Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Ka Luhi Recap

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After two weeks without our H50 fix, this episode was much anticipated. And we were not disappointed. Relive or catch the episode for the first time through the recap by Susan Schoppe and lots of vivid pictures.   We begin with an 18 year old boy, Reese in the office of Dr. Linda […]

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.08 Different Points Of View

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.08   Once again the multiple reviews by Linda and Manu seem to agree this was a good episode. See what they liked about it while you relive what you did through the numerous gifs. Some great expressions in this one.   Linda Stein Rite of Passage: Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s […]

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.08 Hana Komo Pae Recap

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.08   Here is the recap from last night’s Hawaii Five O episode, the Right of Passage thanks to Susan Schoppe. After last week being all about Steve, this one seemed to be all about Danny, so let’s see what happened.   As our episode opens tonight we see Grace and her classmates laying on the […]

Hawaii Five-0 209 Ike Maka Recap

Steve and Danno The episode begins with a high speed police chase. The police are chasing a muscle car through city streets and then into a shipping yard. They lose the car there and eventually find it inside a shipping container with dozens of other stolen cars. In one of those cars they find a dead body… a […]

Hawaii Five-0 1.23 Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau Recap

Episode 23 hawaii five o The 5-0 team is operating a sting to catch Wo Fat. Did I miss something? Do they have evidence against him now? Anyway they find Sang Min at his place instead, trying to kill Wo Fat with a front door explosive . They chase him and gunfire ensues. He breaks into a house down the […]
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