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  1. No Alex look alike for me and certainly not an older version. I like my men younger myself so Alex is perfect in every way. I sure like looking at this man and this year we got to see him on the big screen……………..hmmm, so nice. Great video and my wish for Christmas for sure. Nice photos of Alex, thanks for the great job.

  2. Alright everyone, the holidays are over so now it is time to pull ourselves together in untity and give CBS the fight of its existence to rid themselves of B_t_h Nina and get Alex back on TV again here in the staes before he becomes so disillusioned with America & the phiney promises of Tinsletown…We all know they are not truue to their words but Alex’s abilities with our fan backing can make Nina and her co-horts eat crow.. And we can fight even harder now, since apparently Nina’s conracr with Alex is a sham and a way to keep him from his public, as I see it, to make notice to resurrect Moonlight into new filming of episodes…

    We may not get back Jason & Shannyn in their characters but at this point in time, Alex in limbo & Sophia back in England upset apparently with Hollywood phonies, is perfect to get them as our fav vampire and love interest reporter in a new Moonlight Season

  3. Hi Ebbiem Julia et al,

    We here in America had a writing campaign, hoped worldwide, too, for SCI-FI to pick up Moonlight for a 2nd Season, not re-runs… So go figure…Could Queen B have had something to do with this?

    As for Nina trying to cabbash this site, I think the B would have one heck of a fight on her hands because this site is directed towards Alex, not Moonlight… As all dictators reigns do fall, I am hoping that 2009 will bring that for CBS’s Queen B, Nina… She is a not competent to run such a department…did anyone note that some big wig execs at NBC have lost their positions just recently???

    Then, and only then, someone is bound to see Nina’s drastic decision as a horrible network fautling mistake and hopefully will have the common sense to resurrect the Moonlight at a great time slot

    Oh, fans, we all love Alex, but sure he is not into himself so that he would not want to make way for some young talent…So check out Tiffany’s new thread here @ AOLO called Twilight Fans and leave your comments…If you haven’t all yet read the 4 book Twilight series, so yourself a favor and ask the Santa in your life to bring you the complete set of novels by Stephanie Meyer; for that matter, why not, after all of your holiday hustle and bustle in crowds shopping for others, buy yourself these 4 books as your own present… This will have to surfice until there is a “Twilight” DVD made; btw, there is a “Twilight” soundtrack already available on Amazon… And, for heavens sake, if you haven’t yet been to the theater to see “Twilight”, what are you waiting for? Perhaps a ride in Santa’s sleigh or, better yet, a ride on Edward’s/Rob Pattinson’s back Bell style???

    Happy Holidays to All here at AOLO… Tish/Pat

    PS: Ebbie, I will check out to see if your screensaver link is the same…thanks…as far as too many Moonlight or Alex Pix on a computer…then mine should have crashed ages ago…

  4. dear alex fans,here a note from a very great alex fan from holland. i wish you all a happy holiday and a good 2009 with lots of news from alex i hope?

  5. Hi Ebbie – I know I’ve had my copy for 3 weeks now and already watch all 16 episodes 3 times, I’m just amazed not to say pleased that it has been release in England, and other countries before it’s homeland, call me cynical but I’m thinking the release in America is set to dilute the viewing figures for the re-runs, so the fan base will appear reduced, though I for one will still watch the re-runs to keep the ratings up, I can sit though copious ad breaks for Alex and pals. I’m still hanging on in hope that they will see sense bring moonlight back for a 2nd season

  6. Julia, The “Moonlight” DVD has been on sale here in England for the past 4 weeks or so, also “Moonlight” has been available on Virgin TV in what they call “TV choice on Demand” so I could watch it whenever I wanted to, (and I did), but they have now taken it off and replaced it with rubbish. Happy Christmas again all you “Moonlight” fans.

  7. Hi Fellow Moonlight fans, thanks for the screensaver info, mind you I think my PC will crash if I download any more Alex and moonlight pics,and vid’s. Love your site came across it last week and at the moment my days are not complete without seeing my moonlight buddies, be it on DVD or PC. ( I am becoming somewhat fanatical). Though through you news items am I to understand the series DVD is not going to be released until the 20th January, surely this is going to clash with the re-runs on Si-fi.

  8. Hi Everyone – Thanks for the info on the “Moonlight” screen saver website. I added it to my “favorites” just in case CBS/Nina decide to overthrow this site too. Great pix to choose from but then look at the subject – Alex – I have never seen a bad picture of him yet! Yummy. 🙂

  9. Hi Tish/Pat, Thank you for the screen saver website, it is very similar to the one I have got, it may well be the same as yours in the USA, but I have only had my computer for 2 weeks so I am still floundering about and feeling my way.Anyway this is the address, if it is different have a look and see the photos. I can’t put it on so that you can download it, I don’t know how.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, it’s very exciting to pop a comment on and actually get an answer from a real person.

  10. Hey Ebbie,

    I do hope that you and yours will have a wonderful Christmas Season Holiday…

    At the mention of you saying that you have Alex on your screensaver…Was wondering if it is the one I have of various scenes from Moonlight?

    If not, I am sending this to you and do hope the link still works, since so many times CBS put the kabash on all things Moonlight, which I believe, whether they own rights to this or not is still against freedom in this land, the USA…And with the fact, so many online areas are forgetting this great show it is difficult to get anything on it at times…

    Anyway let me know if this works and if you download…If it does, Merry Christmas and I do hope all of us here posting at AOLO will take the opportunity to use as well…


    I just love mine who was a gift from a friend… and now onto all my AOLO friends…Tish/Pat

  11. Hi Spirited Angel,
    Yes I am thousands of miles away in England, so my chances of seeing the man “in the flesh” as it were, are about as good as my shedding 20 years in age and becoming incredibly beautiful overnight. Zip, zero, nil. Oh well, I can still dream, and I have at least got Alex as my screensaver, that will have to do.
    Nice talking to you.

  12. Thank you Ebbie…

    That’s a fair deal…Does anyone know if Alex’s real dad is available whom Alex says, in the 12/05/08 interview, looked like him now when Alex’s father was younger?… What is that you say? He lives in Australia? So, I’m for a new location as long as I can keep my US citizenship open…

    Again, just wishful wishing for Xmas, my friends…I would be absolutely at a loss for words, which is unusual for me, if I met either of them…

    Ebbie, I noted the way you spelled favorite (Our version) in the British way, so I am gathering that is where you are…Or possibly the Land Down Under? I do hope Father Christmas is good to you this year…

    Warmly, Tish/Pat, the spirited angel

  13. Patricia, you take the older version, I’ll be plain greedy and have the original please!!!!! Have a brilliant Christmas all you Alex fans, and I love the new video “All we want for Christmas” I have put it into my “Favourites” file.

  14. If not Alex, than an older version of himself under my tree…

    All kidding aside, I want to see Peace come to the world again and to stay for a long while to come…

    And good health for my loved ones and myself…

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