Hawaii Five-O remake roughed up star Alex O’Loughlin

Jack Lord versus Alex O'Loughlin

From HollywoodNews.com

CBS has commissioned a pilot for a new version of Hawaii Five-O. The original island cop drama starred Jack Lord as detective Steve McGarrett, leader of an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police. Alex O’Loughin stars as McGarrett in the new version.

It’s the biggest pilot CBS has ever shot I believe O’Loughlin said on a break from shooting. He’d returned to Los Angeles from Oahu to promote his feature film, The Back-up Plan. It’s the biggest pilot I’ve ever shot.

The new Hawaii Five-O promises to be action packed. O’Loughlin is still smarting from the stunts he’s performed himself. I’ve been getting thrown out of tanks, beaten around the island of Oahu for a couple of weeks and I’ve just come back.

The hunk factor likely comes into play. O’Loughlin has taken his shirt off in films and television, to the delight of fans. If he’s seen running down the beach with an open Hawaiian shirt blowing in the wind, you’ll see just how roughly the new Hawaii Five-O is treating him.If I took my shirt off, I look like a beaten piece of beef.

That’s about all O’Loughlin can say for now. I’ve been given direct orders not to talk about it. I’m allowed to say three things about the show. I’m very excited about it and I hope all the fans really enjoy what we’ve done.

You may know the Australian hunk from the short-lived vampire series Moonlight, or the short-lived medical dram Three Rivers. Rest assured he does not take this American TV icon lightly.

First of all, I’m deeply grateful to live and work in this country and to the United States for opening its arms to me the way it has. My attitude as an Aussie coming here, I’ve been coming here for a while now, sort of been coming here for 12 or 13 years. This country has afforded me, my family work and security. For that I’m forever grateful. As an extension of that, being accepted to the point and loved to the point by you guys that I’m allowed to step into someone like Jack Lord’s shoes to play a character like Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five O is massive for me. It’s not lost on me the significance of that.

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  1. I still think Nina Tassler had an axe to grind over Moonlight. CBS allowed her to cancel Moonlight knowing that Twilight was fixing to roll out and we all know what happened with that little movie and its sequels. I don’t know who was the most stupid, her or CBS. I won’t comment on 3-Rivers. I will tune in for Hawaii Five-O in the hopes that it will be as good as the first one was. Jack Lord was not as sexy as Alex, but he was a good actor and the show was very good. Alex certainly deserves a break. I think CBS needs to realize that what Alex’s fans want is a show in which he is the star and in which he appears in 99% of the scenes. He didn’t get that in 3 Rivers. I haven’t seen the new movie but will be buying the DVD when it comes out. Good luck to Alex and his cast. My husband still thinks the one episode he played in Criminal Minds was his best (of course, my husband just doesn’t get the other stuff). I tend to agree with him, though, in the sense that it was a superb acting job. The idea of a hunk like Alex being able to play a serial killer and you still like him afterwards speaks volumes for his acting ability.

  2. Alex you are super cat and very talented, I’m anxious to watch Hawaii 5.0 just for you, and we Moonlight fans are waiting for the 2nd season or the movie that comes will be welcome, and all the fans I love you.

  3. I don’t know about the rest of you but I thought TBUP was G R E A T.
    He out shined J Lo. Can’t wait to see him in H5O. Bookem Dano.


  4. Well, since CBS enjoys procedurals so much and since Alex didn’t work out as a doctor and if he doesn’t work out as a cop I guess he will be a lawyer next. The Back up plan from the reviews sounds like another CBS debacle. Poor Alex, I wish they would let him go.

    1. reviews are one thing and too.. that of as to how much one is willing as to put stock in them. as to especially this time. case in point to say the one up around here aka boston globe.. to put in short form.. for sure that one has an ego run-muck in over drive.. and no i am not joking either.

      yet too it is always as to what one may read into it and that of well.. of what may seem to be there and instead an turn at the next light that well was right there in plain sight wording wise that is .. is simply mis-qed and not seen at all.

      hey its good and alright to read reviews and yet of what it comes down to is of what the read puts into it and what they take from it too. and well as to boston globe one.. for me as to still ego run-muck in over drive.

      sticky fly paper is always sticky.

  5. Such great news about Alex and Hawaii 5 o. I am looking forward to The Backup Plan. I to hope CBS doesn”t screww this one up. Good luck Alex hope you heal fast. Enjoy Hawaii.

  6. Tiffany – how exciting for you and for all of us that you got a message to Alex! He needs to know that we’re behind him all the way, no matter what. Looking forward to the interview link. You do an awesome job.

  7. Alex I’m so glad you deserve it, super dedicated, charismatic and very beautiful, I love her smile, you’re an actor who deserves all the awards. Once I saw Moonlight, I ran behind all their work, pity it only got some, I adore you

  8. So EXCITED ladies… I was able to get a get a direct message to Alex via some lovely folks who interviewed him. They read word for word to him what I wrote them about his fans supporting TBUP and H5O. I HAD to let him know that his true fans are excited about his new roles and not all of us share the bitterness about Moonlight. I will link to the interview when it goes up!!

    1. Thanks Tiffany. Great news !!!! Look forward to the interview. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.

  9. Veronica – the original Hawaii Five-O was called that because of the state of Hawaii being the 50th state in the United States, pretty cool title, even back then.

  10. I don´t remember why it was called 5-O , but to me it’s for the many “ohh!” s I won´t hold back when I see this hunky gorgeous man in action. YUMMY!!!


  12. Alex you are so fine! I can’t think of a better actor to take over the role of Steve McGarret! Can’t wait to see your version. I am sure it will be new and improved. I remember the old series and can only imagine the fresh edge you will bring to it. It was a hit back in the day and i am sure it will be again with you in the lead. All the best. I will be watching!!

  13. Alex you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best, and that Hawaii Five-O gets picked up, your luck with CBS has been terrible, they don’t know what they’re giving up! I was so mad when I found out that there is going to be a new show called Miami Medical, it looks exactly like Three Rivers, except the main character wasn’t nearly gorgeous as you Alex! Seriously, best wishes and I hope to see you more and more! I can’t wait to see The Backup Plan!
    – Pirox 😉

    1. Pirox, I think the same when I see this Miami Medical being advertised. I mean CBS already had a good medical drama why would they replace it with actors with less folowing. The same thing happened with Moonlight but by a different station. Alex introduced the vampier craze, CBS cancelled it and the same story line is picked up on another station. Come on CBS, WAKE UP.. you got a good thinkg going here!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am So happy for Alex Hawaii 5-0 sounds amazing and I am sure that it will be picked up and be around for many seasons and make Alex a “Household Name” throughout the World. I have been his fan from the very start and always will be.. AND ALEX .YOUR POMMIENANA LOVES YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Alex you are very beautiful, I’m hoping everything works out in your next concert Hawaii 5.0, and also praying for the 2nd season of Moonlight come soon and I am also awaiting for The Black Up Plan in Brazil, just to know that you are in the cast worth the wait. Everything is wonderful when you appear. lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. kiss your super fan.

  16. The ever gracious Alex. I bet he is bruised, he puts everythng into what he does. Obviously the pilot is very near finished. we mustn’t all forget it’s got to be approved, like any other pilot. that’s all it is iut needs the red light.

  17. hi thanks i cant wait to hawaii five o i cant wait to see alex play the part of steve mcgarrett
    i used to watch the first one when i was a kid now i am happy that they plan to put alex in his place looking foward to watch hawaii five o

  18. I Just can’t pass up a comment on “Mr. ‘Wonderful” As I was saying to a friend of mine who hasn’t seen much of him, its not just the looks and talent its the carng and compassion and he’s funny! Everyime he does an interview with anyone I have to laugh…God bless him and let him never change. there is really No ONE like in in Hollywood or Show Biz…Love you much Alex. suzanne your forever fan

  19. Another amazing picture of Alex and what a lovely piece of writing at the end he’s actually made me cry, such a talented, gifted guy, I wish him all the success in the world. keep up the excellent work Alex Love you loads XXX

  20. as of “look like a beaten piece of beef.” what can i say other than.. and well don’t anyone pick on me for saying this.. and yet as to well .. of as to sort of speak that is .. wouldn’t that sort of add to and too.. not sure of how much were bruises when Jack Lord/Steve McGarrett did it and what was very creative makeup artist work to make it look like it. and too.. that of keeping true w/ Hawwaii 5-0.. as in true to the series and that of the charactor of Steve McGarrett? and too.. of well.. it s Hawaii & …thoses gentle breezes just doing their thing… that of just gentle breezing along…

    no pun intended.. of it is of one of many things that for sure one does and always remember of Hawaii.. and i do. even of if of the beaches.. um, that for me, just wasn’t there long enough to make to the beach… its still ok.

  21. OMG that is a great pix of Alex. He is going to make a great Steve M. Sorry to hear he got so banged up, but he does like to do stunt work .TBUP 21days16hr22min, can’t wait.

    Thanks Tiffany for the great up-date.


  22. I can hardly wait for Hawaii Five O to come on TV. I LOVE Alex in anything he does. He is a fantastic actor and can say more without words just by facial expressions and his beautiful eyes than any other actor I have ever seen. I have absolutely no doubt that he will become a huge star. He is one in a million with his acting abilities and although I have never met him, I know him to be a kind, caring person just by the way he treats his fans. You go Alex, I think this will be a BIG one for you.

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