Alex O’Loughlin & Gabriel Macht Interview

alex o'loughlin in the movie whiteout

Excitement for Whiteout is building. I am ready, are you?

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Alex from Moviehole.


Can you describe your characters? Who is Robert and who is Russell?

ALEX O’LOUGHLIN: Russell is an Australian pilot who’s based in the same base we meet all the characters, where they all live. He does fly-outs. He moves gears, scientific equipment, people, food and supplies. They have a string of pilots working down there. They sort of run their own schedule. As long as they get the work done, it doesn’t really matter. He’s an Aussie lad, he’s a bit of a womanizer, he’s got all these sort of fronts, that’s his way of portraying himself that is, that keeps everyone at arm’s length, because essentially he has, like all the characters in the show, another agenda. He has an MO. In this very close-knit community, he does his best to keep everybody as far away from his business as he can.

The action takes place in Antarctica and obviously you couldn’t shoot there, but you did shoot in a very cold place, what was that experience like?

AO We shot in northern Manitoba on the frozen lakes, which is about three hours north of Winnipeg. And it was cold. It was minus forty, minus fifty. We spent the first couple of weeks there, and then we went to Montréal and we spent a few months in the sound stages and did all the internal stuff we needed to do. The great thing about doing all the exteriors where we did them in the conditions that we did them in, is that, essentially, that’s very close to the conditions where this film is situated and where these people live and have to survive. And it changes how you feel. Your blood pressure drops, you get dizzy, euphoric, and the simplest tasks become difficult. You can’t see the horizon for the edge of the ice, and so you can get disorientated very quickly. So it was very helpful as an actor.

Thanks to AlexOLoughlinFan for the heads up!

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  1. Too bad Alex was only in this movie about 15 MINUTES! I might have rescued it from going immediateliy to DVD. Which I would nt have bought anyway. Too bad….GO SEE HIM AND JLO IN BACK UP PLAN….I’M SURE YOU WILL ENJOY THAT MUCH MORE!! SUZANNE HIS FOREVER FAN

  2. This movie sounds like quite a thriller. Just the clips scare me. And, Alex is looking mighty fine. I hope he gets great reviews. It’s time the whole world knows what we know about Alex that he’s a great actor and can play any role. Thanks Tiffany

  3. Oh yeah I will watch Alex in anything too, but I am still hooked on the Moonlight dvds. I have not given up that these nuts that cancelled that show that was watched by 7 million in its time slot and won the Saturn Award this summer after being cancelled a year ago will get their heads on right and bring back the show we all loved and the one that made us all fall for Alex. Don’t get me wrong I will watch him in all that he does and I wish him all the very best but I have this thing for vampires and he was the best . Still holding on for MORE MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!

  4. Yessiree….I am ready for this film and counting the days til I can get it on DVD. I saw many of the clips and the ones with Alex are awesome.. He looks soooo great. I agree, love his hair and the bad boy thing.

  5. Sounds like Alex plays a bit of a rogue in this movie. Mmmmm, such a bad boy.

  6. Alex was in a western????

    Anyone know the name??

  7. Alex was here in Montreal??..i didn’t even know about it 🙁

  8. Alex sort of hints that there is something a little black on Russells agenda. Wow he plays an Australian well that part should be a natural for him. I like his hair, not sort of Mick but almost, but certainly not Stan or Andy

  9. I am more than ready!! Cant wait to see Alex on the big screen!!

  10. Great news, this movie looks very interesting and with Alex in it what else? He’ll liven it up i’m sure. I just hope he’s in it more than it looks like he is.. Oh well, I guess a little is better than nothing ,right?
    An Alex fan always…..Georgetta Ross

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