April is National Donate Life Month and Why it Matters to Alex

Ultimate 5k and alex o'loughlin   April is National Donate Life Month so we thought we would do a post about just that and why it matters to Alex. If you have been a long time Alex fan, you probably already have some insight about how Alex got involved with organ donation charities such as Donate Life and Taylor’s Gift, […]

Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up – Week of April 3

Alex O'Loughlin and crew   This past week was another good week of behind the scenes with a lot of activity in the life of Alex. That is the good news, however, unfortunately it is the last of it for a while as he wrapped season 7 on Thursday. Most of the activity actually came from the wrap activities […]

Two Ways to Wish Alex A Happy 40th Birthday

alex o'loughlin and taylors gift No one is immune to aging…not even Alex O’Loughlin. However, you have to admit he does age pretty well. There are probably quite a few of us that wish we could have his genes. This month Alex turns 40 and in order to make his birthday special there are a couple of things that us […]

Alex O’loughlin Happenings Week of August 1

alex o'loughlin and fans There were not any BTS shooting action this week of Alex but we did have some fan shots and a few sneak peeks thanks to Peter on Instagram. So in case you missed anything here you go! The sneak peeks: The results of the BTS shooting shots at the Marriott A video posted by plenkov […]

What Alex Wants For Christmas

alex o'loughlin heart OK, we openly admit we do not know what  is on  Alex’s Christmas list for Santa, but we are pretty sure one of his wishes is for his fans’ continued support to Taylor’s Gift and Donate Life America. If you can, please make a donation. You can even win a prize this year if you […]
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