes were a bit much. I did however find a scene were Alex (O’Loughlin) was dancing on top of a bed to the song Yellow Polka Dot Bikini pretty entertaining and it did show that there was love and tenderness between the feeder and gainer.

The best part of the movie was the first 5 minutes were we get to see Alex sans clothing and we see his glorious tattoos. I believe that only one of them was fake. They are pretty awesome tattoos but I am a total sucker for tats on a man. Also since Alex is supposed to have come up with the concept, helped write the script, and co-produced it I find it valuable to watch to get some insight into the man behind the actor. Do I detect the mind of a devil? Delicious….

I do hope to watch this movie again to see it without the “shock” you experience during the first viewing.


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  1. Oooo…i forget……..10 thumbs up for the film 😆

  2. I was not too thrilled about the feeder/gainer aspect of the film, but once you get past the shock factor of it (it really is like passing a train wreck, you just can’t help but be a rubber necker with your eyes open) and watched it again I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that for an Indy film it was quite well done. I give to 2 thumbs up (y) (y)

    1. Lisa… are right…….after you past the shock you realise that its really a “smart” film…..whith one condition…….you must understand it.
      I think it’s one of the Alex’s best acting (in my opinion).
      I love this film.

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