Help Resurrect Moonlight in Movie Form

If you are missing Moonlight and want to see it back… write letters to those associated with Moonlight and hope for the best.
A) Mr. Joel Silver
Executive Producer & President
Silver Pictures
C/o Warner Bros. Studios
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA, 91522
B) Alex O’Loughlin
c/o Diana Jackson
CBS Paramount Studios
“Three Rivers”
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
C) Alex’s agent in the US…
International Creative Management
Attention: Chris Hart
10250 Constellation Blvd.
7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA, 90067
D) Sophia Myles’s agent in London, where she is at present…
Christian Hodell,
Manager for Sophia Myles
Fifth Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London, W1W8SR
United Kingdom
E)  Agent for Jason Dohring…..
Vox Inc
5670 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 820
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
F) Agent for Shannyn Sossamon
The Dash Group
550 North Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
WARNER BROTHERS INFORMATION: (owns the rights)Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, California 91522

Alex’s Agent John Burnham at ICM in Los Angeles

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Ave
Cooper Building Ste 205
Hollywood, CA 90038

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  1. Well dyann there must be about 15hs time diferencce, because according to the time on the email I received it at 7.21 am. Friday of course.

    Well wait, wait and wait I will. So tht will give you a rough idea of where we are at in sunny, but cool Quenland, but it is early in th moning, certainly no need for aircon here it is about 18 degs. C or 64 F not sure which you guys use, we use C. And at Christmas times it gets up to 41 dges C that’s about 106 F., but winter at present time.

    Hope to hear from you later, the ever impatient little person I am LOL

  2. · Edit

    Dyann is it not Thursdfay night over thereyet, ’cause it is Friday morning early thouh over here /

    1. I just got in from town and it’s 2:19PM here in the Pacific Northwest-home of TWILIGHT–it’s also hot and I just put the air conditioner on before I fainted!
      Anyway—-sorry gal–it’ll be a while yet before I post the next chapter! (and send out the emails to my friends–and you get your in the ebox–so just keep watching!

  3. I visit several websites too. I like this one because I don’t have to log in. It’s a pain for me to log in because I use different passwords for each website. I have Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, as well as the other entertainment websites to log into. This website is by far the easiest to search through and comment on. I enjoy all your comments and different points of view and I hope that we can all get past this point and look forward to seeing Alex in Three Rivers. He’ll be filming the new pilot soon, so new interviews, on set photos, etc. Love you all. Take care.

  4. Janora, to be fair to Alex he didn’t pse or that lower bak tat pic In Feed he is naked several times, and had sceral fake tatts for the part a reallybig one for instance on his uppper back. The photo is magnified fm one of the scenes o him naked fom hte backview. I do’t like tats, extnsive peircing, I have ierced earsfor the same reason as you Janora. G;lad he no longer uses eybrow and nose pierce
    Also I agree with Dyann about all the bickering gong on We ae all ladies not alley cats.

  5. Here, here ladies! I have to agree with you about going to several different sites a day. I personally go to about 3 other sites everyday. I don’t always have time to post here but enjoy reading all your comments as they come into my email box.

    About the tats, I don’t care for them much either. Ahh, but Alex is the exception to every rule LOL!

  6. Tiffany, thanks for re-threading the comments. I appreciate it very much.

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, please. All of us are seeing this petty bickering, and quite frankly, it’s not nice, and takes away from the positive atmosphere that we have all been enjoying here on this site. If you have some issues to deal with between you, please, please, solve it privately by emailing. It’s kinda rude to involve the rest of us. Thank you. =o)

  7. Tiffany, I like it better when it is threaded, because I can immediately reply to a particular comment to someone else and have it attached right there. It goes together. Thanks. WWML is a website: World Wide Moonlight.

    Laura, Love ya honey, and I barely know you. God’s blessings and God’s speed for your surgery and a quick healing and recovery afterwards. Don’t be gone too long, because we’ll miss hearing from ya. You’ll be in my prayers. Do you mind if I ask what kind of surgery you’re having? Did I ask that before?

    I like to have a clean house, too, but I hate to clean it, being that I’ve had several pets most of my life, and they can make quite a mess. My mother taught me, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!” My mom and my grandmother were relentless cleaning fanatics big time! For a long time I was too. But in recent years, I have learned to chill out, and realize that there’s more to life, and it’ll be there tomorrow.

    Dyann, the color thing…… mine is blue, mostly cobalt blue and denim blue. Love it! My living room furniture, for now, has blue denim covers on everything. Even my house is painted on the outside, a country blue color with white trim. Looks sortof coastal country.

    The urinal in Mick’s sleeping quarters next to his freezer-bed on the show, mmmmmmmmm maybe they just put it there. Who cares? We’re not gonna get to see him use it anyway! Are we? And no, we don’t normally have those in our homes in US. Quite commonly in public restrooms though.

    I hate smoking and tobacco. Period. No matter what it is. It’s a nasty, unhealthy habit for anyone. It stinks and it makes everything around it stink. Sorry if that offends anybody.

    Tattoos and piercings, Mick, Alex. Love it on him, because it gives him that wonderful bad-boy, scruffy, rugged look, along with his longer hair. ooooohhhhhh! Love it! Would love to run my fingers through his hair! And give him a massage! RRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr! He’ll feel all better then. So what, about the time frame. Let the make-up artists worry about it.

    I went to Best Buy yesterday, Tuesday, July 7th, and finally got my Moonlight DVDs! yeaaaahahahahahahah! For $18.99. With taxes $20.53. Last night before going to bed, I popped it in there, and watched the first 8 episodes! I’m soooo excited! Can’t ya’ll tell?!

    So there, I kept wanting to reply to several of your comments way back, but couldn’t because it was taken away. So now there ya go. Gotta go now. Way past my bedtime. Sweet dreams, especially about Alex! Have a great day for those who are just waking up! God bless and take care.

  8. Laura,

    Good luck with your surgery. Hope you’ll be back here real soon. God Bless.

  9. Laura
    Have a wonderful, productive surgery. I’ll send up a prayer for you. Be calm. See you when you get back. We’ll miss you.
    Love, marye

  10. Gay men copied this custom of piercing one or both ears to draw attention & to be recognized…. and they, probably do to whatever they are up against in a heterosexual world, want to show they are also men, so, to me, it is a contradiction of their natural tenancies… It is not a lifestyle that is chosen, it is inherently born from birth…

    Furthermore, gay men sporting pierced ears only goes back say 30 years, prior to that their orientation was, for family reasons, closeted… My bachelor uncle was gay, and so were his friends, my “adopted” uncles…

  11. My grandmother always told me you should always keep your house clean, because you never know who will knock on the door. I always walk around looking to see if someone knocks on the door, how does my house look. Also, I am not much for clutter, and I watch “Designed to Sell” a lot. I always say to myself, “if designed to sell came in now, what would they say about my house”.

    I have to agree with Tish. I don’t normally like tattoos, but Alex’s looks great on him!!! I know another reason why I love him, we are both virgos. I am a left-handed virgo, can you imagine how impossible I am to live with? Poor Sal.

    Listen, I may not be on for a few days because of my surgery, and I just wanted to say that I will miss talking to all of your ladies. You really brighten my day. Hugs and Kisses to all of y you.


  12. Dyann, I will have to disagree with you on both tattoos and pierced ears…
    Both have been popular as far back as old pirate days…a left ear pierced was a sign of having crossed the equator…it was carried over to the US Navy, perhaps, even more than likely, to the British Navy, for the same significance… And tattoos had been a body art not only used by pirates but also used by various native tribes around the world. Sandra said that it was not common on the Aboriginal tribes of AU, but of New Zealand, however, these peoples go back in time and may have used the custom in ancient times…

    And as far as Mick, the human, living during the 1950s, well so did my father, he had a couple of Tattos, so did other members of my family, plus other men I knew when I was young, so, no, it is not a sign of gangsters, but just local customs or nationality customs…

    Now, I happen to like Alex’s tattoos on him…give him a bit more, as if he needs any more, character…Afterall the man does not have a old face, so it gives more of a worldly air about him…

    I was just briefly breezing through to check this thread…heading over to my other…Caught the discussion about cigars..Now I dio not really like the smell of one, it even looks strange to me to have seen one in Alex’s hand… I will check to see if i can find pix of that (Alex sporting a lit cigar) and post it at WWML…

    See you all there soon to check it out…

    1. Sorry dear, we must have lived in different worlds!
      I had the surfer boys in southern california with long hair–no tatoos, no earrings at that time.
      Well heavens we were not talking about Pirates!
      We were talking about average white boys in the subburbs like me!
      Hell in my day as far as girls went the only ones who had pierced ears were whores or Mexicans! And I wasn’t either so there you go!
      Went to church in my organdy dresses with white gloves and little hat—okay we’re talking the dawn of time here-but that was Micks time.

      No one is gonna convince me that Mick St John had a tatoo or a pierced ear.
      So just shoot me if you don’t agree! 🙂

  13. Loved taht at the end of Click, with me, not with me, and Beth’s so exasperated look, was quie good, I supose thye could have had a little peck on the cheek or something. And on the boat Misk’ bat hearing and is ense of duty interviened.
    In Fated to Pretend, yes I love you would have been good. But he’s just told hr he was confused in so many words, I think she didn;t want to complicate the matter any more.
    On the Beach Fated to pretend, she was talking indiretly, not saying who that person was, only sot of hinting and looking at him, saying about time e did something about it. Mick knows who she means, but like he said to Josegf he’s got commitment issues, after Coraline who wouldn’t. But at the funeral e also says, tere was alwyas something between them, her human him a vampire. On the beach that isn’t so, he’s human but like he said no idea how long for.
    Also the writers adn by he look Scifi watchers didn’t want them together, been as they didn’t like he direction 13-16 took. Me I loved the direction it took.
    By the way I won Blood Ties on Ebay, being posted today. Henry Fitxroy not a bad looking vamp. Sorry still love you the bestest Mick, but it is something different to watch, somethng new, like we at the moment can’t get with Moonlight..

  14. Okay, before I talk about Moonlight, I just want to make a few comments to Dyann about other stuff.


    I absolutely love to clean. The cleaning aisle in the supermarket is my favorite aisle. I also love the color lavendar or anything in that family. So, I will buy any cleaning product or shampoo or conditioner or anything this is in a purple or lavendar container. I even went years ago to help my sister-in-law clean her house. I also think that’s what helped me get my position as head cook. When the job was open posted (it’s only open to assistant cooks with two years or more experience), about five of us assistants applied. It was the school I worked in so I am sure that helped a lot. I had the least seniority of the bunch. I heard gossip that the other applicants brought food for our principal to taste. But, in my interview I told her how much Ioved to cook and clean. I also said I went to business school, and I can work under pressure. Besides cooking the job entails a lot of paperwork. Daily paperwork that goes to the state. Inventory every month. Payroll sheets. Weekly and monthly ordering. So business training was a plus. But, the look on everyones face when I said how much Ioved to clean was priceless. Also, one time in Weight Watchers the leader was talking about moving more. She said we should wear head phones and listen to music to make the cleaning go faster. She then asked who liked to clean, and me and my friend, Josephine, were the only two people in the room to raise our hands. Also, one time years ago during a snow storm, that same sister-in-law stayed with me with her toddler and infant because our husbands work together and were doing snow overtime. Back then I had many video tapes (mostly Disney). She was bored, and I told her “Let’s have some fun and wash each video tape”. She left the next day. I emptied all my shelves and proceded to wash each individual tape. If I lived closer, I would come and help you clean.

    1. I’m one of the “put on the music and lets make it go as fast as possible” people.
      Cleaning is NOT my thrill, much as I do love a clean house–it’s just getting there that annoys me!
      Alto I relate to the color thing–with me if it’s PINK I’ll buy it–I have a pink broom, pink hammer–you name it! hahahahaha!

  15. I figured their drinking liquer just passed right thru them. I wished in “Click” when Mick leaned down to kiss Beth they let them connect. And, when he told her to stay over with him, but not with him, I think he should have gotten her a blanket or something and made sure she was comfortable. If they were dating, he should have kissed her goodnight. Also, in B.C. when Beth was coming on to Mick and at that one point when he leaned in to kiss her, the writers should have let that kiss happen. I know he was trying to be a gentleman, but I think a quick kiss and then a pull away would have been fine. I also think at the end of “Fated to Pretend” when Beth tells mick that he is the one keeping them apart, before she walks away she should tell him that she is in love with him. Put it out there. I know on the beach she told him she cared about him a lot, but it’s not the same. That’s all I could think of for now, but I am sure I will be back before I go to bed.

  16. No not just you. For a while now comments are not going in date order. I only see that when I comment, otherwise I get recent comments direct to my inbox.. Tick the little box at the bottom left hand corner.

  17. ell not sue about writer slip ups. I like to call then Moonlight interesting moments, cause I hell a like don’t want to criticise my pogramme.
    Fever, mike gets out of the bath tub in hte hotel from hell, breaks the guys neck, walks in the room all dripping weet, and well don;t go there, but if you look really closely adidas slip flops on his feet, sue as hell didn’t have them on when wlking with Lenny.
    BC how did Mick get the Black Crystal out that he showed Josef, he got frisked, where did he hide it?
    Fleur de Lys, fighting in the cemetery with Vatola or however you spell it, you can see his back tattoo.
    WHy would he still have a pieed ear, wouldn;t it have healed when he became a vamp? Or perhaps it is like Coraline’s tattoo already discussed?
    Sometimes, especially that one scene when he is working outusing his stairs, you see a shadowon his arm where we all know he’s got real big tats. Some scenes I bet the make up artist was cursing those tatts LOL.
    Pobably a few more quirks, but all I can think of at the moment. But then we do scruitinize so closely us fans..

    1. Well you can see what I wrote above about the Writers to Marye—also about the tatoos–well they were not common when Mick was young except army guies coming home with eagles or something on the forearm–he wouldn’t get any as a Vamp—SO MICK ST JOHN HAS NOOOOOO TATOOS–suits me fine as I don’t like tatoos (Gerard doesn’t have any but painted on movie ones in a role he needs some) But Alex does–you know how much it costs makeup to cover BIG ones like Alex has? They were trying to keep costs down but sometimes the old shirt flies up or whatever–and maybe the lights hilight through the material of his shirt—well they arn’t about to go back and spend big bucks refiilming when CBS is going balastic already about $$$$$$—so that solves that question.
      Alex had a pieced ear–they don’t ever dissappear even tho you don’t use them anymore–I don’t have any and that’s the reason why-had a friend got her pierced and they did it wrong, there she is for life with lopsided ears! Hell I’d rather clip on the old kind—anyway MICK ST JOHN DOESN NOT HAVE A PIERCED EAR! So try not to notice–when he was young NO man had a pierced ear unless he was Gay or a ganster–Mick was neither, would never have entered his head. So yeah, Alex has one–but just let it go!
      As for where Mick put the black crystal—well that man is real creative right? hahahaaha! Okay lets not go there! We already talked about peepee and poopies, DROPPING THE SUBJECT! I DON’T DON’T DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE WRITERS THINK HE STASHED IT!

  18. I ment to comment on your Alex family info. Thank You all. I need to see a picture of Saxon (what a cool name).
    I am not computer savy, so if this is a dumb question ignore it. Why are there six older comments on this site after our last posts for today? Are they only on my computer? I have Schatze82 on June 15th, Natalie on July 2nd, Schatze82 again on July 6th, Dyann on July 6th, Schatze on July 7th, and Natalie on July 7th. They are all after July 8th. Is it just me?

  19. I have wondered about the liquor and loo also. In fact, I sent a whole list of questions to Trevor last year, but didn’t get a reply. I was going to slip them in on you guys one at a time, so I didn’t look so stupid. I guess everyone has the same questions. They couldn’t be writer slip-ups could they? Maybe they didn’t know that Moonlight would be such a big hit, and that we wouldn’t watch them constantly, and analize everything into minutia. Moonlight is so adictive that you can’t help but think about it.
    Love, marye

    1. I think some of these shows–they have more than one set of writers, most times several writes write one ephisode, but if they have one set writing one then another set is writing another. I don’t know about MOONLIGHT—but I do know about SUPERNATURAL cause i have a couple issues of a magazine that is dedicated to the show–yes the WHOLE MAGAZINE TO THE SHOW–now didn’t we need one of those for MOONLIGHT?
      Anyway on SUPERNATURAL LAST YEAR THEY HAD GOOD SHOWS AND FANTASTIC SHOWS–WELL THIS SEASON THEY HAVE ALL BEEN FANTASTIC–come to find out that last season one of the lady writers was just ONE of the writers they used, but HER shows were the BEST ones! So this year SHE is in charge and EVERYTHING flows together perfectly and they are ALL FANTASTIC BEST OF THE SERIES THIS YEAR….
      Soooo some of the oookies with MOONLIGHT might be due to this, too many cooks stirring the pot and not noticeing what the other one threw in!
      I know someone said the one writer for MOONLIGHT also was on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST series–which I loved–but they kept us ditzeing around wanting those two together and they are like always just missing kissing or getting more serious just like MICK AND BETH—then the female lead wanted OFF–so instead of hireing someone else, and there was another actess in commercials at the time who almost looked exactly like her and I’m sure would have jumped at the chance to have the part—they go CRAZIE and in 2 ephisode have them have sex, she gets PG and then has the baby and died!!!! I MEAN IT RUINED THE WHOLE THING!!!! AT THAT POINT IT IS DOWNHILL ALL THE WAY—it got canceled mid season and fans felt it got put out of it’s misery! THANK GOD AT LEAST THEY DID NOT RUIN MOONLIGHT THAT WAY!!! I really worry with the same writer involved as did BEAUTY AND THE BEAST—always remember, no matter how bad we felt–thank god we had that last 5 minutes in SONATA and don’t complain!

  20. I sort of did that with Dark Knight. I bought two on first day out. One for me one for my daughters birthday. Well I went away and saw them in Big W $10 cheaper. So got another form htere. When I got back home returned the one for my daughter, I had already opened and watched my copy. I got my money back. SO still paid top dollar for mine. I liked Dark Knight Heath Ledger played the Joker so well. Another aussie for you. So sad, so young. By the way anoher aussie hunk Hugh Jackson, love his WOLVERINE

  21. Well wih Scotch you drink it liek you drink or they drink blood. Unlike food you do not digest it. You know you body organ process it, extract proteins etc. Where as fluid just goes down. not so much procesing.
    ALso wonder if vamps pass stuff like we do?. In his freezer room in one shot you actualy see a urinal. I imagone there would be a normal loo, cause that’s what Beth went to use morning after the night before BC, well got to be her dress was still hanging up downstairs.

    Never seen a urinal in a nomal house, is that common in American houses, or just movie sets?

    1. URINAL!!! My gosh I missed that! LMAO!!! Well no it’s not normal in any house’s I’ve been in! LOL!
      Well you think I thought about that—I know you, Sandra, have read the story line. Well I had a Vamp being terrorized by a very angry Josef as you might recall cause he didn’t follow orders, and Mischa say’s “I was afraid he was gonna pee on the floor any minute” or words to that effect–see how I figured it was–well you drink–doesn’t it have to process and come out???? So I figured Vamps must have to pee—–as for Poopies–well I’d guess NO since they don’t eat solid food, put peepees yes!!! LMAO—I CAN’T BELIEVE THE CRAZIE STUFF WE TALK ABOUT!

  22. Yes, marye Alex has a son Saxon 10 year old, night be 11 now. Nothing is mentiond about the boys mother. Saxon lives in Australia. Not so sure about a sister, thinks so. I know he’s got a step dad, not so sure if his dad married again though. I know he spent his younger days living in Sydney with his mum, and Canberra with his dad.

  23. Well, I ment something really gross, like cleaning his ears out with his car keys, scratching his crotch, or leaving his used underwear around……..wait a minute, that dosn’t sound as bad as I thought it would. Hmmmmm Just something so I could look at him asd just another man. Fat chance.
    Speaking about his mother, do you think she knows what she did to us? I would like to see a picture of his parents to see how he got this way. I also read somewhere last year (or dreamed it. I don’t know which) that Alex has a son. Did I get that wrong? I also have the impression that he has a sister. I wonder if she looks like him
    Enough, Ta for now. Marye

    1. Well I am sure that others on here could tell you the details better-know Tish knows–but YES he does have a son, and he’s like 10-12? something like that-he wasn’t married to the mother, but he seems to care about his son which is great!
      Sure he’d make a great Dad!

  24. Yes, i saw and read that interview on Moonlight’s lot. Funny Jason walking aling iwith the interviewer calling out Aussie, Aussie, to get Alex to come out of his caravan or whatever it was.
    Not into smoking at all, so not over the moon about cigar smoking. But boys will be boys, good cigar and glass of scotch, wel he was drinking supposedly 100 yr old malt also jadon at the end of B.C.

    1. Well I don’t smoke either–but if your going to at least Cigars smell nicer!
      I understand that in the break of filming MOONLIGHT Alex took Jason and Jason’s wife to Australia for a visit–they seem to have bonded on and off the show!
      Jason is a very sports minded guy–likes to skindive, ski, etc–sure he got some great skin diving in downunder!
      Anyway about the Scotch–well never understood that big–Mick said they could not digest food, so what’s with the Scotch? Sorta had it changed around in my story–Josef has his girls drink the Scotch and THEN he drinks the blood with a with a bit of a zing to it–altho it was cognac in my story that he was fond of. If you’re wondering where that was, it was in the Drac 2008 storyline when Mischa first becomes a Vamp and Jose offers to “take over” for Drac (who turned her before she died of gunshot wounds) of being her Vamp Guide/Teacher—she smells it on him with her new vamp sense of smell!

  25. Dyan,

    How silly of me. I’m sorry. I forgot about your hottie!!! I just got back from Best Buy, because Moonlight is $18.99. Just for the heck of it, I went over to customer service. I explained I bought a copy of Moonlight last week for $33.99 and now it’s $18.99. I told them I just threw out my receipt, but can he check my rewards zone card. Sure enough it was there and I got back over $16.00. Of course, I had to buy another copy just in case. Maybe I will give it to my niece, but I don’t know if I could part with it. I worry about myself sometimes because I am becoming totally obsessed with Moonlight. I have never ever been like this over anything, not even Star Wars. Talk to you later. I need to get some extra things done around the house in case I am not up to it over the next few days, and God forbid someone helps. Then again I am such a control freak, I really don’t like anyone doing anything for me. Especially coming in to clean my house. My sister-in-law pays someone everyother week to clean, five minutes later it looks like a bomb went off in her house. I love cleaning and taking pride in a job well done. See, I need help I’m a complete nut case. See you later.

    1. Laura–you can come clean MY house anytime you like need to be obcessive or something! ha! I promise not to mess it up in 5 minutes! I’m a neat freak, but I could live without the drudge of dusting and vaccuming!
      Glad you got the money back at Best Buy–I always buy stuff and then it’s cheaper someplace else or something! So it’s nice to know someone got a break!

  26. Just a few thoughts on Alex this morning. I always wake up thinking of him. I used to yhink about what my ideal man would be like. he’d be dark, tall, with a wide, generous ,kissable moutn, Big blue eyes, dark wavey hair, and a commanding presence. All thoughts of anyone else went right out of my head when I saw him. He is the ideal MAN. I will never get to meet, or even be close to him. Maybe, if I met him he would uncover some flaw in his character and I wouod get over my obsession. Probably not though. Maybe he spits, or chews tobacco.
    I would like to go to the premier with you guys when this letter writing campaign works. I will just hold my breath til it does.
    Love to all, marye

    1. He actually smokes cigars! I like the smell of a good cigar altho it’s not very healthy I guess! Jason commented about him and Alex relaxing smoking cigars! Would like a pix of that for sure!

  27. Marye,

    You really are very funny. You just made my day and made me smile. Everything you said is so true. He is the most beautiful man on the planet. His parents must be so proud of him.
    If we ever get to the New York premiere, you can all meet at my house and we will go together.

    1. Lets not get carried away here–I mean he might be in the top 5 most beautiful men on the planet! But he’s also, as far as I can see one of the SWEETEST men on the planet–which is really much more important!
      Okay–well maybe he’s one of the top 2 most beautiful, he ties with Gerard Butler—hey you KNEW I was gonna say that right? 🙂

  28. Yes, it was 1050, also I think it had somthing to do with the place the killings took place, I think it was Vantana Drive, Mick found the site via Finder Spyder. The Producers name was Jerry Drake. He paid 800,000 for story. 12.04 the title of the ep refers to the time supposeldy Shepherd died. And Blood was the key that opened Death’s door.
    I like that eps, Beth found out who her Guardian Angel was. I have probably watched it like 50 times, I go from 1 -16 then start again.

  29. I know we all anticipate what is said at the Press Tour…Wonder if it will have some film coverage, for us fans, like on ET or something????

  30. Looks like we won’t get much on Three Rivers until the press tour panel July 31st.

  31. I disagre They wqiwith the SCifi viewers,the last four episodes ytwo of them are my very favourites, Love Fated to Pretend and Sonata, Click was good, What’s left behind not one of my favourites, but not in my least favourite. We had waited 16 eps for Mick to confess he loved Beth, heck we don’t know if it would last, he oculd come all over with the tormented monster aspect. like in Dyann’s story line.. He is a gentleman and I don’t think will come over all sloppybeacuse he’s declared himself. He’s got restraint.. It will busines as usual for P.I Mick, and I think still go through anguish, even as Beth’s man. Heck they will probaly hust have sleep overs like her and Josh. LOL.

  32. Sandra,

    I think I know about the five killings you were referring to the other day. Yesterday I asked Janora (in Texas) about a white minivan I saw on the news that was eluding the police in a chase. At the time Janora said she was out and didn’t see it. Later I saw the news said the driver was a serial killer. Hopefully he was caught. Anyway. This morning I was at the doctor’s office for my medical cleararence when I saw on the news about a serial killer in South Carolina. After my appointment I went to see my brother who lives a few blocks from there. I was telling him how we chat on this site and that you are in Australia and asked about the five killings. He mentioned it had to be what I saw on the news about South Carolina. Hopefully that was it, and there is not another nut on the loose anywhere else. I just saw on the local news that a woman in the Town of Babylon (I live in West Babylon) just died from the Swine Flu. That’s crazy. So many deaths, and right next door.

    The weather here is wicked this afternoon. While I was at my brother’s the skies opened up. I was stuck there for an hour longer than I wanted to be. It was such a herific downpour with thunder and lightning. Of course, we both loved it, but I wanted to go home. As I was driving, it was like driving thru a river. The water was up to my wheel wells. I drive a minivan, so you could imagine how hight that was. The whole ride home. Forget the little cars. The water was halfway up their cars. Take care.

  33. I know some of you already opened your invitations, so I hope the rest of you will that are in your email inboxes (I’d also check your spam boxes too…

  34. Okay, last posting, because I have to clean this morning. If I am not careful, I will be online all day looking up Alex. I have to get control of myself.

    This is for you. I was on the imb.moonlight site last night. Under topics there was the posting for SciFiWire. “Can Moonlight Rise From the Dead?” I clicked that link and was brought to SFW. It talked about the possiblility of a Moonlight movie. There were so many postings there. I saw yours too. I posted something, twice, but I am not sure if it go on. It said the administrators where checking my comments to see if they were posted.

    Anyway, moving on, Many people commented how much they loved the shows first 1-12 episodes. They didn’t like the direction it was going in 13-16. I can understand that a little. They finally get together as a couple and all the hottness we fell in love with stopped. No kissing hello or goodbye. No snuggling on the couch.etc. But, in a way I can understand. They went from friends to a couple. My husband and I were best friends for over a year before he asked me to his prom. Suddenly, we were dating. I was very uncomfortable, and almost broke up with him. That was in 1981 and here we still are. Anyway. My question, finally. Do you think if the writer’s strike never happened and 13 followed 12, we would have the storylines we did? I mean, do you think they would have connected as a couple that season, or do you think they would have drawn out their “Beauty and the Beast” longing love story? I often wonder what would those five episodes have been if they were ever made. I keep reading about how they wanted to make Talbot a wolf man. And about vampire wars. As you have probably read on that site, many of the fans want the love story of Mick and Beth to be the main focus of a movie and many want the show back on primetime (like me). I hate when executives finally bring a couple together and then break them up for ratings. Like, I just starting watching “Ghost Whisperer” last year, and this season they kill off her husband. Why? I mean they bring him back, but into someon elses body. What’s the purpose–ratings? I would hate for them to do that with Mick and Beth. They have to be together and in love.

  35. Marye,

    I totally feel what you are saying about Alex. I don’t know what it is, but just seeing him on the screen for a few minutes and I was hooked. I have never been like this before. I also just love his voice. I mean the whole package is great, but sometimes an actor has a voice that I am just in love with. Alex makes it the third actor for me with the voice. The first one is Harrison Ford. Second is David Duchovany (from the X-Files, anyone a fan?) and now Alex. There’s just something about that voice that I could listen to all day.


    I love those ytube videos. I can watch them all day.

    1. Loved the XFiles—-Fox and Scully forever!

  36. Dyann,

    Thanks for your email. Just for the heck of it to see if it works, I’ll try to send you something from you address that I was having trouble with. In your email to me you said something about a bat. There was a little square box in the sentence. I clicked it and nothing happened. What was supposed to happen? Was I supposed to see a bat? I didn’t.

    1. Well it was susposed to show up in the emai—little bat with wings going flip flip–well so much for THAT idea!!! hahaha! Stupid internet! It was cute! Oh well! Maybe it went looking for Alex!

  37. Janora,

    Re: the white minivan. After I posted the comment to you, I ran out to the post office to mail something for marye. When I came back I caught the end of the news, and I believe they mentioned the person in the van was a serial killer. I am sure Texas is relieved and can breath easier.

    I agree about James Bond. I HATE James Bond, and would not have like to see Alex in it. I probably would never know who he was then, because I don’t watch James Bond movies. I also HATE the Planet of the Apes. We used to watch them all the time growing up, even went with my brother and older cousins when we were kids in Brooklyn to watch double features of the movie. Yuck!!

  38. Hey Moonlight fans,

    We are on… check your mail…

  39. DyannI also did something and my post wen up ages before I wantet too. Hope makes sense with th typos int.
    Gnerally it said not sueif HP Half blood Prince is here nextweek or not. May be a little later comingt to Oz.

    My b on Blood Ties end after 7 long days waiting tonight. Ivery rarel get real cgeap ones, becuase I get them beore they are on se over here usuall. I am at present trying get SUperntural 4, and I don’t want part 1 that is now availle I want the whole season, Smallville 8, and Bones 4, but they arnot available on DVD yet, Iam sure they wil be available over there before here. Bones 3 I bid on it and won but had to wait for the release date to come before despatch.
    I cn actually see ALex as James Bond, he can do sauve and sospicated, hell he can doanything but perhaps when he is a iittle older.

  40. Dyann, I m hanging out see Half Blood Price, IU kow it i coming soon. It may be over there fir before here.t is shool holidays so Hannah Montana, and Transformers is on at the movies.
    Wil have to check t wen it arries here.

  41. Hi Schatze82,

    Thanks for complimenting us here, but we are not prudes or stuck-up, so please feel welcomed and please comment ofter…We were all so worried about you…

    And please, would you do some of the movie crusade letters as well to all of the addresses given? Every word gets us closer to our goal… My own computer was down for over a week. I thought I would never catch up with all of my mail on 2 email addresses I have…And I had to carefully check all of my documents to be assured my novel, my poems, & kids stories were intact… So I am not pretty caught up, even with my Moonlight Crusade letter writing…last 4 go out tomorrow…

    Glad you are chatting again Schatze82, we missed you….

  42. Oh goodness marye, we are the same age…and I had this yen for Richard Chamberlain when he was Dr; Kildare… But I really loved all of his mini-series later on, especially The Thornbirds… It broke my heart when I learned he was not interested in ladies…though it is a fairly well kept “hush” in the business…however he recently was on Desperate Housewives and played the ex- hubby, who is gay, of Lynette’s Mom… The man is in his 70s and ages gracefully…

    And the only way I ever got movie money was babysitting…

    1. Okay, now that you brought up the GAY subject–does anyone know how the Gay community is about MOONLIGHT? Just wondering! Once I was clicking on websites for Gerry and came upon this GAY one for him! LOL! Well lets just say his name was known in the gay world! Anyway I think a lot of Gay guies are into the whole Vampire thing so was just wondering if anyone knew…..

  43. I must have the comment bug today. I am 63 yrs old and was raised very poor in Calif. My father left when Mom was 7mos pg with me so we didn’t go to many movies unless mom had a boyfriend who would take my brother and me along. But Gramma and Grampa, who we lived with on and off, did have a TV.. I remember thinking some of the actors were good looking. Tony Curtis, Richard Chamberlain, Kurt Russell. and when I was older, Elvis was good, Neil Diamond, and the magician David Copperfield. But I knew they were shallow and would not even give me the time of day. I could watch them, enjoy thier looks but was never obcessed with anyone. UNTIL ALEX. I’m not sure what happened to me. One moment I’m flipping through the channels, the next minute I am smitten by an ACTOR. How stupid. How did this happen? He is just so special. I tried to analize why, and I can’t come up wiyh an answer that will get me out of this dilema. He is just so special,,,,,,,,I bet its his voice. No, maybe the way he walks. Maybe its his attitude and the way he can sound so American while doing such a good job of acting. Maybe its the way he slip into his role, and makes you totally believe it. Oh, well, i’m glad you are all here with me. love, mary


      1. OPPS–somehow I hit something and that got posted–wasn’t done!
        Anyway was saying about what happened to you with Alex–same thing for me and Gerry–never heard of the man. I actually was dissappointed cause I never had gotten to see Phantom of Broadway, never got to see Michael Crawford in the part everyone raved about! Went to the movies as a SUBSTITUTE for ever seeing PHANTOM on Broadway. Then suddenly THERE was Gerard in the mirror–my heart went pitty pat an it was downhill from then on! haha! And ALEX–well I keep telling your girls–don’t know if it’s me or what BUT TO ME ALEX IS SOOOOOO LIKE GERRY!

        Also sounds like you were even poorer than me-but I still don’t have a lot of money and never will–I think when we grew up that way tho, we appreciate some things even more than people who weren’t. Thanks for sharing!

  44. Tish,

    I tell everyone to write letters. I copied all the new addresses and gave them to my sister-in-law. She is a big Moonlight fan. She said she was in the original campaign to save the show. She e-signed a petition, sent money, and wrote letters. She promises me she will write to everyone, but I don’t know if she did yet. I asked my niece, and she said she will have her boyfriend do it to. Did she do it? I have no idea. She promised. I told me friend I will writer a letter for her doctor if she wrote a Moonlight letter for me. I know that got done, because, as usual, I wrote the letter and she signed it. I even sent it certified myself. I told my sons, I will write them a letter and have them sign it and send. Hopefully everyone that comes to this site will write letters. I told you I also go on a Moonlght. And I added a topic about your Moonlight Movie Campaign. Not many people commented there. Also, last week people were whining about why was it canceled. They miss it and heard about a possible movie, but didn’t think it would happen. I replied to their comments and again told them about this site and told them to check the “We Still Believe In Vampires and Moonlight” topic that I posted there so they could get all your addresses. People have to stop complaining and put their money where their mouth is. “If you always do the same thing, you will always get the same results”. People have to take a few minutes of their time and write letters. They can keep the same body and just change the person’s name. That’s what I did with a few. Let’s keep hoping.

  45. I am a pommie, or pom It is what Australiands call English people> Iam an Aussie Pom. Although I have become an Australian became one three years atfer got here, I still have an english accent so tongue in cheek I am still a pom.

  46. DyannAugust Rush is a beautiful movie, but unfortunatley Alex”s part is rather small.
    The main chaacters are e boy who calls himself August Rush. a child taken away from his unmaried mother by her father who tells her that her baby died at birth. The mother is a world renowned cello. His father talented musician a rock band, Alex also plays n the band, he is the brother of Augusts father who doesnt even know he’ got a son.
    AUgust is child genius with music.
    It is all about his search for his parents. Robin Williams is also in it. Thatis sort of gist of it There is ne deleted scene where ALex’s character acting really comes to the forem but didn’t make it to the movie Very good though woth the watch.

  47. Laura, I do think it is so sweet of you to be making Moonlight music CDs for some of our Moonlight Sisterhood members… I do hope you can also encourage other to write letters to those that need to know to get our MLM….

    Please, everyone, get the word circulating more fervently… Time is of the essence since Twilight will bring us New Moon this year, Eclipse in 2010, so we need to keep reminding thes Powerful Individuals that this is the time to strike while the vampire genre has birthed a new following of fans….

  48. Oh, WB also makes TV shows as well, so fear not, if Alex was to go with them, he would get a dynamite show of his won under their handling…

    Hey, now that’s an idea, once we get the big wigs at WB to acknowledge our wishes for an ML movie, we can then begin another writing campaign to have WB buy out Alex’s contract from that other network… also think that the ABC Network is another option for they seem to have a history of long running shows…

    I am not stating here not to give 3Rs a chance, just we need to think backup of our own if that network is not fair again…

    BTW, does anyone know the name Elizabeth Resser (believe that is the correct spelling)? well fact is she was on the now canceled Ex-List and previous to that she had a recurring role for one season (overlapping from one to the next) on Grey’s Anatomy as Rebecca, a ferry boat wreck victim that has amnesia who Alex Kerev falls in love with… Well to me that short timing does not constitute star but she is in the Twilight series of movies as Esme, mother to the Cullen Vampire Clan…

  49. Yes, marye, I forgot to comment on your stating Alex is a “star”…It is too bad that the studios filming Alex’s new movie, Back-Up Plan, with JLo can’t acknowledge that & put his name on the teaser poster… Someone said it is because they do not acknowledge such until they have made several movies…

    marye, you & I come from an age when teen movies had young actors that got top billing over veteran known actors…Is that correct? Example: James Dean was an unknown before he filmed all 3 of his movies (Rebel Without A Cause; Giant, & East of Eden) but his billing drew in the crowds, the young crowds…other teen attracting stars took top billing over big name actors like the late Troy Donahue (they a young hunk) got the co-star billing with Sandra Dee over Richard Egan & Dorothy McGuire in “A Summer’s Place”… and the list is numerous from my youth and love of romantic teen oriented movies…

    So I feel Alex is not getting his fair billing due to whom he has his contract with as they are one and the same with the studio filming this Back-Up movie as well as who is the agent who is assigned to Alex now… It is not that Alex, as someone accused me of letting ones to believe, is inept (far from it); it is he came from a different culture and, for all intents and purposes, is just happy to be again working… Afterall all of this collided with Alex’s recently relationship dissolving &, I am certain, he had to be hurting, had to make other arrangements for living as they had been living together plus he had not worked so now he needed to just go with the flow, is my belief… Once this all becomes more obvious & Alex can create other options for himself, I am certain we will be seeing Alex’s name brightly up on the marquee more often and not under someone’s control….

    So hang in there fans, perhaps Warner Bros will come through for us and grant Silver the go ahead to start his cameras rolling on a Moonlight movie during Alex’s hiatus from 3Rs…And if Warner Bros gets all their ducks in a row, as they had when the WB stable had every young actor there was in their stable (not meaning the home of horses, cows) back in the 1960s and early 1970s, they may make Alex & that contract holder an offer they can’t refuse to get Alex in their hands and bring him to his public frequently on the big screen….

    1. They cast him as the male lead–therefore he is the STAR, even tho by Hollywood accepted practice OF COURSE jLo would have her name above his–Still he is a STAR in this movie.
      Even tho Gerard Butler was not generally known in this country (heck I still get people saying “who???”) Andew Lloyd Webber alway had his name on it as the STAR–top billing over KNOWN stars like Miranda Richardson. Even in the early stages the early Posters it was always GERARD BUTLER+EMMY ROSSUM period. No buts. no messing around STARRING
      And anyone who doesn’t know who Alex is before going in to that movie, is gonna know who he is coming out! AND THAT’S A FACT!

  50. You are so right, marye, Alex is from a different culture being from AU, born & raised… And coming from a home of divorce (can speak first-hand of that for my own kids even though we are here in America) I am certain his then single Mom could not get him all the new gadgets that perhaps his friends had whose parents were still married… However, I think I read somewhere that Alex was a big “He-Man” fan as a kid (so was my late son &, even, me)… I knew how I had to skimp, so I am sure Alex’s Mom must of had to also…

    marye, do you want me to send Laura your email address? IS that the address she is waiting for? I, also, am now on Social Security, and every penny counts…

  51. Has anybody used Visa’s offer through Fandango? Buy one get one, only once per month. It’s suppose to be different from the “” offer that only wants you to buy something to give you a free ticket. Anyway, the offer their Visa sounds interesting if you have a Visa Signature card. 2 for 1 movie tickets. Fandango price is higher than at the box office, but it could come out cheaper if it is 2 for 1.

  52. Sandra,

    If you want a copy of the cd, it’s really no problem. It takes five minutes to burn. It only cost a couple of dollars to mail. It’s really no problem. Just let me know. I can do it tonight, and run to the post office in the morning. Only, I hope I don’t get the same cranky person. Everyone that works there is so moody. Since we started writing letters, I have been going a lot. I don’t know what their problem is though, there’s air conditioning. If anyone should be cranky it should be us kitchen staff. Starting April it sweltering in the kitchen. I stand right in front of the convection oven, we have a standing warner and a regular oven. Then we have a steam table. We have refridges. and freezers throwing heat also. I should be cranky, but I am always pleasant whenever anyone comes into my kitchen. Of course, it’s annoying when you have the sweat dripping off you and your clothes are stuck to you that you can’t even go to the bathroom because your pants can’t come down, and someone comes in from the cooler rooms and tells you how hot the kitchen is. Thanks, I would never have known if you didnt’ tell me you want to scream at them. Is that too much information?lol.

    1. I was a cook at nursing homes for awhile in my life of junko careers! So I KNOW what you’re talking about! Wanna hear about the 100 degree summer heat wave when the stupid maintainance man turned the HEAT on instead of the air conditioner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course they’ve got a plastic cage locked over the thermostat so you can’t change it!!!!!!! and we’re talking a weekend here! Trust me I did not win any points when I called the Administrator and got beyond crabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Marye,

    Okay, just got back from the post office. Expect your package in a few days.


    Can you believe I got the same woman with the sparkling personality as this morning! I didn’t ask her how she was though. I just said hello. Maybe someone should give her a copy of Moonlight to turn her frown upside down.

    1. Next time she starts her crabby act–just sic Josef on her–he’ll take her down a peg! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Janora,

    Just sitting for the first time today, and as I was flipping channels there’s a breaking news story about Texas. What’s us with that minivan? I know you are in a different town, but what the hey. It’s just like o.j.

    I agree with you marye, I like the deleted scene with Alex the best. He has a bigger part. We can just sit there and watch him. Love him.

    1. Laura,
      I haven’t watched the news today. I’ve been kinda busy. Just got home a little while ago, shortly after 11pm. It’s now 12:21am. Today was my brother’s birthday, and the family got together for dinner and cake. However, I didn’t get to be there til almost 9:30pm, because I was in class all evening. And I had a client house call to make this afternoon, about 50 miles away. So I’ve been kinda busy since I signed off here earlier today around noonish.

      Don’t know about a runaway minivan. Will have to find out on the news later. Will let ya know.

      On August Rush, Alex and his character brother have those Irish/Scottish accents in their voices, because of their characters being Irish/Scottish. So Alex doesn’t even sound the same as himself in real life since he’s Aussie and has that Aussie accent, but he also doesn’t sound American English either. So, it’s kinda funny. However, he’s such a great actor that he’s very convincing. Did ya’ll know that Alex has some Irish/Scottish heritage? I read somewhere, that one of his parent’s parents was Irish/Scottish mix.
      “His last name is pronounced “O-lock-lin”. Began his career in the theater in Sydney, appearing in plays by Chekhov and Tolstoy. His stepfather is Canadian. Is of Irish and Scottish decent.”

      He also auditioned for the part of James Bond, 007. Daniel Craig got the part though. Daniel Craig just doesn’t suit the part in my opinion. He’s blonde for heaven’s sake! All the other James Bonds were dark-headed. Don’t think I could see Alex as a James Bond either. Sorry but he’s better than that. Totally different style.

      Ok enough. Love ya’ll. Take care.

      Anyway, interesting.

      1. Correction…… COULDN’T see Alex as a James Bond either.

      2. I Love Alex, too!

      3. BTW, have ya’ll seen those videos on that show Alex and Sophia, MickBeth, and Josef, etc. The videos are clips from shows and movies, including Moonlight, that Alex has been on. Lots and Lots of videos with music. Some are sexy and erotic as heck! Yikes!

      4. TOLD you Alex and Gerard are the same type–did you know there was a big hoopla in the UK about Gerry being the next James Bond which then went to Craig–so him and Alex both were in the running!
        Well there you go–they blew it bigtime–why have one Bond when you can have TWO—THE BOND BROTHERS!!!! 🙂 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Actually tho I’m glad neither got it–they would have been tied up with the whole Bond thing–now they can make all kinds of great moives without that commitment!

      5. Dial up–can’t watch any of that stuff! Well you know they did that sort of stuff for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA too–People made DVD’s and sent to me, so I got to see some of it! Wonder what the stars thing about it?

  55. I am on social security so I always go to “used” on Amazon. I have never paid over five dollars for anything. I did like the deleted scene with Mick on August Rush better than him in the movie itself.
    The Proposal was good, and Transformers was excellent. The fight scenes were to long but ok
    My son has the first Transformers so I told him to get the 2nd one too. I liked it that much.
    When Moonlight first went off the air I was so distraught that my son got all the episodes on his ipod and just gave me the whole thing. I have seen it on a loop for a full year. I watch it every day. I go back and forth between this site and Moonlight. I think thats why I get most of the trivia questions. I missed the watch thing with Beth and the website for Sheppard, but even if I don’t know it right off, I know where to find the answer pretty quick. I will stop answerein the questions. Anyway, it is so nice to listen to you people talk about Moonlight.
    Thank You, Laura for your kindness.
    Sandra, I think Alex is so extrordinary because he was raised in Australia. We in the u.s. have so much, usually, that we take everything for granted. I think Alex had to dream alot. He really didn’t expect to be a “star” only an actor. I would love to travel through your country and see if all the people are like him.

    1. Well don’t send anybody over to sue me or arrest me or anything, but I’ll admitt I had MOONLIGHT complete season as soon as it was off the air thanks to someone in NORWAY of all places–yep it was HOT there too–Nina is a complete IDIOT for canceling this show! Anyway I told AMAZON (never bought a thing there I’m a Ebay girl) I wanted it to help you all out getting the Season DVD’s but I was lucky enough to have them all before!

      About deleted scenes, you know it’s like on LARA CROFT CRADLE OF LIFE that Gerard Butler was in—if you have the DVD with the ALTERNATE ENDING for the extras–I liked that ending SOOOOOOOO much better than the one they used!

      I’ll deffinately want to see August Rush sometime–actually I wanted to see it in the movies before I ever knew Alex was in it., but I’m sorry he plays a dingo—cause it would be nice to see him again. But probably won’t buy the movie unless I find it really cheap!

  56. ALEX QUESTION–I”ve been meaning to ask about AUGUST RUSH–I haven’t seen it but it actually looks like a good movie, however I was wondering how big a part Alex has in it.
    The way my life goes I usually just go to the movies at bargain prices or buy stuff, cause to me renting is like money down the tubes and it’s such a hassel getting them back the next day by noon or whatever—–sooooooo since I missed it in the theater was wondering if I should purchase it—-but I’d really like to know if Alex is in it like 5 minutes, 20 minutes or what??? IF ANYONE KNOWS I KNOW YOU GIRLS DO—and by the way TISH hasn’t seen it yet either!

    1. I recommend seeing it because it is a good movie, not because of Alex’s role which is more like 5 minutes and his character was OBNOXIOUS. I reviewed it here:

    2. AUGUST RUSH – it is one of my favorite movies now! I have it! I just loaned it out the other day to a close girlfriend of mine, so she and her hubby could watch it sometime soon. She’s about to have her first baby. Anyway, it’s a great love story, and I am a music lover, and when I saw it in the theatre, I sat with my mouth open in wonder almost the entire time. I just could so relate! Alex is in it, definitely. But he is the obnoxious brother of the male main character. He shows up about 3-4 times in the movie for a few minutes each time.

      Gotta go. Talk later. Janora

  57. Dyann,

    Thank you for your thanks. I honestly don’t mind making a copy for Sandra. That is if she trusts me enough to email me her address. I am honest as the day is long. I made the cd cute and that’s all I am going to say until you see for yourself. I saw P.S. I Love You. It was cute, but sad. I hate sad movies. I bought “August Rush” for Alex, of course. He’s in it. I agree with Tish, he’s an ass in it, but if you get the movie, he has a big scene in the deleted scenes. May not be worth paying for though. I am trying to find “The Invisible”. I have it dvrd on my t.v. My husband, Sal, didn’t even recognice that it was Alex in it. I just saw it at Target for $15.00. Don’t know if I want to spend that much for a movie thats so/so. I don’t know if you west coast gals have Target there, but sometimes they have great deals on movies. Last week they had a bunch of movies for $4.95. Sometimes $5.00, $10.00, $7.50. When it gets to that price, I’ll buy. The problem is that I have almost all the movies on sale. I agree with you Dyann, why rent when you can buy. Where I live (and if you have the same chains I am sure it’s the same) the first week a movie comes out it is usually $14.95-$16.95. After a week it goes to $19.99. So I buy it right away. With the price of movie tickets, it’s ridiculous to pay those prices. Someone said they saw Transformers 2. I also saw it. Way too long, but I loved it. I have the first one on DVD. I saw the making of the first one and Shia said that at the end when he is up on the building and megatron is after him, he’s really doing those stunts. He had a wire around him, but when he goes off the building in a circle (remember) that was him. It wasn’t computer added or a stundman. Their director wanted them to do most of the stunts themselves to be more realistic. I want to see “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock. My problem is all the movies I want to see, and never getting out to see them. Halloween 2 is coming in August, but I can’t see that on the big screen. I will have to wait for dvd. Too much open area.

    1. Well I live in a very small town, but still can get some good buys for DVD’s–we have a BIG LOTS and it has slightly older movies for only $3! I’ve got some good ones there! I also luck out a lot bidding on ebay–have gotten stuff for only 99cents if no one else bids! Lots of movies for around $5.
      My brother is coming to visit this Friday–by the way I won’t be on as much for the week he is visiting—and we are going to see Depp in PUBLIC ENEMIES plus he wants to go see STAR TREK-3rd time for me on that one, but love it! Also Harry Potter next week, and Gerry in THE UGLY TRUTH at the end of the month!
      As for PS I LOVE YOU–well yes sad, but wonderfully sad!–And come on didn’t you think Gerry was HOT in it? I mean when they are in the scene on the road, geeze–I fell in love with him all over again!

  58. Dyann,

    I just read from an email from that this season besides bringing back Sam’s dead girlfriend on Supernatural, they are bringing back the demon, Meg. A diffent actress is playing her though, because the original actress is on Dark Blue. I’m not too sure if I remember her. Was she the short-haired blond that sam met in the train station and traveled with? Did she cut people’s necks and catch it with the cup and then drink it? Is that who Meg is? I also read that on Heroes that are bringing in a lesbian love interest for Claire. That show was fantastic the first season. You couldn’t get off your seat. Second season didn’t care for too much, but never missed an episode. This season started off great, but went a little south. Then I read it wasn’t doing too well in the ratings. I hear NBC is trying something different in the fall. Instead of canceling Heroes and Chuck, they are splitting the season with the two shows. Someone should do that with Moonlight. Give it a chance to really take off. This way when Alex isn’t too busy with TR he can do Moonlight. Anyway, why do they do that with great shows? Why do they take us so far off its original course, they make it impossible for us to keep watching week after week? I will probably still tune in though, just disappointed with the direction its taking.

    1. SUPERNATURAL–well you know that show had so many twists and turns I’m totally confused too–I have the first 3 Seasons which I just won on Ebay and have barely started into the very first season–so bound to come upon her sooner or later—only thing I do remember was the CROSSROADS Demon, she had long dark hair–at the time in real life she was Sam’s girlfriend–totally weird as he had to shoot her in the head! She thought it was funny tho as the way they fillmed he actually shot no body and they filmed her being hit and falling seperately so guess that worked out for the best! 🙂

      1. One of the actors from Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, the tall one, comes from here in San Antonio. His aunt used to be one of my clients. That’s cool! The girl who played River on Serenity and Firefly, Summer Glau, she also comes from San Antonio. Her family lives in an elite neighborhood close to where I live. Tommy Lee Jones lives in that same neighborhood near me, too. Cool, huh?!

      2. Jensen Ackles-the HOT one (hahaha) comes from Texas too–don’t know where exactly–hey did you know Jen and Jared are best friends after bonding on the set like brothers! That’s cool right?
        And by the way besides Dean being HOT—GOD I LOVE THAT CAR!!!!
        67 Chevy Impala—Park it in my driveway Dean!!!!! 🙂

  59. I am still fuming over the Best Buy thing. I paid $32.99 or 33. I can’t believe I just threw out my receipt. I was still thinking of buying another back-up copy. $18.99 how could you go wrong? Maybe I will keep a set in my room and a set in the livingroom. I have a Best Buy Rewards Zone card, maybe they can look me up and see that I just bought it for a higher price. That’s the story of my life. I will always be the person in the wrong place at the wrong time. When I bought Moonlight, I also purchased “Penelope”. If anyone hasn’t seen it, I recommend watching it. It’s a love story (the only kind worth watching). I paid $14.99 at Best Buy. A few days later I was in Target with my mom and it was $10.00. If I still had my receipt think how much money I would get back. Man oh man. But, thanks to Natalie I still got a great price on The Shield Season 6. I got it at for $19.99 everywhere else it is just about $50.00. So I guess that was my deal of the decade.

    Don’t worry about my surgery and me getting the cd to you. I want you to have it a.s.a.p. I would have just send my husband to the post office instead of me. It’s really no problem and my pleasure to send it to you. Honestly. I NEVER lie, so believe me when I say this to you.

    1. If you like Love Stoy’s you HAVE to get PS I LOVE YOU–now it is sad in some ways–but it’s the greatest love story! Tish just got a copy for like $9 at a market or someplace–it’s been out awhile so you should be able to get it cheap!

  60. Yes, we have had our share of serial killers. Son of Sam was right here in our backyard. He was caught in Brooklyn. For a while on the Belt Parkway (a highway here) there was a sign (way back when) that said how Son of Sam was caught here. Scarry. It’s not only the serial killers it all the school killings. There used to be a time when you sent your kids to school and knew they were safe. Now? We have lock down and lock out drills in our school. We also have a securtiy password code that comes over the loudspeaker in case there is ever any trouble. This year at the high school some kids thought it would be funny to call in bomb threats. Or they would write it on the bathroom walls. I would get text messages from my sons telling me there were in a lockdown procedure. It’s so scarry. All of us moms that work there that have h.s. kids would go running into the office trying to find out what was going on. They sometimes evacuated the school, put the kids on a bus and drove them to one of our other schools. We didn’t know what was going on. My boys in the a.m. go to boces (its a technical school). So when a lot of this happened they were not in the h.s. They would call me from the bus, because they couldn’t get off until they knew what was happening. I am telling you that’s scary. Not knowing if your kids were going to blow up in their school. Also, sometimes someone threatens they are going to bring in a gun and repeat Columbine. Sometimes on the dates mentioned we would leave the kids home. It was in our newspapers also. It’s damm scary.

  61. Okay, I feel the love again. I am able to get into this site. Maybe it was too busy yesterday with everyone copying the addresses so they could send Moonlight letters.


    Got your email and address. I will go to the post office today. My dad is going to your state tomorrow for ten days to visit his cousin Jerry. They are going to go travel while he’s there. He mentioned going to Vancover. My dad will never last ten days. He gets ansy at my house after an hour. I am embarassed to admit I had no idea Gerard Butler was in Lara Croft. I only saw the first one. Was he the guy that she used to date, that betrayed her or something? Remember when I mentioned that I downloaded Moonlight onto my ipod and you didn’t understand it? Well, this morning at 7:45 a.m. I had to go to the hospital for pretesting. It was great. I sat down and turned on my ipod and watched 12:04 a.m. I got almost through the whole episode before I was called in. See, it comes in handy. I would have gone out of my mind sitting there with nothing to do. This way it occupied my time. I was a little annoyed that I got called in when I did. I wanted to finish watching my episode.
    Talk to you later. I’ll let you know when I actually mailed your cd. I am waiting for Mary to email me her address, and I will go at the same time.
    Have a great morning.

    1. Thank golly gosh we finely connected, and thanks beforehand for the CD–I’ll end you something ARTY and MOONLIGHTie back–I always return favors!
      I’ll also copy and send to Sandra in the great downunder–you should not have to make copies for everyone!
      I don’t have a cell phone, or a ipod, itunes, or any of the fancy new stuff cause I’m always watching pennies–but it does sound cool to be able to watch MOONLIGHT anywhere! I always take a book–haha!–but MOONLIGHT IS BETTER!

      1. Yes dear, Gerry plays the guy she runs all over with, who was once her boyfriend and she got out of jail to help her out! Lots of adventrues later he bites the dust—hate the ending!

  62. Typing on a laptop at pesent and find them more awkward that a normal keyoard.
    So exuse the typos ponnie should be pommie . Also shoud read sexy. gorgeous, everything he is the whole package.(meaning all the good thing you want in a man, and not just in the looks department..
    Sorry long nails and a flat laptop keyboard don’t go toether. LOL

    1. LOL! funny……long nails and flat keyboard…… know how that could be, but these days, I don’t have long nails anymore. For the last 7-8 years, being a massage therapist and having long nails doesn’t go together. What is “pommie”?

  63. Well okay Tish ALex is very dishy, meaning he’s a dish, sexy gorgeous get the idea eveeything thins he is the whole package.But not sure if tht is aussie or english. Don’t forget I lived 35 yars of my life in ENgland, and sometimes I sort of get my ponnie and aussie mixed. LOL. SO it get asked by my aussie mates what the?.
    For instance in Uk cosy or custume, here togs or swimmers for swim wear. SUnglasseds here shades or sunnies.. UK pop (bu that is bdepending on area you live, over here soft drink, you call it soda. Over here crook and you have a sicky off work. ill so you stay at home. At the mine (we are a mining town) you have smoko in the crib room (you have your lunch break in a special room in your work area for eating) Everybody is your mate (actually I hate that bit, anf fel like saying, I don’t know you very well I’m certinly not your friend. Not been called a Sheila yet, but over here females are all Sheila’s. G’day. Fair dinkum (is tt true? like you are asking a question when someone tells you something) Good on ya, well I am sure you get that one. These are just a few that I can think of just now. But I am sure Alex’s been in USA long enough not tocome out with all that sot of stuff.
    By the way we also drive on the opposite side of the road from you guys, like the English do.

    1. G’day mates!

      Hmmmmm, interesting. Didn’t get the “good on ya” part though. Or “fair dinkum”? Didn’t know that Aussie’s drove on the opposite side of the road like the English or all of Europe for that matter.

      How long has Alex been in the USA? So what was his last project in Aust and his first in US? Anybody know?

  64. I have been offline for a few hours. Yes, it is now Monday 6th July 5.25 pm (17.25) ye., just going to have an early dinner, or tea whatever you want to call it.nost people eat later over here, but I think I am still in UK eating mode. LOL

  65. Okay, what is dishy, Sandra????…if we ever meet Alex, (fingers, toes, all crossed) someday when the MLM is a reality, and he uses some Aussie expression we are not accustomed to hearing, you will need to be our translator…

    1. If I may answer, I’ve heard of ‘dishy’. It means he’s a dish, yummy, hot. I am so excited to be ‘chatting’ with you ladies from all over the world, Australia, Arizona, California, New York, and I’m in Texas. Ya’ll sound so nice and fun. It’s about to be midnight here in just a few minutes. I’m turning in in a short bit. Have a good night. Take care and God bless.

      1. I’m in the Pacific Northwest–Oregon–down south a bit from where they filmed TWILIGHT….glad you have joined us!

  66. Thanks Sandra on that news info…Since America has had it’s share of serial killers over the years, like Son of Sam, The Boston Strangler, the Night Stalker (I kid you not, these were all real serial killers in this country), it is tahnkful to get all the info so we are all aware… And the last one I mentioned scared me the most as I was living only an hour’s drive from LA where this guy was acting out his killing spree…

    BTW, I totally spaced out the time difference between AU & here when you acknowledged Laura’s answers to your recent Trivia question…It would be our tomorrow there now, meaning Monday sometime, correct?

  67. Dyann talking of your honeybun, I watched Phantom of ther Opera, and The Lara Croft movier he is in, I also got 300, but he looks so different in that, I had no idea who playes is rols in that.
    Yep, he is dishy, mind you I prefer our ALex, but then everyone to there own, and yes, I guess they could be brothers. LOL

    1. I loved the most recent Phantom of the Opera and the Lara Croft movies as well. Gerard Butler is MMM, MMM, MMM, Good, too. And yeah, he and Alex look as though they could be brothers…… I agree. Never saw 300. Loved him in P.S. I Love You. That was a good movie.

      Missed being able to see Alex and Moonlight this weekend. On 4th of July and other holidays, SciFi shows marathons of certain shows, and this Friday and Saturday, they showed nothing but constant back to back Twilight Zone, which I don’t care for. But I went out Friday night with a friend to go see the new Transformers movie. It was really good. Chock full of ACTION! And it was funny! I highly recommend it; go see it………..

      1. Don’t know if you have been to DiscoverGerry forum to read my MOONLIGHT stories, but on the Welcome Alex O Fans I put pix side by side of DRACULA 2000 AND MICK ST JOHN–it’s amazing how much those two look like brothers!
        Glad you loved Phantom! The Phantom was always this sorta sad man that people were either scared of, or felt sorry for—then along comes Gerry and suddenly the Phantom is EROTIC! Geeze, what a hunk!

    2. I like his look in the Phantom best of all. As for 300 he trained and worked out so long to get that muscle build. Now he says he was NUTS and would not do it again. Oh he looks yummie in TIMELINE too, and very dishy in PS I LOVE YOU.
      I thought everyone knew what “dishy” ment! haha! Then again I have always had pals in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland etc-so might have picked it up from them.

  68. Tish like I answered Laura, TV was on new on, not really paying much attention, Then thre was this segment abiut 5 women slayed in America, a photo kit o a mn suspected, no idea whete, I think several different plaes, perhpas same state.
    If it is on later on when news on I will pay more attention and let you know. Was probably on here at teh time reding all he stuff you ladies send.
    Thought for sure you guys would know all about it.
    Will try and find out moe.

  69. Very good Laura, all correct, with perhaps one exception, the search engine was indeed finderspyder, but that is like Google helps you find stuff, the website was actually a Shepherd and followers website, will alll jurors, DA, and Beth and Audrey’s photo and Beth’s address on. And of course was ep 8 12.04

    Not sure where women were killed, hey showed a photo kit of a man, but I believe several different places, but perhpas one state. Next time if it comes on hte news I will pay more attetnion and let you know..

    1. 1050 Ventana, actually, because Ventana means “window” in spanish, and Mick mentioned that in a conversation. I just watched that episode for the first time.

  70. LAURA–check your inbox! Last one I sent to you hasn’t come back–yet!
    I’ve sent via Tish, via my brother, and from 2 seperate emails of mine!
    Hate to tell you but maybe had your addy wrong! First one I got had one number different so tried the revised version!
    Also should have thought to try the NetZero alternate one before–it’s just when mine to you came back I got flustered and thought it was at your end, didn’t think fast enough to have you email me at second one!

    1. I’m dying to know if you got my emails–neither came back! It’s been several hours, and last time it came back immediately!
      The one from my brother probaby didn’t arrive, I had the wrong number on it like Tish explained in her email–assuming you got that one.

  71. Thank you Sandra for those great Trivia questions…And the same to you marye & Dyann…Gosh how great to have you all aboard our Moonlight Movie Crusade…

  72. Having been an original Dark Shadows fan I am happy to read that Frid is well & will be able to make an appearance in the upcoming movie version of the series so long revered as the original vampire genre TV show… This is showing the actor so much respect & honor, he so truly deserves…

    Thank you for sharing that will all of us Silverchex…

    1. Too cool that they encluded him!
      Barnie Baby–yep, Frid was a great Barnabas but Depp will Rock it for sure!

  73. 2nd line ablove in my last post about Schatze should really read where Schatze ORIGINATED from…Another case of mind speeding forward before fingers…

  74. Has anyone heard from Schatze82 yet? I am concerned…Also I will ask Mischa Anderson at her site too since I believe that is where Schatze oriniated from to here… So if you are getting these Mischa please reply or send me an email…Thanks…

    1. Yeah, I heard from here someplace, sometime-ebox? at DiscoverGerry–well someplace–no she did not come from DG–she joined there after she went over from here–anyway not sure where she’s at or what she’s up to–think she just said she liked the latest story. (6 not 7–not sure if I heard from her since 7-I get confused!)
      As for MISCHA she has been missing in action every since she broke her finger-only heard from her once and then gone, she hasn’t even MODERATED my posts on the MOONLIGHT CRUSADE at DG from a week ago=wondeing is she ran off with Gerry or Josef and sure hope it’s Josef and not my honeybunny!

    2. Hello! Was someone trying to reach me? Did I forget to do something?

      1. Hey Sweetie! When you don’t post for awhile we worry about you!
        Thanks for posting so we know you didn’t get a stake in the heart or something! 🙂

  75. Laura, I am resending back to you &, also to Dyann the email you sent to Tiffany who sent it to me…Confused yet? I am… Anyway check for it and see it it delivered correctly to your other address…There is a note within also so hope you do get it…

    Now relax, we have all had frustrating computer times at one time or another…

  76. Great Laura, I did not know you received any of my emails…Tiffany sent me something pertaining to you; think about your email address, so i will check it out and get back to you…

    Sandra, What 5 killings of women, where? I am in Tucson AZ (which is in the SW part of the US next door to the state of CA…So we would all like to know what you heard & all about it…Scary!!!!!

  77. For you Dark Shadows fans here’s an excerpt from Parade:

    Parade insert: “As a fan of the daytime vampire series Dark Shadows, I’d like to know what type of ring Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) wore.

    Answer: The original had a cheap, green stone that was painted black to look like onyx, says Frid, 84. Many fans have expensive onyx replicas. Incidentally, Frid will make a rare appearance at this summer’s Dark Shadows festival and may also do a cameo in the planned big-screen remake starring Johnny Depp.”

    1. Forgot to add Warner Bros purchased the film rights to the TV series from the estate of Dan Curtis (the creator, producer and director of Dark Shadows).

      If they can be the producer of Dark Shadows, why not Moonlight???

  78. Hi Laura ,
    I have hotmailand although live in remore Australia, have had no problem getting into here. Also no poblem sending or receivng emails from Tish or Dyann. Dyann emails to my inbox each instalment of Vampires daughter. So not sure what the problem is with your mail.

    1. Sandra,

      I get and send mail to Tish no problem. It’s just Dyann. If you want to try an experiment, Tish has my permission to give you my personal email address. Why don’t you try sending me email. With your permission, then I will try to email you back. I honesty don’t know what to day anymore. I have been going crazy all day. I feel bad that Tish is getting some mail about me. I was trying to do something nice, and I feel like now I am a burden.
      Have a good night!

  79. Dyann,

    I tried a couple of times today to send you an email. It comes back delivery failure. It says you do not have an account with I opened a windows live email account and sent you two emails today. Once said undelivered. I don’t know about the other. I know Tish is going to kill me because she is getting emails about me. She wants me to fix my email. I emailed optonline and asked about the problem. I get emails from Tish no problem, and can send to her. I have your cd burned and ready to go. And, Mary, if you are reading this–yours is done too. I just need addresses to send to. I hope to go to the post office tomorrow to send out. I want to get done before my surgery on Thursday, because then I don’t know when I can do it.

    Is anyone having trouble getting into this site today? I have been trying all day, and it just loads forever and doesn’t connect me. I got it now by clicking on a link thru my email. The ones that did get in. Either I have a problem, or the internet does, or I offended someone and was booted off. (joke). I miss not being able to join in the Moonlight conversations. I hope it is just a glitch today. Dyann, please try to see if you got my email. If I have to I will give my telephone number to Tish (if she isn’t too angry) and maybe you can call me with your address.
    Have a good night everyone.

    1. I have not gotten any emails, and even checked the SPAM folder.
      I’ve had an account at Yahoo and never changed it since before I had a computer, think that was like 2003 or something!
      Tish has my addy so hopefully can send that to you…..I don’t understand it but there you go!
      Listen I’ll tell Tish–if your getting hers- to tell you my second email and see if that one works, the one at Net Zero–only use it in emergencies!
      When things get settled for you if you still have problems just get the darned free Yahoo email!
      Listen if it gets down to your surgury time, just shelve it until you’re well again–I mean it’s not urgent or anything.
      As for getting on here, as you know I’m on dialup, and sometimes the link from the emails don’t work and I just come directly over here and read that way!

  80. Well trivia time again, hope more people other than marye have a o this time.
    This si a multi question one again, from an eps on disc 2.
    1, What is the name of the gil you testified against Donald Shepherd? both names please.
    2. What does 12.04 refert to?
    3. What was teh fil producers name?
    4. What was the name of the wbsite Mick went on to about Shepherd?
    5. What was the amount paid for Shepherd’s story.
    6. Listening to the tape sent by Shepherd I quote “- – – – – is the key to open death’s door” what’s the missing word”/
    Have a go, it’s all fun.
    On a different note, I hope all you ladies are safe and away from the murderer of 5 women I heard on the news.

  81. Bestbuy has Moonlight for $18.99 now.

    1. Thanks. Will go look for it then at Best Buy. That’s even less expensive than on Amazon or online anywhere. Take care.

  82. Tish,
    Is there some way you can add the WB info to your original post? I have friends at MySpace reposting my bulletin with a link to this site. Not only will my friends see it but all of theirs as well. They probably won’t take the time to go through all the posts to find the WB info and any other updated info.

  83. I want to Thank everyone agaon. The information is very helpful . marye

  84. Sandra,

    Blood is the key
    12:04 I believe is the time he was executed
    Audrey Pell (I could’t understand when spoken, that’s what it sounded like)
    Producer–Mr. Drake

    Where did you hear about the five killings? What city and state?

  85. marye I apologise America is region 1. My Blak Jack is region 4. I don’t think you want the triology, as far as I know Alex is only in Sweet Science one.. The main star is Colin Fiels, and even Vince Colosimo, Alex is certianly not the mqin charc\acter, but plays a big part in it him and his brother in it, unliker AUgust Rush and The Invisible, he’s only got a small part in them.
    It is good, he is a rebel a bad guy, and ends up in prison after killing a guy. Colin Friels is the cop, alittle like Cold Case, he and his lady detective are down in the basment, and sort of fighting to get their cases recognised. I only got the 1 dvd from the triology, I am pretty sure Alex is not in the other two.

  86. Yes, Marye I do have Black Jack Sweet Science, also Augush Rush, The Invisible,Mary Bryant, Oysterr Farmer and 2 copies of Moonlight. Got them all form There is a diferent ebay for different countries. But at the bottom, of you country there is an international section. I am lucky ny DVD player is okay with UK area 2, not so sure about USA area 1, Australia ia is area or region 4. ,My Black Jack is region 4, I think like Oyster and Mary Bryant it is an Oz dvd, also all AUstalian casr. You can try ebay, Amazon is no good to me, I never know how much the dvd will cost me due to it being in US $, ebay quote AU$ no matter where it is bought off, with the exception of the int sellers at the bottom. They don’t always have it depends if anyone is selling, also it is part of a series of 3, ALex only being in the sweet science one as far as I know.

  87. Tish, Thank you for the information. Have you seen it? Is it good? Am I missing anyhing wonderful? I have all the other things he has been in. I love Oyster Farmer and Mary Bryant. I hope Black Jack Trilogy is not as good so I won’t yearn for it so much.

  88. marye,

    I saw your post directed to Sandra Fegan, well she lives in AU…so when you finally get notified that Black Jack: Sweet Science with Alex & Jack Thompson is again available at Amazon, you must know that that DVD will not play on American DVD players…American DVD players are Region 2s…In AU theirs are Region 4s, so you would also need to buy that special DVD player to watch Black jack as well as any European, I believe, DVDs from certain countries…

    The Region4 DVD players also can be purchased on as well as Black Jack…

    1. I have pals in the UK and Ireland so know for a fact that because so many of the DVD’s are American most of their players play both types—but you must have the special player to play European DVD’s–these are rare in USA. When you shop on EBAY you will notice that USA/Canada DVD’s are called REGION 1. If you have a regular DVD in America this is the ONLY kind that will play in your machine!

  89. Hi Janora,

    I am under the care of an Orthopedic doctor…I have a dear friend, also, who is a message Therapist in Woodstock, NY…his name is CJ Krieger (he is also a poet as well as a martial arts expert…has a new book out -his 5th–called “On Tinker Street” in which he asked me to write its Foreword, which I did but it must be ordered at book stores or online at…

    Anyway, all I can do for the knee is to rest it when I can with my feet up, take Edotolac (an anti-inflammatory), and use ice on it when it swells… The doctor told me there is not need for surgery at this time, but my meniscus is wearing… I am almost 64 years old, have had a active life, swimming, riding horses, and running a cleaning service in which I also worked. Since I never felt a clean floor was one wiped with a mop, I would always scrub any client’s, as well as my own, floors on my hands and knees…Also being in a major wreck in 1989 where I slammed the blacktop full bodied after being ejected from my car which rolled & flipped did not help my knees either…

    Yeah, I can imagine you reading this and shaking your head saying “No hope!”…Thanks, Janora for caring…

  90. Hi Everyone,

    I just posted on a couple of the other threads here at AOLO pertaining to Back-Up Plan…Friends, I know we are all into this Moonlight Movie Crusade because we so want more moonlight, but if CBS/Paramount & agent assigned to Alex from Paramount keep messing with his career (& teaser poster or not that was a downright purposefully degradation of Alex by not putting his name on that Poster), he may be going back to doing construction in LA or back to OZ… So, take time out from our thread occasionally (Like a few do, like Natalie & Sandra recently have done)& make your comments to stand up for this fine young man & actor…Do it here, do it over on any site for CBS, do it over on any other site for Alex, but do not let our Crusade be squashed nor allow those dumbbells connected with that network & its affiliates screw Alex over…

    1. I WENT, I READ, I POSTED!!!!

      By the way that Poster was PATHETIC and totally stupid, maybe he’s lucky they didn’t put his name on it! Hopefully the regular one will be much more attractive and actually make people want to go see it!

  91. Hi again Sandra.
    I was just reading on another site that you have Black Jack. I tried to get it here but Amazon said they had to put me on a waiting list. Are the cd’s in Oz different than in the u.s.? How did you get it? marye

  92. Hi Sandra. When Mick and Joseph are getting the information on the dead girl just before Beth enters Josephs office Rider says “The dead girls name is Jazzmyn, with a y and 2 z’s” They are still looking for the 2nd girl. Mick only picks her out when he sees thier picture at Greenes. He says “Thats her. Thats the one I’m looking for.” I don’t think they ever say her name. Even when Mick is getting the assignment from her parents they never say her name. Does anyone else have the information?

  93. very good marye,glad someone didhe trivia.You matbe right, but I thought Natale Hall was CHerish not Jazmin (he dead girl)

  94. LAURA,



  95. That just might be the problem with Laura’s email receiving……I know our friend, Elizabeth,changed to a yahoo address because could not get all of her emails to her when she was in a rural locale camping with her hubby and the horses or something like that… So she when yahoo…

    Elizabeth is a big Moonlight fan… And like us all, she has an active life being a RN, a Mom, an equestrian, a grandma, & devoted wife… BTW, friends, though you do not know her as Dyann & I do, please keep her in your prayers for this summer… In early Spring her daughter lost a baby due to the infant, still in-vitro, had heart problems…A attempt to correct by doing surgery failed and the child passed on & back to the hands of “The Man Upstairs”… Well now, she is facing another difficult situation, her husband of many years, Fred, is facing Open-Heart Surgery in September… So pray for our Moonlight Sister & her family…

    She is a very special friend & lady…

    1. Tish, will keep Elizabeth in my prayers. I’ m very sorry for her circumstances. Thank you for letting us know. God is in control! He holds us in His hands. Take care and God bless.

  96. TO DARK ONE, aka Nimue,

    If you were a true Moonlight fan you would be doing all you can to see to it that this Moonlight Movie Crusade reaches its goal of a Moonlight movie for all of us Moonlight fan, instead of insulting me, AOL & this cause…

    And, BTW, How can you not be an Alex fan if you were a Moonlight fan???? Does not compute…Alex was/is Moonlight, without Alex there is NO Moonlight…

    And as for my life, well I do have a very full & active life but have the time to fight for Moonlight & will continue to do so until all of its fans (AND I truly that even Alex was a fan of his own show because he loves the vampire genre)…

    As the moderator of this thread & the one who began this Moonlight Crusade, I will ask you to not bring negativity to this blog or my thread again….I let it slide previously, but now knowing your true feelings & lack of desire to help, I needed to say this publicly for all the Moonlight Sisterhood (& gents) to view…

    Tish S,
    Creator of this Thread & the Moonlight Movie Crusade…

    1. Give her heck Tish!

      1. Deffinately don’t need negative people like that around here trying to bring us down!

  97. I see quite a few of you went over to read the latest MOONLIGHT storyline at DiscoverGerry (I can tell because I keep track of the times the thread has been viewed) but only like 2 people went to the Welcome Thread! 🙁 Gosh I spent a couple hours putting up all the MOONLIGHT photos and MOONLIGHT artwork and no one was interested. Well, live and learn I guess!
    ALSO ABOUT THE STORY—Just wanted to make one final comment–I would have written Chapter 7 exactly the same way even if I had never heard of Stephenie Meyer and Twilight. I dance to my own drummer–always have. Besides I think it’s different enough that isn’t like I copied her!
    I am already working on Chapter 8—with my brother coming for a weeks visit on Friday I wanted to get a head start on it!

  98. Trivia: Rider (or Ryder) England is the computer guy
    1730 Los Felos is the address.
    There was a phone number on the back of the picture. 555-0186
    there was no name except Cherish given that I say. The dead girl was Natalie Hall The actress who played Cherish was Casey LaBow, was that what you wanted?

  99. Janora-Yes ENTERPRISE was a great show with Scott Bakula!
    Also you mentioned your Mom, my Mom is 87 and a MOONLIGHT fan–everyone from all ages loved it, even my nieces kids whose kids are 10-16 loved it. That’s why this show is great because both men and women and all ages could enjoy it. None of the men I know are intersted in TWILIGHT but they loved MOONLIGHT and my Mom watched Twilight cause I bought the DVD, but didn’t think it was half as good as MOONLIGHT–Moonlight deserves to be on that big screen!
    And as lovely and wonderful as that “After” party sounds, and defffinatly would love to meet and shake hands with the whole cast—no way is it happening in my budget! California is out of my budget but might be a remote possibility—–New York is up there with FLY ME TO THE MOON– literally!

  100. Janora,

    YES!! Do I ever love “Lost In Space”. Do you hear that a few months ago, the man inside the robot passed away. I loved Dr. Smith. I saw the new movie, bought the VHS tape way back when. Didn’t like it as much–too dark for me.

    See what I mean about my email? Maybe something is set up wrong when we put the new computer in. I have to try to see why. I emailed this page to my sister, niece and sister-in-law, and they got it from here. The messages sometimes says there is something wrong with my server. It doesn’t always recognize me. I don’t know why. Also, I am such an idiot. I told my husband how most of the songs went on one cd and only three on the other. He told me my problem. When I start to burn, I check off the songs I want burned. Duh, all I had to do was uncheck some of the boxes, this way I can evenly put songs on your cd. I just redid them this morning. Okay, its 8:26 a.m. here and I have to move my butt and head on out to weight watchers this morning. It’s been so hard recently. My back went out again in February, and I really haven’t exercised. Recently I got two steroid epidurals in my back, and the side effects are weight gain, but I go every Sunday morning. The women in that group are great and so nice. I figure if I stop going, I won’t even try. So, I go and try and hope to start exercising soon. I starting walking again when school let out, and look what happened, I dislocated my toe, and sit on my ass and watch Moonlight all day. Talk to you later.

    1. Glad you figured out the CD thingie! haha!
      As for your email, well who the heck knows–maybe the aliens have taken over the site or something! Think we need LOGAN to figure it out for us! Anyway I told Tish to just send you my addy so we’ll go from there!
      Used to watch that LOST IN SPACE show when it was on so long ago. Had not heard “mean old” Dr Smith had died! Even tho he was to be sorta the “bad guy” I always liked him! Didn’t even know they made a new movie of it!
      Well you know I am diabetic and just recently had to go on insulin and instantly gained 10 pounds which I was told I’d gain–but trust me I didn’t need 10 pounds on top of what I already had! Total bummer. I also have a bad back. You just watch MOONLIGHT all day—and I type MOONLIGHT stories all day! 🙂

  101. Righty ladies, hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July celbrations, just an ordinary day here.
    Well we only all got alf of the last trivia question, so try these. They are all from one of my not so favourite eps. near the begining of the season.
    1. Mick desribed him as 16 going on 200, he was into hookers and killed one. What was his address?
    2. The two hookers were Jazmin and Cherish. Jazmin was the one in the morgue. What was Cherish’s real name?
    3. Josef’s telephone genius, what was his nasme. I will give you a clue I was his surrname before moving to Australia?
    4. Last one, on the back ofthe photo that Beeth finds in the diary she picked up in the young vamps place, there is something written, what is it. Brownie points also for what it says.
    Good luck, have a go it is all for fun. You ladies all love Moonlight.

  102. I will do just that Laura… I think Dyann has a pretty good security on her firewall so it could be just that preventing your email to be delivered… Once she has your address Dyann can put it into her address book so that her computer email site will know you are friend & not foe…

    1. Considering I get emails all the time from unknown nutballs wanting to sell me Vagra or How to make a million dollars in only 15 minutes, it’s not my Firewall! LMAO!
      Anyway thanks, and I’m sure we are bound to connect–if not you can give her my addy!
      I just emailed her so I’m hopeful it’s sitting in her box even as I write this!

  103. Dyann,

    Okay, all done. Ready when you are. It couldn’t burn on to one cd, because there are so many songs. I have them on two. I wanted to split the amount of songs evenly, but I didn’t have an option to do it that way. If there is, I don’t know how. One cd has most of the songs, and the other has only three. I am not sure which is which. I checked on my computer, and the songs are there. I will play them in my car or cd player tomorrow, just to be sure they all play. Sometimes when you burn a cd, not all cd players play them. It shouldn’t be a problem though. Have a great night.

    1. I’m no expert at this—I only made some of the Broadway Music from WICKED for a few friends recently and my brother had to talk me throught it over the telephone! LOL!
      But assuming you have the songs uploaded to your computer–you just click and drag the ones you want to burn on CD over to the side to start the burn.
      Of course if you’re doing this off your Itunes or whatever all bets are off and I have NO clue!

  104. Dyann,

    The second deliver failed as well. I can’t understand why. I bought myself a new computer a few months ago, and ever since I have trouble sometimes sending mail. Tish has my permission to give you my email address so you could send me an email. I am burning you cd as we speak.

    1. I just emailed you as Tish sent me your email–hopefully you got this one!
      I don’t know why I would not have gotten yours, unless there was a typo-I know my email addy is a bit “odd” to say the least! LOL!
      Anyway thanks so much about the CD–that’s great! Assuming we finely connected in email we can talk there–if not–well Tish can give you my address anyway, so we are bound to connect somehow! It’s really sweet of you to send me the CD–I’ll deffinately treasure it, and I always send something back to people who are nice like you!

      1. UNBELIEVEABLE—I just went back to my ebox and you’re was returned as undeliverable! God only knows what’s up with that. My brother has and we had the same go around about a year ago!
        He ended up getting a second email at YAHOO.COM and we’ve had no problems with that.
        I acutally have 2 also as my server is NETZERO, but I hate their ebox. And it ‘s a pain in the butt to use. I’ve had Yahoo ever since I started and I love it for the ease of use (I use the CLASSIC style as I don’t like their newer version either!)
        Anyone can get a free email at Yahoo-you just have to sign up. Anyway, I emailed Tish and told her and told her to just send you my address–if nothing else we can communicate through snailmail!
        Or keep sending to Tish and have her resend to each of us! LMAO–as if she had nothing else to do!

  105. Dyann,

    I just send you an email. I did it from my account online and it came back undelivered. I signed off, and did it another way. It didn’t tell me it wasn’t delivered, but I am not sure. Let me know if you get it.

  106. Good evening ladies. Just back a little while ago from a 4th of July bar-b-que. Hope everyone had a good day.

    Well, I have to congratulate myself. I actually stumped you guys on my Moonlight trivia. You guys are fantastic, but you missed something. You are right about the clip in Beth’s hair. I didn’t even think about the coat, I figured she got if off the hook by the front door. My second item that was different about Beth is. In her apartment she is wearing a watch with a black strap on her left hand. When she rushes to help Mick in the tub, wala, her watch is gone. I guess they didn’t want to ruin it.

  107. Thank you all for your answers about the flur de lis. It helps so much to be able to talk about Moonlight with people who love it as much as we do.

  108. Am both know the address, Dyann…

    And I noted your email about Facebook Silverchex, so please keep an eye out for my reply…But, I also feel that this is the Crusade’s home-base as so many now have the link…However getting word out to more is beneficial…

    I even put on Spectral Review but not with all this finery of pix… I also posted on a site where people, at first, make online friendships called Tagged & it is in My Journals on my Tagged Profile page…so all who check out my page will be able to read the Crusade Journals…been a member there for over a year & many people worldwide visit the site…

  109. Hi Ladies,
    I’m sorry I haven’t been here but I’ve been doing some research as I can. Between my job, my family, my church, my horses, doing research for the campaign and the other Moonlight boards I belong to I’m trying to keep up with you all. At one board I currently have over 300 msgs and I’m going to try and get to them this weekend. So know that I’m here even if you don’t always see me posting. My goal is the same as yours More Moonlight! 😉

    I think I read one of you said something about Facebook. I checked and Facebook has a feature where you can start a group. I know that this thread here at AOLO will always be your home base and thanks to Tiffany for that. I have personally put this link up at many sites where I’ve promoted the Crusade. You can get more word out at Facebook by having a Crusade group and get ppl to join and spread the word. Just a thought. Of course this would be up to Tish and I’ve written her about it already.

    Also Harry Werksman has a page at Facebook. I’ve got him on my friends list. He recently posted about receiving the Saturn Award for Moonlight.

    As for your discussions about Moonlight, you have had so many interesting thoughts on it. There were so many facets to Moonlight. The thrill ride of action, the chemistry and storylines. The romance. Loved it all, everything about it. Made me want to change things and not let TPTB have a spat and that’s the end of it.

    I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July. And for the international friends a beautiful weekend!

  110. Laura,

    It may be in your junk or spam box…let me know…look for an address of a spiritedangel (not going to print the rest)… I’ll resend it later, right now I need to get offline and prop my leg up, knee killing me with all of the rain & it is swollen like a grapefruit…

    What I am hoping for in regards to the “party” is for Crusaders to attend the ML premiere & to do that we must contact Joel or someone with power to get us in… But this can’t be done until we know they are going to film Moonlight as a movie then I, or all of us, can write to that person to let them know who we are and how we would find it an honor if they would allow us to attend the First Premiere here in the US & to meet all of the cast…Then one of us can have made reservations for us to go to a restaurant for a nice meal or, with luck, we could be invited to a after the premiere movie party where everyone waits for the News of how their performance was noted & how the movie was liked… For the life of me, I cannot recall what the actual word for that is called…

    1. Isn’t it called a Movie Premier After-Party?! I would love to be able to do something like that. I’ve never been to New York or California. And ooooh would love to meet that cast and you gals!

      Happy Fourth of July! It’s very late. I’m going to bed now. Good night ladies!

    2. By the way, Tish, what’s wrong with your knee, if I may ask? I am a licensed massage therapist, a very good one, and a licensed massage therapy continuing education instructor, plus I’m going back to college right now, to get my degree as a Physical Therapist, too. Going to take some Nutrition classes, too. Wish I could help you……….

  111. marye hi,

    As for the Fleur de Lis on Coraline’s back, it was burned into her skin (branded) so, with the fact that Vampires can burn, it would not heal & cover over…I believe that by the time Coraline was given that mark of the courtesan she was already, perhaps, newly, turned…Why I thin newly, I am of the opinion that vampire of age burn up to ask immediately whereas a fairly new turned vampire would not have decayed so…Recall Mick saying that as a vampire ages the smell of underlying decay is very noticeable…perhaps not to humans as to another vamp… And I am sure that when Coraline was branded the person administering it did not just let it smolder but probably tossed a bucket of water on her back…Afterall, she was valuable for the pleasure of her flesh…could have it burned too deep now, could they?

  112. Hope everyone who went over to read the story also checked out the WELCOME thread for my MOONLIGHT ARTwork. I also had brought up my old GypsyDy’s ART or whatever thread, but not sure if all the MOONLIGHT stuff got on there as I did not look at every page. I put everyting together on the WELCOME one for my friends on here.
    HOPE YOU ALL SAW VAMPIRE BINGO! I THINK IT’S ONE OF MY BEST PIECES! A fit hard to scan tho as it had game pieces making it 3D and not flat on the scan bed!
    I’m currently planning a large canvas which will have not only MICK AND JOSEF vamp style on it, but a haunted house, bat filled sky, Dean Winchester and his famous car, Dracula 2000 on a roof top and lots of other fun stuff. Want to get that done for Halloween—it’s my biggest project yet! Usually I don’t go beyone 8×10 inches and this one is like double that or more!

  113. Truvia: When Beth leaves the apartment she has no coat and her hair is back in a clip. When she gets to Mick she has a coat on and her hair is down. She could have grabbed a coat on the way out of the apartment and taken her hair down in the car on the way there. However she is heading into the desert. A little odd. I don’t care though, just so long as she got there and saved him with her blood.
    Another question. Vampires heal of all wounds. Why did Coralene still have the flur de lis? Wouldn’t it have healed?

    1. As a reporter I’m sure Beth kept lots of thing in her car to be ready for any eventuality—so probably had a coat in the car. Anyone who has been to the desert knows once the sun goes down in certain seasons it can get very cold indeed—admitt a coat in the dessert might have been a silly additon to the script as they just had Mick burning up. A clip is easy to remove from your hair–I have long hair and it’s up and down all day!
      As for the brand—well if she was in human mode at the moment (remember they had that cure thing) I assume her skin would have stayed that way when she revereted back to vamp, as it was not a injury while she WAS a vamp that would heal!

  114. Tish,

    Two things: 1. You said you sent me something personally? To my email? Because I don’t have anything there. Do you need me to give you my email?

    2. Tell me one more time please who the other birthday card goes to. Harry W? person?. I woke up with a pounding headache that hasn’t gone away, and it hurts to think.

    Thanks, I promise not to lose it this time.

      IT’S NOT SAFE!
      Tish can you give Laura MINE–I’d be interested in that CD and we could contact each other privately that way! I also wanted SILVERCHEX to have mine for reference—-Thanks Tish

  115. Dyann,

    Just finish reading your latest story about Mick & Beth. Loved it!!!!! Makes me more sad that Moonlight is gone. I hope someone puts a firecracker up NT’s ass. I’m sorry that’s not too ladylike is it?

    1. THANKS SO MUCH–I always die a thousand deaths when I put one up wondering how it will be received! YOURS IS MY FIRST COMMENT SINCE I PUT UP CHAPTER #7—-IT MADE MY DAY!!!!!
      As for the FIRECRACKER–if you need someone to light it–well I’m your girl!

  116. Tish,

    Yes I am 100% Italian. There’s a city in Italy that has my maiden name. My mom just doesn’t stop though. I try to be good when I go there, but she takes out oreos, cupcakes and candy. I am 100% addicted to chocolate. I would miss a meal and eat chocolate cake. When we are at work and Little Debbie (they are prepacked cakes) delivers, we open them to check for “quality control”. It’s so hard as we get older to take weight off and to have self control. My daughter though can’t stand chocolate and can’t stand the smell. She is so thin, and she eats as my sister-in-law would say like she has two asses. She eats vegetables. She is a real guinny, she loves provolone and pepperoni and could eat pasta everyday twice a day. Don’t even let me get into how much she costs me in parmesean cheese.

    I was thinking before. Someone asked me where I got the songs from Moonlight. I am sorry I didn’t think of it before. I purchased these songs. Legally I believe they are mine. If anyone wants (as long as I am not commiting a federal offense) I could just burn a cd for you and mail it to you. If anyone is interested I will post my email address and you can contact me directly. I don’t think it will cost me too much to mail.

    The Moonlight party sounds great!. My sister-in-law’s sister has Twilight parties and dinners. Why shouldn’t we.

    Everyone have a great 4th of July.

  117. Okay,

    Before I start my regular chat, I have a trivia question.

    In “Fever” when Lennie calls Beth in her apartment, and then when Beth rushes into the bathroom to save Mick, she has two things different about her. Can anymone name the two things?


    1. I get most of my DVD’s off Ebay—I just bid what I want and may lose a few but then eventually get it at a good price.
      I did just buy the 2nd season of REAPER at WalMart tho–man the prices were over the moon at Ebay–this for a series they just canceled! Go figure!
      Actually its funny cause I got both my seasons of REAPER at WalMart and had gone to a couple stores first and only WallyWorld had it. Since REAPER is about the a bounty hunter for excaped souls from Hell (it’s a comedy), and the DEVIL is the best part of the show–played by Ray Wise who is brilliant in the role–I told my brother who also hates the Walmart store experience–“I always knew WalMart was Hell, but now I can prove it, as the Devil hangs out there!” LOL!!!!!

  119. OOPS, make that blood grandchildren oldest turned 19 in April…I am out of the baby making business…thank goodness….

    1. Well Tish I sjust ment if we got PG at like 15 and our kid got PG at like 15 maybe we could be Jasons Grannie, but I ‘m not thinking in that route! I’d rather think of him being more a sons age thank you very much. LMAO!
      As for Alex and Gerry–so we rob the cradle–sue us!!!! 🙂

  120. Josef’s grannie????? Not even my grandkids are that old…oldest of my blood children turned 19 in April…. Now step grandkids, wow lost count long ago…

    I’ll be 64 in December….

    Got the Chapter, Dy, and hope to read it tomorrow…it’s raining here so phone may go out at anytime, thus so will the computer…

    Hey I wonder, since there was a bit of a touchy stuff coming down when my computer was down about the other site & your fanfics… So I am asking Tiffany since Moonlight is NOT a dead subject by far in anyone’s thoughts or on their lips as I am pleased to know & felt deeply about before this Thread was birthed… Though this is a blog & so many love to have any touch they can with Moonlight, Can Dyann post her Moonlight only stories here???? Perhaps them we may also have other fledgling fanfic writers who would also like to make entries too…

    I know this is an Alex blog but fans are making themselves known more since this Moonlight thread appeared, even I can see that… Is it possible for this blog to have a fanfic thread, PLEASE?

    And Moonlight Crusaders, How would you all like that…this way no one has to switch sites if they care not to to read the fanfics????

    1. As much as this is probably going to stress everyone out, I hate to tell you but VAMPIRES DAUGHTER only has about 2 chapters left to go–the story won’t be totally finished of course–just think of it as the Season Finale! It’ll have a breaking point and a BIG BIG BIG OH MY GOD FINISH to keep you all screaming for more! 🙂 I can’t write more now, cause my story took off on it’s own track during writeing it–I had a different end in mind. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE “NEXT SEASON” IS GOING—Wrote myself into a corner–I always figure these things out tho–like the Vamp Wars-don’t think that was easy to come up with! I’ll finish it for sure–but down the road apiece!!!!!
      ANYWAY POINT IS I DON’T SEE ANY REASON TO PUT IT ON HERE AT THIS POINT–not to mention it’d be a pain in the butt to do it! It’s a LOT of stuff as you can’t just put Daughter up without all the Drac stuff and AFTER Sonata story etc.
      And I wouldn’t blame Tiffany if she said no–it’s her site and might not be the road she wanted to go down.

    We have a baby!
    While you’re over there reading, don’t forget to check in at the WELCOME thread and see all the MOONLIGHT artwork I did, plus the photos I just put up that I know you’ll enjoy.
    If you have no clue what I’m talking about you must be new—so read the old comments and you’ll catch on!

  122. Well TISH—as a matter of fact I was coming over to tie up my TRIVIA QUESTION of the day, which seems to have stumped everyone but Sandra in OZ.
    In SONATA, when Beth wares the RED dress, Josef asks her if she is waring a VALENTINO and she tells him she doesnt’ earn that much.
    VALENTINO GARAVANI was born in 1932. He is actually a ITALIAN designer, but he shows and sells in FRANCE and has close ties there. His home base is in Milan and the weathy happily travel there to buy his clothes. He still has a fashion empire and is hightly respected worldwide. He is especially known for his evening ware-HENSE JOSEF’S ASSUMPTION THAT BETH’S LOVELY DRESS WAS A VALENTINO! His clientele encluded Jacquelin Kennedy who wore one of his dresses when she married Aristotle Onassis—and Elizabeth Taylor.
    So ends our Fashion Lesson for the night!!!!

  123. Thank you Laura for those two links…

    And as far as your Mom feeding you constantly, Moms do that, especially Italian Moms…Are you Italian? And no fear about saying where in NY you live, only do not give your physical address; well give your Mom’s and tell her put the Pot of Sauce on to simmer as we will be there after the New York Premiere of Moonlight…

    Speaking of which, we really should plan a Hopeful Moonlight Movie Evening in the event of a major city Moonlight Premiere… For me NYC would be ideal since I could meet all of you, go to the Premiere & visit with family & friends in both NY & NJ before heading back home… But really, does not a Hopeful Moonlight Movie Evening sound like something to look forward to & that we should be planning????

    And planning it now, gives us plenty of time to save for such and event & a journey since some of us will be coming from far away or distant shores….
    Alright, Janora & Laura were discussing some Space 1999, but I go back further than that… The original Star Trek series with William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy premiered in 1967-68 on CBS, if memory serves me correctly…I am a little fuzzy about the network but do think it was that… Heck that was 41 years ago & I was 21 going on 22, married & expecting my 3rd baby, when it first came on TV… I was never crazy about Capt Kirk, but, called me weird, I though Spock was sexy…

    Goodness, whatever you were talking about, nude lady running out in public, soundsx-rated to me…And running nude does not a good actress make…Now if I did it, it would be a comedy….

    Well, Dy, I’m older than dirt & I understand why Laura puts episodes of Moonlight on her computer or IPOD…She does this so she can reach her computer from anywhere & watch her Moonlight episodes… Moonlight Sister, we who were not born in the high-tech age & when a transistor radio was the big gotta have item, like myself, may find this stuff unnecessary or of the extreme…However, did. not our parents think rock& roll was too much, Suped up hot rods were too dangerous, & listening to the far out words of “Murray, the K”(Murray Kaufman) or “Wolfman Jack” sinful…now you were raised on the west coast Dy, so “Murray, the K” may not be a familiar name, but I think the Wolfman was known nationwide…

    Laura, Variety & The Hollywood Reporter are daily “Must-Read Newspapers” aimed at the entertainment world’s inhabitants…They have all the up to date scoops, all the classifeds youngs actors haunt to find acting gigs, especially if they are just starting out in the business and do not yet employ an agent…Yes, I said employ…agents work on commissions & work for, not the other way around, the actors they represent & it is their job to secure the best money-making bookings for their client actors….

    BTW, Laura, I was born in the Bronx,NY, raised in Bayonne, NJ….but have lived on or near the west coast for most of my adult life, except for a decade or less back east in my early married days…

    OZ is Australia & I do not think that it has been called that since the landing of the British to form a penal colony… I believe it is of a more recent time nickname… Another fine Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, may have lent a hand to AU being known as OZ…He starred on NY’s Broadway & won fame as “The Boy From Oz”, he is a great Song & Dance man, when he is not being a good actor & sexy, but ladies, this one is very in love married…. But I hope Sandra could give us more detail in the name OZ for AU…

    And, Dy, I love the trivia question you gave, but I can say you had me stumped… So what is the answer?

    And I am shutting down for the night as I must walk the rescue dogs, shut down the computer as an electrical storm is coming in this direction…

    Night everyone….Tish

    1. Yes dear I know who MURRY THE K was–didn’t he call himself the 5th Beatle.
      Wolfman Jack was in my backyard-at least on the radio–also Casey Casum was the big DJ!
      Hell I saw the Beatles LIVE twice at the Hollywood Bowl–that should age me–16 and screaming my lungs out! Oh my!
      As for a New York MOONLIGHT whatever–you all have a good time, I can’t afford to go the next state over never mind to New York! Paycheck to Paycheck and hope it lasts that long-that’s my life!

  124. Well Dyann, I like Charmed 8 seasons
    Buffy 7 seasons,
    Angel 5 seasons
    Smallville 7 seasobs
    Bones 3 seasons
    NCIS 5 seaons
    Get Stargate SC1 DVD with 3 eps every fortnihgt.
    Even just got Quantum Leap real oldie if you remember that 5 seasons.
    2 copies of Moonlihgt
    2 seasons Tochwood (English
    All HP movies and books read several times
    3 Lord of the Rings
    All Twilight books read twice twilight movie
    Just bid for Blood Ties DVD. Like my DVD’s don’t I
    I reckon I am probably older than you Dyann 58 his year, old enough to be Alex’s mum. But I have an Ipod, go to Itues to load music on it. But I agree buy Moonlight DVD ather thatn download form Itunes.
    By the way Oz is what some people call Australia, (aussie) Oz.

    1. Do watch SMALLVILLE-tho not totally committed like to other shows, and have seen all the BONES ONES.
      Currently working my way through VERONICA MARS Season one-but will get the other 2 as I understand Jason’s part grows bigger in the following seasons–seems he was quite the chick magnet at the time so they gave him a bigger part to go with his fan mail! 🙂
      As for age I beat you! I’ll be 62 in October! I’m old enough to be Gerry’s mum, and he’s older than the MOONLIGHT bunch by a few years. But as I never married and have no kids I don’t feel it, act it, or look it–just had someone almost get into a fight with me for saying I would be 62, they thought I couldn’t be much over 45! I’LL TAKE IT! HA! Tish beats us both, just barely but she’s old enough to be Jasons grannie, and unless I started really young no way for me to be that–close tho! 🙁
      Oz is Australia? Okiedokie–so have you got flying monkeys? LMAO!

  125. Sandra,

    I just checked and they have Blood Ties for $17.93 or .99. If you can’t win your bid, you can try to order it there. goodnight.

    1. Laura–you have 100’s of DVD’s—okay so do you have:
      DRACULA 2000
      Well I could go on! If not WHY NOT!

  126. Sandra,

    I love almost all the shows you mentioned. I even watched Quantum Leap. That was a good show. I still have to watch the last Lord of the Rings. I just don’t have that much time to sit and pay close attention. That kind of movie, you can’t be doing something and just listening, you have to give it 100% attention or you are lost.

    This is just a general question for anyone interested in answering. From everything I keep reading about Moonlight, it had such a huge fan base. People went online each week after each episode and commented how much they loved it. If a show was that popular, how could it get canceled? I know we talk about this a lot, but it is so hard to understand how it happens. I know I mentioned how much I loved NBC’s Life. Last week there was an article in the paper and they mentioned it. They say it was critically acclaimed, but not enough viewers. Again, everyone loved the show, got great reviews, why cancel? Too bad there isn’t a way for all of us that are not Nielson houses to get our votes out there. They said Moonlight had only 8 mil. viewers, but there had to be millions more out there. Isn’t 8 mil. viewers a lot?

    Last thought of the night,
    I am with you. I have a thing about collecting DVD’s. I have hundreds. Not counting my old VHS tapes. I have some television series. I keep thinking I have to make a list of what I want now because my husband always asks me at Christmastime. Does anyone watch TNT’s “The Closer” with Kyra Sedwick? It’s another great show. Too bad TNT didn’t pick up Moonlight. They network is gaining in popularity. They have a lot of great series. The best part is, these shows start after the regular channel’ s season ends. So, there’s no conflict about what to watch. It starts in June and runs into September. Also USA has “Monk” and “Psych”. I think I am getting worse as I get older, and I am ocd just like Monk. That’s another great show that I hear is ending at the end of the summer. I wonder if it was canceled. I wish us regular Joes can vote somewhere so the networks know we are out there watching their shows. Okay, let me get off my soapbox for the night. Talk to you tomorrow.

    1. I forgot to say I was a total QUANTUM LEAP fan at the time—gosh I should see if it’s on DVD–probably!
      I got a dual VCR-DVD set so changed all my tapes to DVD-I collect too–but don’t think I have more than maybe a 100 but never counted!
      Yes I watch THE CLOSER too! Also MEDIUM which was one of NBC’s most popular shows and they canceled! CBS bought it and will run it in MOONLIGHTS old spot–so guess I have to watch it, but I’ll claim it’s under duress!

    2. Laura,

      I used to watch Early Edition that starred Kyle Chandler and watched Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula. I liked Early Edition’s premise, Hobbs (Kyle) would get tomorrow’s newspaper today. He would use the newspaper to help people and prevent disasters. Kyle was so sweet in it. Loved that show.

      1. Kyle’s character was named Gary Hobson, not Hobbs.

    3. Yes, I love “The Closer” with Kyra Sedgwick, as well! My mom got me hooked. It’s one of HER favorite shows. She’s 75! I also used to watch and loved Quantum Leap. Love that Scott Bakula! Watched him faithfully on Enterprise, too. Ooooooh, you guys are soooo coool!

  127. Dyann,

    I have the Moonlight DVD’s. I just bought another copy and tucked it away as a back-up in case I ruin my original set. I have it dvrd on two of my televisions. When I say I bought it from itunes, I mean I downloaded it into my ipod. So, instead of listening to music, I can click on an episode of Moonlight. I can take it anywhere. When I was working at my mom’s house today I watched Fever and Arrested Development. I was talking about where Sandra lived, she referred to OZ. I see she commented it is for Australia. I don’t know if anyone read my comments yesterday about that movie that terrified me as a child, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”. My point is, speaking of Australia. I was watching “The Daily Ten” it’s like a celebrity top ten show. Anyway, the other day they were saying how TomCat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) landed in Australia, because she if filming–ready-DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.

    Back to “My Bloody Valentine”, I don’t mean the girl he was cheating on his with, I meant before they were married, the very beginning when the now sheriff’s wife was dating Jensen and the soon to be sheriff was dating the blond. I couldn’t believe he was the killer. I guess he went crazy when he was attacked in the beginning. Did you see how shocked he look when his three friends drove off in the truck and left him for dead with the killer?

  128. Thanks, Tish. Will do. Take care.

  129. Thanks for that Dyann, well I didn’ get the age group right, but mostly I do, if not sure I get out the DVD, usually know which ep to watch. I hadn’t listened closely to what Josef said before, so had to listen closer to catch the desigener he was talking about. but certianly knew the red one shoulder dress and how radiant Beth looked,and the guys too. Cause Mick/Beth looked so good dancing together, on what didn’t turn out to be their 4th official date, due to the dead body..

    1. Red Dress pix, plus dancing pix are YOU KNOW WHERE……if you wanna you can save them by right clicking and saving to your computer—if you don’t know where just read old comments, same place as the BLACK Dress pix!

  130. Tish,
    Here’s the other site I honestly can’t remember how I got there. Maybe I was surfing about Alex. Again, I just scrolled down to the bottom under contact us. I think the night I did this, I was clicking into anywhere I could trying to see if anyone knew anything about a Movie. The next time I surf around and get into a good site, I promise I will write it down and post it here for you. I am sure you can get a lot further than I could. You really seem like you know how to naviage online. Take care. I have to fold laundry and put sheets on my bed. Be back later.

  131. Janora,

    Did you ever see when you were younger (I’m 44), Space 1999? That was on around the same time as Star Trek I think. It had the woman that can chane into things, and the guy she liked was Tony? I think the guy from Mission Impossible was in it and Barbara Baines(not too sure of her last name). I saw it at, but I have to wait to buy it. I just bought the complete collection of Abbott & Costello, I keep purchasing the songs from Moonlight on itunes and I just purchased two more episodes. Now I have six on my ipod. So, I have to take a breather on my spending for a while. I loved Space 1999.

    1. Why didn’t you just buy the MOONLIGHT DVD?
      Okay I don’t even have a cell phone and wouldn’t know ITunes from cinnamon toast—-sorry—I’m OLDER than you Laura!

    2. Yes, Laura, I used to watch Space 1999, too. Really liked it way back then. I’m 45. Lost in Space, too. Remember that one? Did you see the Lost in Space movie that came out about a decade ago? It had appearances of all the series stars except the dad, Dr. Smith, and Billy Mummy. I think the dad and Dr. Smith actors have passed away. But Billy Mummy is still going strong. He was an alien on Babylon 5, too. Did you ever watch that one? Liked it, too. Wow!

  132. Okay Tish, here’s your first website. I was looking Joel Silver and I scanned the list of sites, and clicked on http://www.variety. On that page I went down to the bottom under contact us. That’s where I asked if they heard of a Moonlight movie. I think that’s a newspaper or gossip column in California. Am I right? That’s why I thought they might know something. Okay, on to try to find the other.

  133. Tish, don’t be sorry, because I don’t know what you said wrong. I’m not really working. I’m just at my mom’s house. It’s hard to be there because moms are always trying to stuff food down your throat. Every five minutes she wants to give me something to eat. I try to tell her I have to be good because I have to go to weight watchers on Sunday mornings. I just purchased from itunes two more Moonlight episodes: 12:04 a.m. (because I love the end when Beth confront Mick that she knows he saved her) and Fated to Pretend. When its done downloading I will try to find the sites I was on.


    Do you know who that naked girl was? She was the girl in the beginning that was dating the now sheriff. She didn’t get very far in life did she?

    I am probably stupid, but can you please tell me whee OZ is? I should probably know that. I don’t know how much we are allowed to say, but I live in a town called West Babylon, New York. That’s on Long Island.
    I was so pissed off in May. I saw on this site that Alex was in New York at Carnige Hall on May 20th, had I know I would have taken a personal day and gone into the city.

    1. Yeah the naked girl was dating the Sherrif so you thought it was maybe him doing the hacking but then……………crazy movie anyway!

      Oz??? Okay I think I missed that—only OZ I know of is Green and has the Emerald City in it! WICKED–God I love that Play/Musical! Elphaba rocks!
      Oh hey, that’s it! I’ll send the flying monkeys to get Nina Tassler! You’ll PAY woman you’ll PAY for canceling our show!

  134. Happy Fourth of July Folks, which officially is not until tomorrow but most places of business began today…Sorry Laura, did not mean to tell you that this is a holiday to be off of work when you had to work…

    Anyway, I am happy to have Janora here as I told her & I also explained why this crusade was so important to get more Moonlight & what occurred to make us so determined…

    Oh, when writing to Harry, do not forget to compliment his storylines on Grey’s Anatomy….

    Sandra, here in America it os a Holiday for fun, babies & swimming at the beach…It is the Birthday of the signing of the Declaration of Independence…Independence acquired by the Revolutionary War & wond our Freedom from England…

  135. Where is everybody today? Usually I wake up to like 25 replies. Is anybody except me going to answer Dyann’s trivia question?

    I got some for you guys, but will wait to see if anyone else is awake. it is 6.48 am here in my part of OZ.
    Waiting with baited breath for Vam’s daughter no.7 Dyann. Hope to receive it later.

    1. I’ve been waiting for someone else to answer it!
      Maybe they know you’re always right!
      Still come on people–it’s a easy ephisode to find!
      Someone besides Josef and ME must be interested in fashion designers!

      1. Not me. I am wearing a Justice League Tee and $5 flip flops. That is about as designer as I get. 😉

  136. What a coincidence, Star Wars Episode IV is on Spike T.V. right now. It’s Star Wars July on Spike. Two episodes each day. Spike is channel 41 here in New York. I don’t know if anyone gets that channel where they live. How funny is that? I was just talking about my “old” love–Star Wars. Of course, I now have a new love–Moonlight. My entire family makes fun of me, but that’s okay. I can talk freely about it here with you gals. Talk to you later tonight.

    1. Laura,
      Star Wars-all of them, Star Treks-all of them, Stargates-all of them, and more SciFi are my loves, too. Big Trekkie fan! Anyway, yes, we get Spike TV here in San Antonio, Texas, as well, and it is Channel 59 to most of us. I have Time Warner Cable TV. So SciFi here is on Ch 72. And I know a lot of SciFi fans. My fam doesn’t make fun. They like it too.
      Take care,

      1. Star Treks-all of them-+–
        Star Wars-liked the first 3 best but all of them–+
        -Raiders of the Lost Ark-All of them-+-
        Harry Potter-all the books and movies-all of them-+-
        Twilight-read all the books-sure to like all the films—–+
        TV–Beauty and the Beast, Supernatural, Reaper, MOONLIGHT-+–
        Theater-PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, WICKED, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN——Guess it’s pretty obvious the kind of girl I am!!

  137. Janora,

    I just went back and reread what you wrote. I constantly watch videos of Moonlight on ytube. Have you seen the one that asks why we love alex? I can watch that over and over. I downloaded Etta James “I Want To Make Love To You” onto my ipod and just listen to that and replay the video in my head. Got to go, I think my chinese food is at the door.

    1. Dial up–I can’t watch anything—but it’s okay, at least I can afford NetZero and be online with you girls!

  138. Tish,

    I will try to retract my steps later, and see if I could end up there again. Once I find it, how do I send it to you? Also, I bought the birthday cards today. Besides Joel Silver please tell me again who I am sending the other to. Also, are we just signing our names, or are we asking for the Moonlight movie also? I think in my letter to Mr. Munson, I told him how huge a fan I am of Star Wars (I have mentioned that here a few times). I told him how I own every possible version there is to have, and it pales in comparison to Moonlight. If you knew me personally, that’s saying a lot.

    1. Alex is next August 24.
      I hand made Alex a card last year–sent to the addy where he gets stuff unopened, I should put a pix up at DG of the card I made him–tho as Tish can tell you scans of my art don’t do it justice!
      As for the birthday cards to Joel, well yeah mention moonlight but just briefly!
      Like my brother said something about having a happy birthday and maybe next year Joel can give US a gift by putting having the MOONLIGHT movie in the theaters. I thought that was cute. Tell you the truth I forget what I said, as I signed it awhile back and just mailed it. But I know I didn’t go on about it, just wrote a few lines on the left side of the card.

  139. Hello Janora,

    Welcome. Doesn’t Moonlight just grab you from the first few minutes in? It was such a great show. And it’s like we all have been saying, each week there are new fans born from watching it on the Sci-Fi channel. They stopped running it last week though. What am I going to do at 9:00 tonight? Hopefully, they just took a short break. When you are on the homepage for the Sci-Fi network, there’s a section listed as most popular shows and Moonlight is there first. I can’t understand how they could have taken it off.
    So, don’t you just love Mick’s voice? I love the whole Mick/Beth love story. Nothing out there compares. Talk to you again later. …..Laura

    1. My brother first told me that there was a vampire show coming on CBS, I was like, yeah okay I’ll give it a looksee but if its crap I’m not watching it! Ha! SO THE PILOT STARTS AND MICK STARTS TALKING AND LIKE 5 MINUTES IN I’M LIKE “ALLLLRIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHHTTTTT! I’M IN!”
      Well he has that effect on a person right? Especially as he reminded me soooo much of Gerard Butler in DRACULA 2000 even acting some of the scenes the way Gerry would have. I know Alex said he watched a lot of vamp movies before playing it—so maybe he watched Drac 2000, who knows!?

  140. Dyann,

    Hey! I’m here. Since I am out of work for the summer, my mom’s fiance, who has a home business for vending machines, asked me to work for him a few hours a day. I was out since 8:30 this morning. But, I checked my emails from my mom’s, but couldn’t reply until I got home. I have the dvd of “My Bloody Valentine”. OMG (see I know a little lol) so bloody. I have the original, and it’s not that bad. I have the 3-d version (it also includes the 2d also), From the minute the movie opened was it blood and guts or what? You should see the new Friday the 13th. Sam from Supernatural is in it. He fares much better than Dean. Not too bloody. You just have to know when to put your head under the blanket.

    1. I’m in a little town so we only got the 2D version–thank God, that was bad enough! Yeah knew Sam was in it, but after Bloody Valentine I was out of the mood, and Supernaturally speaking Dean is my honey! LMAO! I think if Jenson hadn’t turned out to be the psycho I might have handled it better–total bummer if you ask me! And what about that crazy nude woman running around the Motel Parking lot? She was so annoying you WANTED her to get wacked! 🙂

  141. WHERE IS EVERYBODY TODAY? Writing letters maybe??? Hope so!
    I got mine done!
    Well anyway–just wanted to touch base, let you all know I think I’ll have the NEXT chapter of the story up tomorrow!
    Also for those of you who head over there to read it, don’t forget to check out the WELCOME ALEX O FANS tread—I put up a boat load of new pix, some of my MOONLIGHT ART which I think you’ll enjoy and some fun other stuff. I have a lot of pix in my files and happy to share them with you all if you enjoy them SO LET ME KNOW! If you don’t let me know I’ll figure you don’t want any more! ALSO THE WELCOME THREAD IS UP TO 2 PAGES NOW!! So when you finish with one page don’t forget to view the other one! Lots of good stuff on both! ENJOY! (PS—- I don’t have a MySpace or whatever page–I put all my stuff up over at DiscoverGerry!)

  142. The deigner label would be “Valentenoor is Valentino” Dyann. Of course Josef would think deigner.
    The function was to celebrate Josef spending thousands the Sarah Whittley Memorial Sportss Arena(hence the name. the forever 21 year old love of his life) at Hurst Collge, that Josef founded. And the jumper of Domicque Micheals who didn;t get to the pro league Emma Monaghan killed him whilst sort of rough sex. That would be in ep 16 Sonata.
    Loved the dres and Beth’s hair, also Mick looked very sexy all dresed up, okay Jossef looked goo also. LOL

  143. Tish has been to busy for a TRIVIA QUESTION which I know you all enjoy–so I’m gonna put one up for her!
    In the episode where Mick and Beth dance, Beth is wareing a RED dress–Josef askes if it’s a designer dress, and Beth has to tell him she doesn’t make that much money on her salary—WHAT IS THE DESIGNER’S NAME???
    By the way I’m gonna put up some pix of the RED dress over where I put the pix of the black dress as long as we’re on a MOONLIHGT FASHION BINGE—look in the older comments if you wanna know where you can see BETH’S FASHIONS 🙂

  144. Hi Janora,
    Welcome. I aman aussie. I ot to love Alex through Moonlight we only got8 episoed oer here. But now I have 6 of Alex’s movies, one of course Moonlight. I watch an episode a day.
    I thibk you me “Back Up Plan” thtat’s the movie he is making with JLo.
    Good on ya writing the letters. We are a friendly bunch here.

  145. Thanks Laura for putting in the word but can you retrace and send us the link for the site you were at…We’d all love to post something to let them know what is happening & who to write to…you know the long list of names…

    Well my Moonlight Crusaders I am getting tired ans 4:30-5AM rolls around all too soon… Nighty-night, have wonderful Mick dreams…And some of Alex will top it off nicely…

  146. Hi Janora,

    Welcome & do hope you hang with us to get that Moonlight movie in the works… Everything takes work to make things work sooo I sent you something via you address & send it to others you know online so they send to all they know & so on…

    Now since I am new to your address better check your Spam folder as Yahoo is famous for that…Heck, lately they even are sending these emails about the thread to Spam… Well that’s yahoo, but I have used it as my backup email for 10 years…

    BTW, you may only see spiritedangel on the email, but that is me…

    ANd question…You said you lived in San Antonio, TX…do you get tornadoes often? Why am I asking; looking at real estate to buy in TX, acreage with a home…

    1. At first my emails from this thread all came to the SPAM folder, but then I got smart and put this addy in my addy book–and now they all come to the regular ebox!

  147. Hello Ladies (and gents),
    I have just recently become a huge Alex/Mick/Moonlight fan! I never saw it or heard of it on CBS, but I am and have been a SciFi fan for quite some time. When SciFi started showing Moonlight a few months ago, I got hooked! He is so sexy and charming and adorable! And Sophia/Beth is just gorgeous! I can’t help myself! I’ve been watching YouTube videos of Moonlight/MickBeth, and looking up Alex O’ Loughlin info and websites in recent weeks. I’m just hooked now! Anyway, been looking through this site and reading your blogs, and I’m excited as well, at the prospect of a Moonlight Movie coming out. Looking forward to seeing Three Rivers and the movie with Jennifer Lopez, Hard Up. I live in San Antonio, Texas. Sorry never lived in CA, never been to CA, but we’re part of the same country. Hope to be able to see Alex here someday. Keep up the good work! I’ll try to spend a little time writing some letters to Joel Silver and the others to support the Moonlight Movie. I want it too. Take care Ya’ll!


    2. Welcome, welcome!!! I hope you post often.

  148. Sounds perfect to me Laura…just my kind of expressing, from my heart…Thanks & keep the faith in our vampire solidarity…

    I do hope you are also sending what I sent to you today personally (not here) to all your friends & ask they, in turn, send out to other friends 7 keep it moving along to success…

    Well, Laura, & all, it has been a long day, so I do not think I will be back on again tonight…

  149. Tish,

    I just finished writing all my letters. My fingers and brain are exhausted. I wrote to everyone you said, except Alex’s new agent, because didn’t you say to wait right? I am a very good letter writer. Everyone has me type their letters for them, because I have a way with words. My point is, I write from my heart and what I am feeling, so that’s what I did for my Moonlight letters. So, I hope I wrote the right things. I just wrote what I was feeling. I expressed my love of the show and the entire cast of characters. I reminded them of all the awards the show won and its new Saturn Award. I mentioned that the show’s popularity is constantly growing and gaining new fans thanks to the Sci-Fi network. I told them of our desire for a Moonlight movie. How we feel we need closure to the story. Of course, I had to be me, and add my deepest dream of after the movie the show coming back to primetime. I also mentioned how 90210 and Melrose Place are rising from the dead after ten years. So, never say never about a return of Moonlight. Of course, I didn’t use those exact words. I was very proper. (After all I did go to business school and worked as a secretary for years in my “other life” before I became a mom and started my new career in the school system). I said many other good things and our desire for that movie. I told them we needed Alex O’Loughlin to breath life back into Mick St. John again. I also said I hope CBS is crying in a corner somewhere for what they had done to our Moonlight. Don’t be angry with me for keep asking for the show’s return. That’s how I feel. I just can’t get over it. Have a great night everyone, I am exhausted from my letter writing. I have to go upstairs now and address my envelopes and get them ready for mailing.

  150. Laura, sounds supernatural… Perhaps Dyann can take a cue from your relaying about alone in your school & work it into a story when Mick/Beth’s daughter begins school & Beth is doing some volunteer work for a school event & some weird scenario takes place in the cafeteria kitchen where she is making coffee…

  151. I know I said I was signing off, but I just checked in with another moonlight site. imb. Everyone there is whining about how much they miss moonlight. What they loved most about it and how they heard there might be a movie. why doesn’t anyone do anything about it. Of course, I said again about this website and its campaign and everyone should take up letter writing. I said it might not work, but we have to exhaust every possible angle. Let’s hope some of them check out this site and maybe start writing letters. If we don’t do anything about it, how can we expect it to happen. It’s like my mom always tells me when i say I want to win lotto. “did you buy a ticket”? and I say “no”. She tells me I have to be in it to win it. That’s what all the fans have to do. Stop complaining about how much we miss the show and how great the chemistry was with Mick and Beth. Even if they think it’s a stupid idea to write letters (as someone over there told me weeks ago), let’s do everthing in our power to try to make it happen. If it doesn’t, well we can hold our heads up high and tap ourselves on the backs and say we did eveything we could. We are true fans of the show. Dreams can come true, they just need a little help. Okay, now it’s really goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.

  152. Hi Natalie, I got the response & other user email…Thank you…The purpose of that is for you to send to your friends to keep this thread circulating worldwide…In turn your friends, even if they were not struck by the Moonlight, can, if they so care to assist, send to other friends…

    This goes for all Moonlight Movie Crusaders, as well…

    Now to tend to my horses for their 2nd feed of the day & walk the inside dogs who are all rescues…

    No response from Schatze82, yet, let us hope that she is well….

    1. Come to think of it, I haen’t heard for her either, and she usually comments on the story—hmmm–not sure I’ll have to check at Discover Gerry and see if she posted for this chapter! HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH HER!

  153. Natalie,

    Thanks for the idea, but I don’t actually have to go down the hallway. My kitchen is off to the other direction, and the lights are usually on. One time though, when I came in I think there was a strange car in the lot or something weird, I can’t remember. I like Frank, the head custodian, a lot, but not enough to go walking through the dark building looking for him. I figured he would show up eventually, and he did. Also another time, the coffee wasn’t ready yet and he was going to go to the deli for some (he is cheap as dirt and has no manners, because he didn’t even ask me if I wanted anyting), he left the building and I was not truly the only one in the school. I have to be honest, I was terrified. Any nut could come walking thru and the kitchen is right off to the right when you walk in. At a certain point all the doors get locked, but not right away. One time I looked up and someone was standing in the doorway, I don’t think I have to tell you how high I jumped. It was an independent bus driver taking our 5th graders on a school trip and he was extremely early.

  154. Natalie,

    I am trying to send something to you but I received a reply saying email closed…So now what?

    1. I got it. I sent you a reply. I post a vacation response on my email to discourage spammers by posting “closed”.

  155. Actually I have a whole corral full of what we can send to NT…Anyone know her birthday? No, No, just kidding & please no one go and do such a thing… We are going to handle this maturely & with diplomacy & dignity… Capieche? But after we get our ML movie, no holds barred, okay?

    Thanks Dyann, Spectral Review sent me your comment…And please follow suit people or post all contact address info wherever you feel it can help… If I haven’t already sent you same in condensed form with all, I shall shortly…

    Dyann, mail yours out to all (I sent to Mischa already) but mail to Glen & ask him to do the same…

    The idea is to send out to friends & they send to their friends & so on down the line…

    1. I got it–and sent it along—as for Mischa she seems to be in the land of the missing again–she may have run off with Gerry or Josef, it better be Josef or the poopie hits the fan!!! LMAO!!!
      As for the sending of poopie to NT—Who Me??? Come on you know I was KIDDING–that chick ain’t worth the postage! 🙂

  156. Tish,

    I didn’t join any group or anything. This site I mentioned, I was probably surfing the web for something Moonlight, and I ended up there. At the bottom of the page under feedback I just asked if they knew anything about a Moonlight movie. The same thing with Variety. I got routed there for an article about Moonlight, and I went to the bottom under feedback and asked for any info on the Moonlight movie. I think I was also looking up Joel Silver and an article routed me there about Moonlight. Thanks for the warning though. I appreciate it.


    According to my t.v. guide, I think tonight’s episode of Supernatural is one of the more scarier ones. I am afraid of my own shadow though, so anything scares me. You should see when I am at work, especially in the winter when it is dark out. I start at 7:00 a.m. so at that time it’s just the head custodian and myself in the school. Sometimes he doesn’t get to turn on the lights down the hall, it’s so creepy. My mind starts to wonder, sometimes I think about Michael Myers, and then, bamm! the custodian comes into the kitchen and I jump out of my skin. Of course, being a man, he gets angry with me, so I try to hold my jumps in if I can so he doesn’t see. Also, sometimes I am down the hall in my storage room and my back is to the door, you should see how high I jump when someone comes in behind me and starts to talk to me. I can’t help myself. That’s why I can’t see horror movies on the big screen. There’s just too much open space around me. I need to be on my couch with a blanket covering my eyes. My brother just told me they are remaking a t.v. movie that terrorized me when I was a child. Does anyone remember “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”? I slept with the bathroom light on for months and kept my legs on either side of the bed so the Sally people couldn’t tie my legs together and drag me off. Can you believe with today’s technology how terrifying that movie is going to be? There’s no way on God’s green earth that I will ever see that movie. Even in my livingroom.

    1. Laura,

      Can you carry a portable flashlight with you until the lights in the hall get turned on? I would jump out of my skin too. I never watch any of the Halloween movies or Freddy Kruger for the same reason, too scary. I absolutely hate those mindless hacker movies. Just too much.

    2. Hey I went to see MY BLOODY VALENTINE just cause SUPERNATURALS Jensen Ackles was in it—bloody, goofy, and totally over the top, and then Jen turns out to be the BAD guy! Bumer! Don’t like HORROR movies but do like SPOOKIE movie–horror ones these days are all blook and guts!

    1. I went over and commented, couldn’t hurt—read some of the OLD stuff back to 2008—kinda made me laugh—I’d forgotten all about the NUTS sending Nina Tassler GARLIC—totally stupid–they shoulda sent her doggiedooo! 🙂
      SERIOUSLY–ya all can tell I”ve got a warped personality—I’m just feeling SOOOO hopeful after that interview SILVERCHEX put up!
      Well I found out that there is no mail tomorrow becasue of the holiday–so need to get off line and get letters going so I can mail at least some of them before the mail holiday closure.
      By the way got a email from my Brother and he put Joels card in the mail this morning cause of the holiday–plus we don’t know how long it takes to get from the PO to Joel as it has to be signed for etc….anyway better early than late–but at least we’ve got ONE man sending in a card–hope you all can enlist others!

  157. Hi again Laura,

    What is it you were hoping Variety to contact you for? They may not reply since the situation with the former campaign administration left a foul taste… Have you tried The Hollywood Reporter?

  158. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to let all know that I may get abruptly disconnected due to the phone…No, No, I paid the bill… It is a matter of the wiring outside & uncertain if it is my wiring from pedestal to house, which late hubby put in as a temporary set up until he could do something more permanent…Well, he did, he passed away before we moved into here almost 9 years ago… The temp set-up has been used since, but it may be wearing out or something since every time we have damp or rainy weather, it is now going dead… If it is not that it may be at the main service pedestal on the road behind my home which is the sole responsibility of the telephone company…Actually the phone company is responsible for any service to the pedestal on my property, but not the wiring from there to home…

    I will take as much advantage to be here as I can while phone is working, but if I get cut off, I will return when phone wiring dries out… I have not found anyone to repair, &, certainly, with my plans to find other property soon, I do not want to invest a fortune here…

    There is no wireless in this community, every computer in someway connects to the Internet through the phone…

    I do have other needs to complete online & that is property hunting as I want to remain in some rural area, preferably another state…

  159. Morning Laura,

    It’s no wonder you & Dyann get along so famously, she also lets her fanfic stories fester in her mind before putting thoughts into words on paper…

    Anyway, you asked about Face Book…I belong, but had not though about posting there since I do not know how I could post any pix in a designed set for the written theme as was done here…However, here at AOLO I sent it all, pix & thesis for the crusade to Tiffany & she did the remaining post of the thread…I am not certain if Tiffany belongs to Face Book or not, I thought she did… I have not had the time to get over there. When there I mostly post with family & old high school friends & an author, C.J. Krieger, a dear friend, who asked me to write the Foreword for his newest book of poetry called “On Tinker Street” , which I did & is now published & selling by special order at Barnes & Noble, some other book stores, as well as, on… But then any type of ad is worth every word if it brings us to our intended goal…

    As you also know I placed something on MySpace page as has Silverchex…. And it would be a great idea to circulate the word on sites one visits, eg., Spectral Review – Ghost, Vampires, Spirit, Paranormal News, or any site you feel may have readers who were also drawn to Moonlight…

    Alright, you also lost me on this ReelzChannel… Who, what & where are they located? Had you mentioned them previously on here?

    Word of caution: stay clear of some so-called Moonlight sites still in existence, unless they are still Moonlight friendly after being hurt by the last administrative site controlling the former campaign for the 2nd season… Was there, have been; and some even lost $ on that deal as Dyann can attest to… Sorry this has to be voiced for no one is aware of much of this, so I do not want our crusaders falling prey to any of this nor do I want our ML fans being disrespected by anyone for believing in this beloved show… I have already bore some wrath & feel it is unjustly directed for the acts of others… And many running sites still feel that sting…and, unfortunately, have lost belief & are in fear… This is absurd behavior in my opinion, so with or without help we will all persevere to success, no matter what anyone else tries to make us feel…

    We are Moonlighters 100% & being same we are also Alex fans tenfold for he still believes in the Moonlight…

  160. Okay, I got one reply from ReelzChannel about my inquiry about a Moonlight movie. They were really nice. They apologized for taking so long to get back to me. They told me Moonlight is still so popular even popular with many of his (whoever contacted me) and it was abruptly canceled. He told me about what was just written on Sci-Fi Wire and gave me the link to go there and read it. So, as we all already know, it isas popular as ever. Also, I am still waiting to hear back from Variety. As I said, I don’t do much on the web, but if someone tells me how, whenever I get a reply I can post the link here the way eveyone does. I just don’t know how. Hopefully they will reply soon. I just printed out everyone’s posts with all the contact addresses, and later when I feel in a quiet frame of mind I will come down and write my letters. I do my best letter writing after I fester for a while and plan in my head what I want to write. Talk to you later.

  161. I would like to say thank you to everyone for your well wishes. Funny story–On July 9th I am having surgery on my big toe (for arthritis in the joint) of the same foot I just hurt. You should have seen the look on my doctor’s face when he walked in the exam room and I was sitting there with a new injury. Priceless!! lol.

    My sister-in-law told me I should join facebook because we could start a whole new thread about Moonlight there. Is anyone on facebook and do you think we could start a new topic there about Moonlight? It would be worth joining just to spread the word. Let me know. As I said this is the first time I have ever talked to anyone or joined a “chat” group in all my years on a computer so I don’t really know anything about it. Honestly, sometimes when eveyone appreviates words I don’t really know what they stand for. I have to get up to date here.

    I think Mick & Beth should be #1 sci-fi couple. In rewatching the episodes, they sizzle just they way they look at eachother. They burn up the screen. And, I think when I asked a question about Mick and Beth last week, about why Mick acts shy around Beth on their date, Dyann, answered me. I believe she said he felt he was a monster and didn’t deserve her. Well, as usual, there was nothing on last night, so as I sat down with my foot propped up, I starting watching Moonlight from the pilot on. Dyan, you were right, of course. At the end when Beth stands up and walks into Mick’s arms, his voice over says something to the effect about it being 60 years without touching anyone. I can’t remember the exact words, but he implied about a relationship with Beth (right in the first episode) and how he as a “monster” didn’t deserve happiness. That’s exactly what you said, Dyann. I can’t remember it word for word right now-sorry. I am not as good as you ladies.

    1. Well you know I didn’t have a clue what the abriviations ment went I started either, but joined the Gearard Butler Forum and soon was lingual in that stuff, so you’ll catch on–hope this helps:
      BTW=By the Way
      LOL=Laughing out loud
      LMAO=Laughing my ass off
      Those are the ones I use all the time…..and the most common ones too!

  162. Dyann,
    I’m sure you have seen the commercials for Gerard Butler, but in case you haven’t:

    1. I’ve seen the commercials on TV–can’t wait for the film!!!! 🙂

  163. Yes, Tish it is scifiwire. I jut clicked on the link silverchex sent it took me straight to the page Moonlight movie.

  164. Hi Natalie,

    I am also well aware of CA earthquakes…lived in San Clemente in the 1960s, then in Riverside in the early 1980s, moved to Anza, up in the Cahilla Mtns above Palm Desert before moving to AZ in 1991… Even though I was born in the Bronx, NY, raised in NJ, & have lived in AZ for nearly 19 years, to me CA, especially Southern CA, will always be Home to me, earthquakes or not… I have lived through a few myself…

    1. Been through my share of the California earthquakes too! Lived in North Hollywood and also Pomona when it was first out of the orange groves back in the dawn of time! Moved to Oregon when I was 21 and been here ever since. Funny tho, sometimes I watch LA in a movie or TV and those streets lined with palm trees always call to me— seem like HOME even after all these years!

  165. Hi Sandra Fegan,

    So nice to see your post here again… The website you commented at, was that the SCI-FI WIre?

    I do hope all of you will tell others about this website and this movie article for Moonlight so they can all leave comments…

  166. Just popped in for a quick glance…

    Laura, I do hope you pinky toe heals quickly & correctly… On my left hand I have lost my knuckle of my ring finger near the pinky many ears ago when I slipped from a ladder and flung my hand out to grab onto something but instead slammed into the hard oak molding… so I can sympathize with your pain…

    Now ladies, &, hopefully, some gents (Dy, can you get your brother, Glen, to put his input here???… I know how he loved the Beth character of ML), hope you will spend sometime within the next few days writing to the mentioned people…

    Secondly, let other sites know what we are doing…Let sites we are already listed at post these addresses of the new set of Powers That Be….

    Tell friends and tell them to tell others…

    And please Do Not forget to start writing those Birthday Cards to Joel Silver whose B’day is coming up on July 14th…

    Ooh, I said No Trivia tonight but just thought of one… What else is the date July 14th called?

    1. JUST FOR THE RECORD THOSE PHOTOS I PUT UP FOR DARK POISON OF BETH IN THE BLACK DRESS WERE FROM MY BROTHER—hahaha-Yep he’s a Sophia/Beth fan! He’s going to send Joel a birthday card, so as he’s coming for vacation in a week I’ll see what i can do to to write a few more.
      Well I bought a whole carton of legal sized envelopes as looks like I’ll be writing a boat load of letters! haha! will be home tomorrow so can work on them and get into the mail Friday before the big holiday weekend!
      My card to Joel is written out and ready to mail off. It’s really cute one from PORTAL cards, and one a man should like.
      Laura–ouch! Hope you’re feeling better.
      Ending news is for the story fans—I’m writing on the next one, and this chapter is heavy duty but it’s going well–I think everyone will be glued to it! All goes well it might be ready to go out on the weekend. But I want to work on the letters tomorrow!

  167. Just added my comments on that website re movie.
    I said we can wait as long as we know it will happen.

  168. Good news silverchex. Hope it happens. WellI am sure all the other actors could find a time slot to suit all. ALex is definetley on so that is good news. A comic book ouldn’t be the same non of his charisma on paper.
    Hey Dyann they stole your storyling a vamp war. LOL

    1. NOT REALLY—I mean the way they ended MOONLIGHT as a “writer “I could see it was the next logical step!
      As for our actors I KNOW JASON WOULD DO IT! HE LOVED BEING JOSEF! And his CW show didnt get picked up, so he’s in!

  169. You’re welcomed Natalie…now I just hope you & all will get these addresses posted on other sites to let others know whom else to write to…

    And, I am needing to take care of other personal matters…If it does not rain, it pours…literally and physically…am lucky to have phone working again for my dial-up as in an horrific storm that hit my AZ rural area last evening for about and hour & a half knocked out the lines for phone between my pedstal & house… I need to find someone to rectify this so it does not occur again…

    Ad to that & it is as hot as a flamethrower in here, the pump on my evaporative cooler just quit…So with 100 degree temps not being abnormal for our summers here in AZ, I must have repaired asap…

    So not Trivia from me tonight, too much to look into as well as write my new letters to the above addresses… And do hope all here will do the same and pass on the word about the new contact addresses…

    Thanks, Tish

  170. Tish,

    I was just rereading come of the comments here and I wanted to say something to you. When you were offline last week, I believe I was chatting with Dyann. You said that Moonlight was only just canceled and it is in everyone’s minds fresh. Well, my point, this past year the WB brought back Beverly Hills 90210 and in the fall they are bringing back Melrose Place. These shows have been off the air for over 10 years. Also, I thought it was the WB, but it is ABC Family. In the fall they are putting “10 Things I Hate About You” on the air. How long ago was that movie out? That’s my long drawn out point. If these shows can come back to primetime after such a long absence, one can only dream that Moonlight can have its movie and come back to Primetime. I also agree with what you said about TR. I just saw another clip, and it seems even sadder than I originally thought. I bride is shot right after she says “I do” and their family has to donate an organ to someone else. Please everybody don’t yell at me for being negative, I will still watch it in support of Alex. I’m just saying (to me personally) it doesn’t look promising. Then Alex will be available. Sophia is free and I read Jason’s pilot didn’t get picked up. That only leaves Alex. Have a great night. Don’t know if I could check back later. I went to E.R. last night. I dislocated my pinky toe (for the 2nd time) last night. It had to be pulled back into place twice. It’s very swollen, and I don’t know if I could make the basement stairs again tonight.

    1. OMG, Laura, how awful, I hope you will be okay. You definitely have to be careful of stairs. You weren’t playing this little piggy went to market were you? Just kidding 🙂
      I live in the Bay Area, that’s northern California. Don’t really experience much thunderstorms here. California is going their a drought. We have earthquakes. I was working in a 5 story building when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit Oct. 17, 1989. The whole building swayed. I was afraid the building was going to pancake. But it didn’t and held up with a few broken windows, broken drywall, etc.
      So Tish, hope that repairman for your cooler comes real soon for you. Thanks once again for all the great info.

      1. Whoops, I meant California is going through a drought. Sometimes my brain. Have to remember to check my writing before I post.

  171. Now I have found several exec in WB Pictures to write to, but one’s info is elusive so I cannot post any updated info on Kevin McCormick in that regard….

    However, here is one who signed a long term contract for the position with WB Pics…

    To the Attention of:

    Jeff Robinov,
    President of Production,
    Warner Bros Picture Group
    c/o Warner Bros Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA, 91522


    To the Attention of:

    Steve Papazian,
    President of Worldwide Physical Production,
    Warner Bros Pictures
    c/o Warner Bros Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    The above mentioned men are more in the line of movies & are what is considered Sub-Heads… the other above mentioned men in the previous comment, Meyer & Horn,are higher up Officers for WB Entertainment a company that house WB Studios & belongs to Time Warner…

  172. Wow! you guys are so fantastic about finding out all this great information. Sounds like we have a lot of letters to write.

    Tish, sorry to hear about your bad weather. I am on Long Island, New York and this morning we had some bad thunder storms. I am a wacko though, I just love a good storm. I love when it gets all black and the wind is howling.


    I just got an email from Buddytv and next season on Supernatural they are bringing back Sam’s girlfriend that got killed in the pilot. I read quickly before I accidently erased the page, that they just cast someone to play Lucifer. Scary.

    1. Laura—hmmmm about Sams girlfriend, well they left us KNOWING Lucifer is coming–next season is going to be soooooo over the top! (Great!) I just got Seasons 1,2,3 off ebay of SUPERNATURAL so just watched the Pilot–my gosh those boys were YOUNG —enjoying it all from the beginning so will be ready for next season.

  173. Alright then; more WB exec info to continue our Moonlight Movie Crusade letter writing…

    Please note it is imperative that we contact all of these WB Entertainment Executive Officers…

    Please send two letters to the two addresses I post below Barry Meyer’s name since I could not find an exact one but reading up on him, some indication is that he may be based in NYC for Time Warner that owns WB…

    To the Attention of:
    Barry Meyer,
    Chairman & Chief Executive Office of Warner Bros Entertainment
    c/o Time Warner, Inc.
    One Time Warner Center
    New York, NY, 10019

    TW Ph#: 212-484-8000

    And then again Barry Meyer may also hold an office in CA as well & we are all aware of that address, well hopefully…

    But do address to

    To The Attention of:
    Barry Meyer,
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros Entertainment
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    WB Hdqtrs in CA Ph# is: 818-954-6000

    The above addresses can also be addressed in the same fashion (To the Attention of:) and to the same places for
    Alan F Horn,
    President & Chief Operations Officer for Warner Bros Entertainment

  174. Geeze I do hope that he will get this mail as he is going through a messy divorce from his wife & writing partner, who is Gabrielle Stanton, as this address is listed for them both….Perhaps, being in LA, this may be their offices as address is listed for both… There is also one listed in Rancho Mirage, but I believe that to be their son & far too personal approach at reaching…

    Harry Werksman
    7810 Hillside Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA, 90046

    Phone#: 323-845-4778

  175. As posted by Silverchex we found out through the MySpace Page of Tevor Munson that WB owns Moonlight…

    We all know how important to Moonlight Trevor was…I feel we should all let Trevor know this & to ask him to help us and ask him to please write the script for the Moonlight movie…We should all let TPTB know we want Trevor’s expertise on this endeavor…

    Trevor’s snailmail address is:

    Trevor Munson
    4067 Hardwick Street
    Lakewood, CA, 90712

    Phone#: 562-313-6785


  176. Oh, before I go offline to get some of my at home stuff done, I wanted to let all know I emailed the SCI-FI Wire to let them know of this Moonlight Movie Crusade & to let them know that this news and goal is resonating worldwide but can be originally found on AOLO in this posted thread where fans can ascertain addresses on the main body as well as within the comments to write to voice their desires for a Moonlight movie to TPTB in snailmail…This is good on a couple of counts…more attention to our crusade and will bring in more fans to AOLO… I feel this would be ideal for us all including Tiffany…

  177. Okay, now some replies back to some here…

    Natalie, my computer man, not the Geek Squad (I also felt they were to costly), put in the most updated Mozilla Firefox…He also installed and recommended Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for my Anti-Virus which he himself uses… But thank you dear lady for your info

    I will check out the Norton 360, but am taking his word on that anything Norton and IE collects viruses…


    I am so very pleased about our precious Moonlight DVD winning the Saturn Award… this has got to tell TPTB that it is still loved and wanted… So write, write, write to TPTB listed above and on some of the newer comments since ascertaining from Silverchex that WB owns Moonlight out right…

    As has been indicated here & from our own knowledge we do know that shows have been re-birthed again from their murky isolated TV cemetery graves… With Moonlight we are fortunate that it is remains fresh in everyones minds since it cancellation which is better for chances to get that movie… And perhaps, just in case a certain network puts TR on the chopping block with some trumped up reasoning none of us are believing, Moonlight can be born again on TV at another network when Alex is not pushed into the agents provided by that network & he tells them to kiss his lovely Aussie behind and gets his Australian agents to intercede to get him free of that network for good….

    1. Tish,

      Thank you for the tip about Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, I went to CNET and downloaded a copy. Had to be careful which button I clicked at CNET, one button is for the download, the top button has advertisers box around it and the same download icon. Yeeeesh. Glad you are up and running. Thanks for all the good information you have posted here (address and contacts).


  178. My goodness, Dyann, I am going to dub you my Comic Relief this morning…News Headline: “Unhinged Madam Dances Wildly in Front of Her Sliding Glass Doors”…Update: “Authorities Were Summoned to a Rural OR Community to Subdue a Local Female Resident Who Was Still Chanting Moonlight, Moonlight, Moonlight”….

  179. I just got a pop up news from Dyann that has me laughing…Donald Duck & Daisy have Sex… so I wanted you all to know this & if this can happen after many decades we can get to complete our Moonlight love of Beth/Mick getting into that groove on the big screen, not just in Dyann’s fanfics… So begin writing or, if you already have sent letters, send again…not overly submerge these PTB, but keep them alert that we are not giving up…

  180. Wow, I think I am caught up with my thread now…can’t tell you how much you missed you guys, hmmm, sorry, ladies & perhaps, gents…

    Welcome to our new poster, SnowFire337, I do hope I will see some more input from you here at this Moonlight Movie Crusade thread… But I do hope you will also take the addresses, including some new ones posted in the newer comments & write to all TPTB to help secure us that ML movie asap…

    And my friend, moonlightfan4ever, glad to see your posts here, but what about some recent comments? Always love your input, as you well know…

    Now folks, get those letters out in the snailmail while I do some more research to aid our goal…as is being done by all I see, plus Silverchex & Dyann…

    Now before this thread runs too smoothly in my absence I want you all to know I am back cause I believe in vampires & Moonlight & will see this through to the end, a successful end…

    1. · Edit

      Hey Tish……………………


      Yes, I do need a doctor!!!!! His eyes do all the talking………..mmmmmmmmmm
      the way he puts his lips together as he is thinking……….should I or should’nt I follow her upstairs.
      Then the look of ………………..oh, what the heck. And that left eyebrow sure gets lots of attention. And how cute when he looks up over his sunglasses in one scene. This man has one of a kind expressions………………….know wonder we LOVE him!!! ” WOULD’NT YOU ”


    And hey Jason is now free as his show did not get picked up, Sophia is free………
    IT’S GONNA HAPPEN GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. I’m doing a happy dance as well. Wooo Hoooo!

  182. YIPPEE, Yeah!!!!! Best News I Have Read In A Very Long Time, Silverchex, especially the Alex still interested in a ML movie part…

    In the famous words of Meg Ryan as Sally in “When Harry Met Sally”… “YES! YES! YES!”…

    Okay folks, now what are we waiting for…I am going to also check out Werkman’s adress & post it for all to begin writing to him as well…and do go over to the link that Silverchex posted…

    And, Roth, is the Chief Exec of TV at WB, perhaps we can enlongate this back into a different network & pick up the ML series eventually back onto TV if all else works & some other fails…I am also going over to WB today for more research on whom is also in charge of movies…But di write as recommended to Roth…He was the man back in the former campaign day & now he may forward to those of importance…

    With more and more ML movie talk happening between TPTB, I feel our letters will not be sent in vain…

    1. I thought this would be happy news! Every time Alex has done an interview and Moonlight was brought up I could hear the longing in his voice. He LOVED playing the role of MSJ. Hey we could see it in every line, every expression. He fit the character to a tee! Now he’s getting stronger in voicing that he wants to do it and he will work his schedule around it somehow. He made that clear to Harry. So keep pushing. I’m glad you’re back Tish! I will try to get here when I can but I spend most of my time looking for stories like this. Something to keep our hope alive! Have a nice day ladies!

  183. Ok, here’s some hope to fuel our fire…. From SciFi Wire. I’ll post the link in a seperate post so you will see this right away. Anytime there is a link posted this board automatically makes us wait for moderation for our protection…

    Could a movie version of the vampire TV show Moonlight rise from the dead?

    The recent vampire craze born of Twilight and True Blood came a bit too late to save CBS’ Moonlight: The vampire detective series was canceled after one season. But it won a Saturn Award for best series on DVD last week, and executive producer Harry Werksman offered fans some hope that a Moonlight movie could offer some closure.

    “Well, we were setting up in the end of our first season that there was a coming war,” Werksman said in an exclusive interview at the awards ceremony in Burbank, Calif. “There was the family from which Coraline came, and it was a royal bloodline of vampires that Mick had been brought into, very much unwanted on his part. I think what we were going to try and do is to have the movie encapsulate the entire second season of the coming war.”

    The series chronicled the casework of detective Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin), who could solve crimes committed by vampires. He was dealing with his own issues with an ex, Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), who turned him without his consent, and a 400-year-old vamp (Jason Dohring), who butted in with underworld politics.

    Of course, a movie would require the entire cast to return, and after the show’s cancellation, they all booked new gigs. “You know, unfortunately, I think that everyone has kind of moved on,” Werksman said.

    One medium that does not need actors, however, is comic books. “No, they don’t need actors,” Werksman said. “We could always do comic books, graphic novels, that’s true.”

    A movie is not out of the question, though, because lead actor O’Loughlin has told Werksman he’s still interested. “I know I talked to Alex just a couple weeks ago, after Three Rivers got picked up, and I was congratulating him,” he said. “He’s like, ‘When are we going to do the movie?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, man. Any time you’re ready.'”

    Moonlight: The Complete Series is available on DVD; reruns currently air on SCI FI Channel Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

    Alex is still on board. I felt that there was still a longing to play the role of Mick St. John again. Its still there… Yipppeeee!

  184. I know that Silverchex posted a new fan mail address for Alex, but for now until I ascertain further from Freedman’s office if they are still accepting mail for Alex… please refrain from mailing any letters to the new Alex fan mail address…

    In the meantime, please continue using the Andrew Freedman address above in this Thread’s main topic body I wrote found at the beginning of each new page… I will contact them this week to see what gives… I do know that a personal manager is quite different than an agent…agents get bookings for the actor…personal managers take care of all things for the actor but bookings…

    1. Well I woudl think it would be best to send to the Andrew Freeman addy as it is susposed to go straight to Alex without being opened.

  185. Hi Laura,

    I just wanted to be assured that all hwo post here do get this info that silverchex also sent to me personally when my computer was down… I saw no comments pertaining to it after Silverchex posts…she & Dyann were both handling this thread in my absence & both have done fine… I know Silverchex from our former 2nd season ML campaign, so I do know she has some contacts through that, so I trusted she would do the reference work for us all, if need be… And Dyann, God bless her wit & all that is this fine lady who I also met at that former campaign time on the CBS Boards, if memory serves correctly…

    DO NOT SEND ANYTHING, YET, via emails to Roth & Magnuson…Imperitive must be sent to addresses i gave as I recommended as this is their work places…We all wrote to Roth during the 2nd season campaign but I will find out more about who Magnuson is… And I will also ascertain the correct address for Trevor Munson…Moonlight Scripts would not be same without his and Ron Koslow’s input…do we not all think?

      We are just all glad you are back.
      Actually Tish I met you at a site called Adoring Alex or something, I’m not sure if they are still a going concern. Anyway you posted something and I knew you were an older lady from it, as as I was no spirng chicken either I MESSAGED you which was something we can do on most Forums, and you messaged me back and I gave you my email AND THE REST IS HISTORY!!!!!
      Tish is my MOONLIGHT sister!
      She dragged me over here—hahahahaha! But I’m glad she did!
      Tish before I forget when you email SilverChex give her my email in case of another EVENT like the computer virus so she could contact me off the blog if we needed to discuss business or whatever!

  186. Hey Dyann
    Thanx I got the pictures, it helped loads.
    Thank you for posting them up for me, I had been looking for them everywhere & couldn’t find them. 🙂
    I managed to find a designer that will make it for me.
    Thanks Again! 🙂

    1. DARK POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Lord only knows what I had to go throught!
      At least all that work I went to FINELY paid off!!!
      You wil NEVER know what I went through–seem like World War III! Maybe you can figure out that from the crazed posts!

  187. Okay Everyone, I am not having computer problems again nor have I lost it by reposting similar comments about whom to write to at Warner Bros… in fact I was being told my orignial was waiting for modification several times as I posted so decided to break the message down for all…



  188. Sharan Magnuson
    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91522
    (818) 954-1744
    (818) 954-6000

  189. Below is whom to write to at WB…

    Harry and Gabrielle were the final showrunners/writers for Moonlight in case anyone doesn’t know. I also heard this same story just not in this much detail awhile back.

    Peter Roth
    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91522
    (818) 954-1744
    (818) 954-6000

    Also address a similar letter to Sharan Magnuson at same WB address…

    Remember, snailmail posted at P.O. gets more attention than emails as emails can & do get deleted…

    WB needs to be targeted again just like they were when we wanted the DVD. They have the final say! I think keep writing JS but WB should be the target right now. They own Moonlight and have the power to get in on the screen as well as JS… Also Alex has a new agent and management



    June 27, 2009






  191. Again I am posting the message received from Trevor Munson’s MySpace Page as to whom owns the RIghts to Moonlight…


    June 27, 2009






    Harry and Gabrielle were the final showrunners/writers for Moonlight in case anyone doesn’t know. I also heard this same story just not in this much detail awhile back.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91522
    (818) 954-1744
    (818) 954-6000

    WB needs to be targeted again just like they were when we wanted the DVD. They have the final say! I think keep writing JS but WB should be the target right now. They own Moonlight and have the power to get in on the screen as well as JS… Also Alex has a new agent and management

  192. Oops, So excited about the new newa of another link closer to getting a Moonlight Movie, I forgot to mention my gratitude to Dyann & Silverchex for their help in my absence


      Well it might take you an hour or two to catch up with everything on here!
      BUT AT LEAST YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!
      I’m already writing letters to them when I leave here—actually I was busy and didn’t really focus on it this morning—SilverChex and I were lost in MODERATION for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So only saw it this morning on my way out of the house!

  193. Hi Everyone,

    It’s nice to be back online again…Got ambushed by more than one computer virus & crashed…I am also now using Mozilla FIrefox for a browser as recommended by my computer repairman who has been doing this for 2 decades…TOld me that any Internet Explorer program is a carrier as well as a dust mop collecting viruses everywhere/ over 300 was my count…so be careful online

    I intend to read everything you commented since my absence as soon as I post this… I did, however note as I briefly scrolled this page that our Silverchex gave us EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION… I am wondering if any of you noticed her large comment above… Please recheck it for yourselves… and please pay heed to it and begin writing to the parties mentioned above; PETER ROTH & SHARAN MAGNUSON…Individual letters posted to them please and sent as I recommended to send to Joel Silver… CERTIFIED//RESTRICTED DELIVERY//RETURN RECEIPT… Know it seems a bit costly, but the first letters to these 2 individuals at WB is Extremely Important ones so must be assured receieved only by them or someone who they assigned to sign for their mail…

    I think it is simpler if I just recopy Silverchex info she received from a friend on Trevor Munson’s MySpace Page… We all recall this very sweet man, and Moonlight writer, do we not? Trevor, though many may not recall, was the reason for our Moonlight Blood & Bone Marrow Drives… Well not him personally. but do to his mother, who has Leukemia… I am going over to my own MySpace Page today & get in contact with Trevor myself, if he will accept the friendship from one of the original Moonlight 2nd Season Campaign fighters (the ones, who like myself, are still fighting for more Moonlight, this time in movie form)…


    I also feel we still need to keep in constant contact with Joel & all of the Moonlight actors agents…

    1. Tish,

      Mozilla Firefox has an updated version 3.5. Just wanted to let you know. You can update your version by going to “Help” and “Update.”

  194. If the list that Talbot had some Vampires on it, they would all take the “Mortal Cure” to then escape persecution. If Talbot, as Silverchex has written here, was going to be a werewolf, that would have been interesting. I didn’t see that coming.
    Thanks Silverchex for letting us know that Alex has changed representation. I guess I better get my birthday card ready for both Joel and Alex. 🙂

  195. I purchased a back-up copy of Moonlight DVD today with my Best Buy Reward credit. Two of my kids just look at me and shake their heads. It’s a very important item, and now I have a back-up in case I ruin my original set from over watching.

    Good to have you back. I have a question for you. You said to write to the WB, I’ll do that later if I ever can tear myself away from this site. Also, you mention Peter Roth and Sharan Magnuson. All that is on Silverchx e-mails are websites. Do we contact them there? Or do you have an actual address for us to write. I haven’t gone on those two sites yet. For all I know there are addresses there. I just wondered if you knew. Talk to you later.

  196. Sandra,

    It’s so sad when Mick is outside her apartment. The whole time Beth is telling Mick she doesn’t think they could be together anymore I kept thinking about what Josef said to Mick in “Fated to Pretend” and then when Beth tells him on their rooftop date. Mick is not afraid of Beth getting hurt, he is afraid of getting hurt. I kept thinking he finally decided to go for it, and here he was getting hurt after he put himself out there. He looked like he was crying. I couldn’t take it. That’s why I am not a fan of “Sonata’. We waited all season for them to get together, and then they spend the whole episode at odds. I know there was that great scene at the end, but oh my God, how short was that!! I needed more. The kiss in “Fated to Pretend” was much better. Have a good afternoon.

    1. Well you know that last 5 minutes of SONATA we had waited so long for–but remember it could have been worse, what if the stupid writers had left it with Mick walking out that door and then it got canceled!
      ANYWAY…..That is exactly why I originally wrote the short story AFTER SONATA to follow it a bit further–then everyone went crazy over it and kept insisting I HAD to write MORE of the MOONLIGHT STORY—and as they say the rest is history….!

  197. Terry,
    Thanks for your compliments. I don’t remember exactly where I got the list of songs, but I can tell you where to go to find the exact list. First search for “Moonlight”. Then scroll down until you come to For me, it was moved to the second page. I am not sure if you have to register or not. If you do, it doesn’t cost anything. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where there are different topics of disucssions. There is a topic called Moonlight Episode 1-16 music. Print out the list and then to to I tried to get them from limewire, but they are not available. They cost me .99 cents each. You have an opportunity to click on it to hear the song first before you buy it. You have to creat an account with itunes. No biggie. I have most of the songs. I would love to write to whoeve was in charge of picking the music for the series, because it is fantastic. It really fits. I wanted the song from 12:04 AM “Dark as Love” by Luscious Redhead (Melisssa Ritter), but its not available and the group doesn’t even have a website. It’s the song when Beth first goes into Mick’s office and picks up his shirt and smells it. It’s beautiful. Do you want to know how “funny” I am. I also purchased four episodes and when I am at work (I am a cook in a school) sometimes instead of listening to music I click on an episode and listen while I work. When a teacher comes in to ask me a question or wants me to make them something, I tell them they are cutting into my Moonlight time. Also, I just got a $25 reward zone credit from Best Buy, I might just have to go and buy another copy of Moonlight as a backup incase I ruin mine. Now tell me, Terry, don’t I need to get a life? Good luck searching for the songs. I also burned a cd and listen to them in my car–PATHETIC

  198. Well Siverchex, I see you got MODERATED and your post is now up
    NO I do not think MOONLIGHT needed werewolves or other creatures of the night to TRASH it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway back to the MODERATION thing, apparently MY post is not going to get put up because I got email today from Tiffany as follows:
    Dyann, I am going to have to ask you to refrain from posting links in an attempt to get MY site visitors to leave my site and go to yours. I have allowed the fan fiction links but now inviting people to go over to your Alex forum is a bit much. That one thread has about a dozen links where you are trying to lure people away and it needs to stop.
    Tiffany – Owner of AOLO
    Here is what I was trying to post MINUS the links–
    Okay DARK POISON–I did find 2 in my files, but one is only of the top of the dress–it looks to me like a satin slip (dress), probably a stretch satin. Your best bet is to look someplace like VICTORIAS SECRET. Maybe even FREDERICKS OF HOLLYWOOD. BOTH SHOULD BE ONLINE, AND PROBABLY HAVE PRINT CATALOGS AS WELL.
    Depending on where you live you might check young and trendy stores like RAMPAGE—for something similar!
    Okay, I DID find 2 pix in my files and I have posted them at the DiscoverGerry Forum
    In any event you need to click on FORUM, when you get in there scroll down to FAN FICTION–but look to the left where it says WELCOME ALEX O FANS–Just click on that cause that’s the thread I posted the photos on! You just need to scroll all the way down to the bottom, and the posts are up by latest on the bottom!
    Hope it helps you, and good luck finding that dress!
    Me I’d buy a black satin slip, get it fitted, and ware that–
    hey it worked for Madonna!
    (Don’t forget to check the GOODWILL, I find amazing stuff cheap there!

    1. I told Tiffany to go over and check out DiscoverGerry and she’d probably be less upset about what was going on there
      1. It’s a website for Gerard Butler and we are not over there discussing Alex, that
      people are only going over to read the story, and I put the pix up there to help
      out DARK POISON, as I could not put them on here-tho I would have happily
      done that were it possible
      2. It’s not “MY” forum it belongs to Mischa AND she posed a link to AOLOL on
      the first page of the Forum because she is also a MOONLIGHT fan.
      3.. That it is not my intention to LURE anyone anywhere–except over here to help with the MOONLIGHT CRUSADE!


    2. Dyann, no one has been moderated by me so don’t perpetuate unthruths. Any post with more than two outside links automatically gets held for moderation by the spam checker. If this wasn’t the case then you all would have to read posts by porn people and diet pill companies. When the messages were posted I was in bed… not deviously moderating people. When I got up and saw all of YOUR complaints then I logged in an approved the posts I needed to approve. Thank you Silverchex for your patience. The info was very interesting.

      1. Well thanks for that POST–I didn’t know about the rules, and it all seemed a tad Over The Top to me when I first got up and barely had my eyes open just having the first sip of coffee and your email was top of my ebox!

  199. True Dyann.
    I got my fix yesterday, and like an addict hankering after the next chapter before you’ve even put thought to paper, and certainly not fingers to keys LOL.

    Yes. in my thoughts of the New York business, I would have stayed with Mr Hot pants vampire anyday. So, yes men writers. LOL
    But then they were saving it all for that beautiful scene in Sonata, watched it again this morning, no school end of semester 1 (I’m a T.A.) Tears welled up when he’d got his head against the wall saying I’ve waited 55 years or whatever, not going to give up on Beth. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

      But typing it is not happening yet—have to take my car to the shop tomorrow, like always something! Anyway this one is pretty well planned out, a few things to yet decide on, but should go pretty fast once I get time to get started on it. But again I have to warn you—the chapters are getting toward the end of the big “season finale” and you ARE going to be left hanging a bit—so I guess after that you’ll just have to keep rereading everything!
      As for the comments—I should tell you they are what keeps me hot to keep writeing, so remember that! I like to know what everyone thinks, what parts they liked the best etc. You can always email me at my addy rather than put it all up here for everyone to see!
      I see me and Silverchex are still waiting for MODERATION—very annoying as I deffinately want to know what the big MOONLIGHT NEWS is!
      Anybody know how long this Moderation thing usually takes???

  200. I posted about what I found out but its awaiting moderation. I hope it gets on here soon. Its very interesting about Moonlight…

      Looks like you and I are in the dungeon together!
      I mean my message, that link has been up like 10 times already!
      As for your news I am on pins and needles, and can’t imagine unless you added a link what you’re waiting moderation about!

  201. Harry and Gabrielle were the final showrunners/writers for Moonlight in case anyone doesn’t know. I also heard this same story just not in this much detail awhile back.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    4000 Warner Boulevard
    Burbank, California 91522
    (818) 954-1744
    (818) 954-6000

    June 27, 2009






    WB needs to be targeted again just like they were when we wanted the DVD. They have the final say! I think keep writing JS but WB should be the target right now. They own Moonlight and have the power to get in on the screen as well as JS… Also Alex has a new agent and management…

    Alex’s new agent is John Burnham at ICM in Los Angeles.

    Fan mail and packages should go to the THREE RIVERS’ production office:

    Paramount Studios
    5555 Melrose Ave
    Cooper Building Ste 205
    Hollywood, CA 90038

    And I think SciFi will continue to air Moonlight but we might not see it for a few months. They continue to air their shows in marathons that are popular. I think it will show up again….

    1. Will deffinately be adding Peter and Sharan to list to contact=what could it hurt!
      Also you say Alex has NEW agaent John Burnham at ICM–we’ve got a ICM addy above so assume we just change the name to John instead of Chris?


  202. I’ve got a post to DARK POISON showing on my page but says it’s waiting for MODERATION–so don’t know if it’s showing for everyone else!
    Probably because I put the link to Gerry Forum up–altho I did this before and never got that message!

    1. Good to see you on, and VERY interested in your NEWS—however the “NEXT POST” doesn’t seem to be there—PROBABLY AWAITING MODERATION!

  203. Hi Ladies,
    I see that Tish has been asking about me. I miss her and I hope she gets back soon! Anyway I am still here but am working, working, working! When I get a spare moment I’m trying to catch up with all of my mail and all the messages I receive everyday at the different sites I go to. I’m also trying to keep up on the info about our endeavor…

    Last summer we at the CBS board wrote, wrote, wrote to WB for a Moonlight DVD. They said they were not going to release one for Moonlight. We kept writing. We finally started hearing from them and they said they were looking into it. Finally in September of 2008 we got the word WB was releasing the DVD. Now it has won a Saturn Award! Yipppeee! Ok here is what I’ve found out. I sent an email to Tish but still no puter so I decided to share it with you… This is from a friend of mine who has been involved with Moonlight since the beginning and also went to the Moonlight Con last summer after the cancellation of Moonlight. She is also in touch with Trevor Munson Creator of Moonlight. T is a nice guy. He talks to us at MySpace… Any way here is what I found out… I will put it in the next post so as not to make one toooo long….

  204. Dyann,

    So, I was watching t.v. (at the moment not Moonlight), when I saw a movie promo for your guy, Gerry. It was with Kathryn Heigel. It looks like a romantic comedy. My favorite kind of movie. Also, there was an actor that looked familiar. It looks like Eric Winter a.k.a. Ben Talbot. It was hard to tell because it was quick and he was clean shaven. It looked really good. I was on a website the other night and got directed to another web site, and I ended up at Variety. I emailed them if they knew anything about a Moonlight movie. Instead of saying the same speech the other sites say about not being able to respond to everyone and thank you, they said they would get back to me in a few days. I just got an email from someone named, Sarah and she said she forwarded my question over to the appropriate person and I would get an answer in a few days. Fingers crossed. Wouldn’t it be great to actually hear the gossip directly from Hollywood?

    1. YES! It’s a comedy and comes out in July–can’t wait to see it, as it looks quite funny!
      Hope to hear some news from your contact!
      I know you’ll let us know!

    She phoned me this morning.
    For one thing she said she HOPES to have her computer up and running again tomorrow!
    She asked about SILVERCHEX and I said she hasn’t been on the last few days and she was hoping she didn’t give you her computer virus! 🙁

    Also I got an Email from Mischa…..those of you who are reading the story know that name!
    Anyway she said “I love, love, LOVED the Mischa/Josef love story”–which is quite a compliment because she’s the Administrator of the Fan site for Gerard Butler! hahaha!

  206. Well DARK POISON, we are talking about a dress that is over a year old–and the way fashion flashes I’d say the chances of finding it now are pretty slim. That’s assuming it was “off the rack” to start with.
    You’re best bet is to look for a SIMILAR dress, and if you need it tighter take it to a place that does alterations.
    Of course you would do best with a photo of it. Which should not be hard to come up with, as I’m sure I’ve seen pix of her in it on the net in my travels. Since you specificly need the dress Beth is wareing maybe check out some Sophia Myles fan sites, or even general Moonlight ones. Then you can just copy them to your computer and print.
    TELL YOU WHAT—I’LL GO SEE IF I HAVE ONE IN MY FILES AND IF I DO I’LL GET BACK TO YOU. I could post it over at DiscoverGerry .net and you could head over there! I’t’s the only place I can post photos-as we can’t do it here!
    You also could have someone use a IMAGE CAPTURE on the dvd photo–many people have that on their computers if you have the dvd!

  207. Can anybody please tell me what the name of the dress that Beth wears to Mick’s apartment after taking the Black Crystal is???
    I have been looking everywhere for it or even pictures of it and can’t seem to find any???

    1. DARK POISON–seem my comment below–my answer to you is “awaiting Moderation’-=BUT I DID FIND SOME PIX AND POSTED THEM–just read the other comment below SILVERCHEX ones and you’ll get the just of it.
      It sorta made me mad cause I hurried to do it in case you came back, and now it’s not showing! I had to go to PHOTOBUCKET and upload the pix, and then go to DISCOVERGERRY and add the code so the pix would show on the Forum–so I really went out for you, and now here we sit MODERATING! Phooie!

      1. The post below this one is what I wrote originally—IF YOU’RE DIZZY AFTER ALL THIS ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS I’M DIZZY TOO!

  208. Trivia: Coralene introduced Mick and Josef. She says she remembers introducing them while she is in bed uin the hospital.
    The back of the picture of Mick at her party with him holding the guitar says “1952”
    The age group is 18 to 34.


  209. Read Vampire’s daughter 6 thanks Dyann, great.
    Now date on photo 1952
    Sure Coraline introduced Mick and Josef, when she;s in Hospital after being staked by Beth. Mick tells her Josef is dead. The conversation is like didn;t think Mick was good enough to be a vampire,and Mick thought Josef a pompous ass.
    The age group thingy will have to check up but I think she was refeering to her own ago group, but will get back to you on that one. I think that ws probably eps 2 when she checking up all about vamps or even later on when checking up about french courteseans and Fleur de Lys.

    1. I was starting to worry aobut you Sandra! You always email me right away with the story and you didn’t, and were not on here either–but you’re back again–so all is well—glad you enjoyed the storyline again!
      Yes it was a date and 1952 is correct!
      And yes it was Coraline who introduced the soon to become best friends altho at first Mick thought he was a pompous ass! ha! You girls know you’re MOONLIGHT stuff!

  210. Barbara
    I think on that occasion it was guilty conscious. Beth had promised she was going to New York, and I think her reporters mind wanted to know what Josef was up to.
    I think at that point in time her feelings for Mick are geting stronger than her ones for Josh. But Mick keps telling her it couldn’t work. Also at that moment in time Mick’s not really shown her his feelings for her. I think she knows he cares for her, but how like a friend, sort of daughter.
    I think she sees feels Mick’s change at the moment, but remorse for Josh and her relatinship with him need soring out . I think she is torn between the two.

    My slant on the topic

  211. Dyann,

    Do you ever wonder if the writer’s strike never happened, besides getting those additional five episodes, that the show would have had a decent season and possible been returned for a second season? Damm that strike!!!! It ruined so many good shows. I think everyone should have gotten a free pass last year because of that strike. Nothing should have been canceled. Shoulda, woulda, coulda right? I still want a movie too. I know none of us know eachother personally, but I am not a dreamer. My mom, brother and sister live in fantasyland, and I have me feet down on the ground in reality. I am a nononsense kind of person that never lies and believes in always telling the truth, but Moonlight has grabbed on to me in a way that no show ever has in my entire 44 years of life (It even surpasses Star Wars for me and that’s saying a lot), but I just can’t help but dream of the day that a movie is made and someone sees how beloved it is an bring it back to primetime. I think it needs the fair shot it never got from CBS. The cast of characters has such a chemistry that I don’t think I have ever seen on any television show. The chemistry between Mick and Beth is incredible. I know we have all said the same thing, but I don’t know what it is about the show that I just love it so much and miss it so much. Everyone site about Alex or Moonlight everyone says the same thing, how great it was and CBS sucks for canceling it. Where are all the powers that be? Can’t they see a good thing when it was right in front of them? Well, let me get off my soapbox and fold some laundry. Talk to you later.

    1. I really thought that the writers strike would have made CBS give MOONLIGHT that extra chance for the next season. How dumb can one network be?
      Well I feel for you Laura–if I ever doubted how much it’s missed the fact of people RUNNING over to read my story has convinced me it’s not just me! I put up the notice last night and one hour later (just for the heck of it) ran over and checked and 5 people had already ran directly over to read it–I’m sure they got the email from here about the post, like most of us do, and just made tracks over there!
      People are so desperate for NEW MOONLIGHT it’s like a drug–they just can’t get enough!

  212. I always keep forgetting to write down all my thoughts, and always have to keep adding, sorry for that.

    It always breaks my heart when Mick asks Beth to stay with him and go out to a club and she turns him down. When he is standing outside the cab and puts his hand up on the window, and Beth puts hers up to him, it just about kills me. I actually purchased almost all the songs from ITunes from the series, and when the song that is played at that part comes on, I have to fast forward to the next one, because it just breaks my heart how she didn’t stay. Wouldn’t it have been great if as the cab was pulling away, Beth yells to the driver to stop and she runs after Mick and they hug and kiss. I really need to get a life lol.

    1. · Edit

      Hi Laura,

      You are so funny!!! I think we all need to get a life………………. but then we would not have this much fun. : ) Can you give me the website to purchase all the songs. I would love to have them also.


  213. Barbara S.,

    I agree with you. Why didn’t Beth stay with Mick in New York. He seemed like he really was open to a relationship with her. I don’t know why she runs back to Josh, she obviously loves Mick. I never understood why she just didn’t break up with Josh. She wasn’t getting along with him since she met Mick. Maybe, just maybe, Mick would have been willing to start things up with her if she wasn’t attached to her boyfriend. But, I guess that’s what kept us tuning in week after week–the sexual tension. Don’t you wish there was a suggestion box where we could comment on what we would have like to see each week?

    1. I can tell you I was SOOOOO MAD at Beth when she didn’t stay with Mick in New York and ran back to Josh–I mean what could have a few more hours mattered, Mick suggested a later flight?
      Actually MY take on it, is the writers were male and they thought they were adding intregue into the show. FEMALES would know that Beth would have stayed in New York with Mr Hot Pants Vampire! Expecially as she wasn’t exactly getting on that well with Josh at that point anyway!

  214. SINCE EVERYONE IS SO GOOD WITH THE TRIVIA QUESTIONS–and also since it’s been a bit dull over the weekend I’m putting up several today!


    1. How did Josef and Mick first meet?

    2. When Beth is going through “Morgan’s” apartment she finds an old photo of Mick, she turns it over–what is written on the back of the photo?

    3. Beths Boss tells her that there is a age group of women who watch BUZZWIRE that find Beth HARSH—-what is that age group?

  215. Dyann,

    Yes they did finish the season stories. Then they went right to number 2, number 3 and my favorite number 4. Why would Sci-Fi buy the rights to Moonlight and then only show it for a few months? I know there is only 16 episodes (thanks to that bitch NT), but I could watch them again and again and NEVER get bored. It’s getting like Star Wars for me, I could watch it and recite it word for word. I hope they put it back on somewhere else. Also, do you know how the other day I said the WB has put back on 90210 and in the fall Melrose Place? Well, just this morning I saw an ad (I think also for the WB) there is a new series in the fall “10 Things I Hate About You”. That was a movie I can’t even remember how long ago. My point being, maybe Moonlight will come back to primetime. I know I am a pain in the ass about this, but that is my deepest wish. If they can bring these shows back after so long, it’s possible after the popularity of a movie they might. Alex is the only cast member in a new show, and let’s not start that whole debate again over how long it will last. I am tired of getting yelled at about it. Maybe they can start out with it as a mid-season replacement or during the summer when Alex is off from his other show. Who knows. I can dream can’t I. Talk to you later.

    1. Well, you never know, as they say! But a comeback of the series seems less likely than a MOVIE, so I’m concentrateing on a movie!
      I know what you mean tho–I watch my DVD of the same episodes over and over, and tho I love them I just wish there were MORE! It just wasn’t enough! I just keep thinking it it had not been for that writers strike we could have at least had a few MORE to treasure…..but what are you gonna do!
      As for Bitchie Witchie—-well she just better not cross the street in front of my car is all I’m saying! vroooom vroooooom……………………!!!!!!

  216. DAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRE #6 –I have just put it up at
    ENJOY—amoung other subjects this one gets into Josefs and Mischas sex life! 🙂 !

  217. I just read some sad news. I was on a website (I don’t recall which) and someone said that the Sci-Fi network just ran their final episode of Moonlight Friday night. That’s so unfair. I looked forward to my Friday nights of Moonlight. It just doesn’t get a break. Well goodnight everyone.

    1. Did they finish the seasons stories?
      I hope they didn’t leave people not having seen SONATA!!!!

  218. Laura,
    Just a thought yes it is there 1st going out date. Like Beth says the rooftop one is not how Beth thought there date would be, beacuse of their human/vampire thing that they are back to.
    Mick confides with Josef in Sonata when they are talking about SImone might/might not be interested in not being human anymore, that they’ve bo got commitment issues.

    In Click they say something like well we are now dating, how we going to go about it. Mick says get to know each other, Beth comments they already know each other. Also in Click he comments to Tyranny Taylor “he thinks they are dating, but it’s complicated”
    Also in “Fated to Pretend” at the very end, Beth comments that’s it’s not him being a vampire that is keeping them apart. SHe knows he’s still got issues. He tells her to give him time/ To which she sort of replies, he’s got forever she hasn’t, so don’t leave it too long. He’s told her heaps pf times theire relationship is neither human or normal.
    You see the pain in her face when they talk about his relationship with Coraline, also with Lilla (Ray’s wife).
    So I think she is unsure of their relationship. He doesn’t want to jump into bed with her, much to her exasperation. Twice he’s sort of spurned her. The once when on BC which is understandable, because ir was the drug talking (gentleman again). The other time in Click, when he leaves her downstairs to go sleep in his freezer. My thoughts.

  219. Sandra,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I also remember when Mick was commenting to Josef about his commitment issues, and I was a little confused about that. I guess I am just a hopeless romantic that always wants a happy ending. I thought he loved Beth so much, I didn’t realize he had commitment issues with her. I guess he was just burned by Coraline. I wasn’t too crazy about Sonata, except for when he told her he loved her. I felt in that storyline they were drifitng apart, and when she broke up with him, I wanted to die. But, of course, except for it being the final episode, it ended happy. Have a great night.

  220. Okay, I have another Mick/Beth question. In the restaurant scene, Mick looks totally uncomfortable with Beth. Actually, the both of them seem strained. Why do you think? If they love eachother so much and always had natural chemistry with eachother why do they look like they don’t know what to say to eachother and how to act with eachother. I was thinking that it’s their first official date and first dates are akward. I know at the end of “Fated to Pretend” they have a date on the roof, but after Mick became a vampire again he really was pulling away. Also, with regards to Mick walking on the beach with his shirt open (fantastic) and buttoning up for Beth, I agree he is really old fashioned. Like in “Something Left Behind” when he tells Joseph that the kidnapped boy might be his grandson, Joseph tells him it might be his last contribution to his gene pool. He mentions Mick and Beth getting together Beth walks in. Mick is totally embarassed. It’s only natural for a dating couple to be together, but Mick is so embarassed because he is old fashioned. It’s cute to see his embarassed look. Beth seems so comfortable with it though. Just a thought of mine.

    1. Well we have to remember Mick is a child of the “post victorian era”. That’s what I call it. The years before the sexual revolution of the sixties. Everything was locked up, buttoned up and not talked about at that time so that’s where his head is. But Beth is a child of the eighties so she is definitely not uptight about sexual images or subjects. Can anyone explain to me what would have been the harm in Beth delaying her trip back to LA for a few hours when she and Mick went to New York to check on Josef? He was open to her that night. He felt so good and positive he wanted to show her by taking her out but she refused. Why was she so concerned about Josh then? She knew how he felt before she left and she really didnt need to go to New York with Mick. She could have stayed in LA and consoled Josh. I was very upset with her for that. Unless someone can give me a really good reason to forgive her for leaving him alone in New York I never will.

  221. marye
    No idea Unless the draining of blood and filling then full of silver changed their metabolism or something. But you are right they were charred but whoe when Mick took then in the tote bag.
    Just check on the necklace, yes definetely the same one in the little black red stapped dress Beth went to club Valace or howeve you spell it. At first I was thinking about the other little black number she turned up in at Mick/s place the shower scene

  222. Yes, B.C. was the correct answer. Beth wore the necklace when she met Mick at Club Valace.

  223. I have a question that has been bothering me. If vampires are supposed to turn to ash when they die, like Diane Apple in the hotel fire, and like Josefs two friends at the poker game, why didn’t the burned, drained vampire turn to ash when Mick brought him to Terrance at the morgue? He was still whole, and Terrance even stuck a needle in him. Mick had to touch him to put him into the tote bag. Any thoughts?

  224. In answer to my question 8.30 am music was saying Get up, get out, get out and lift your head. Comoe on, come on get out of bed.
    Dyann Anraham Lincoln New York
    Red choker Necklace have to check that one up, I thought perhpas Sonata at the function, but read BC in little black dress by Marye. So will take your word for it

  225. Beth is wearing that same necklace in BC when she meets Mick at club Valas

  226. Josef met Coralene in New York. Lincoln was president

    1. EXCELLENT–and that is totally correct!

  227. Josef et Coralene in New York. Lincoln was president

  228. I don’t know if anyone can give a trivia question, so I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes: At the end of “Click” when Mick and Beth are in the resaurant, Beth is wearing a choker necklase with red dangling stones. My trivia question is: What other episode is Beth wearing that exact necklace?

    1. YES Laura, anyone can ask a TRIVIA question!
      Thanks for throwing that out!
      I will have to go check out that necklace, I LOVE jewelry so am surprised I don’t remember it!

  229. Sandra, I agree with you about True Blood, it’s too raunchy. I watch it don’t get me wrong, but it has nothing on Moonlight. Moonlight has such a nice romance/love story to it. I was shocked to see Sookie naked. I didn’t expect that. I am too embarassed to watch with my husband (of almost 24 yrs.). I dvr and watch Monday afternoons. It is too bloody too. And, I don’t like the storylines so far this year. Don’t know how much longer i will continue to watch. I really wish Moonlight would come back. What a big mistake to cancel (as we all have been saying–nothing new there). Just think we could have been heading into season three this fall. I am sure CBS realizes what a mistake they made. Also, how great that Moonlight won the Saturn Award? I mean the show was canceled over a year ago, and it was up against some popular shows. I can’t remember all the names I saw, but Heroes was and I thinks Lost (don’t quote me on Lost). I was worried because Heroes is still on and hugely popular. That’s saying something for our Moonlight. I hope the powers that be know that they won this award. When my friend typed her Joel Silver letter, she put in about the Saturn Award.

    1. That is a pattern for Moonlight fans I think, on this site at least. Moonlight was tame vampire action and that seemed to resonate with alot of people. While I love Moonlight I always thought it was too tame for the vampire genre… I kept waiting for it to heat up. I read vampire fiction with some seriously raunchy stuff.. I don’t bat an eye at crotch biting anymore. Moonlight definately filled a need for fans that may not like the raunchier stuff though. I like it all but prefer the harder core stuff.

      As far as Sookie being naked maybe it will help to know that Bill is her real life boyfriend too. I recently read an interview where he talked about how they get racier than normal cause this couple is willing to go that far since they are lovers for real. I thought that scene was hot and watched it with hubby and had a nice time afterwards. 😉 Hubby loves True Blood.

    When talking to Beth, Josef tells her the city he first met Corraline in, and who was President at the time.
    So the question of the day is what city, and who was President?

    1. I believe he met her in New York and the President was Lincoln. Not too sure of the city but definitely the president.

      1. Hi Barbara!
        You are correct about both!
        Thanks for answering the Trivia Question–I have more going up in just a few minutes!
        Hope you are joining our CRUSADE for a MOONLIGHT movie!
        We need all the letter writers we can get if it is to become a reality!

  231. Yes Mick is OLD FASHIONED, and that’s why we love him right?
    As for Beth, maybe she is unsure of herself a bit, not wanting to push to hard.
    Also Mick buttons up for her I think because he RESPECTS her. As you say, the gentleman!

  232. Not so sure why Beth didn’ have togs on, on the beach. But I think Terry’s got it right. Mick is old fasioned as both Coraline and Beth state. The age of chivalry, I think htat is why he buttoned up. Also perhpas Beth might think that Mick would not want too see too much exposed flesh on her.
    Like in Click much to Beth’s exasperation when he tells her she should stay the night with him. Then when she misunderstands, he is quick to tell her “not with me, with ‘me’!! “cause he would be upstairs in his freezer, if she wanted anything. I would say she definetely wanted something! somehting he wasn’t willing to give at that time. Commitment issues like he confesses to Jospeh in Sonata.

  233. Well done Terry
    You gave me the whole song, not just the bit heard when he wakes up, they fade out as yu hear Mick’s thoughts.

  234. You are all correct to the years–Josef is 400 somthing, and I like the way you worked out the “something” with the Black Death and all, and of course Mick would be a year older than he told Beth on the show!–I never you doubted you girls would GET IT!
    (The clock thing was a bit harder for sure!)
    If there are any Josef fans out there, that AlchemyGothic site I put up a couple days ago on here–they had a Plague Cross necklace, in fact I’m thinking they had several Black Plague jewelry named things–they have a lot of stuff so hard to remember!

    On another note, something you all can discuss that Tish brought up in our phone call, about the scene when Mick meets Beth on the beach. She was wonderng why Beth wasn’t wareing a swimsuit as all the other girls were–and Mick is walking around with his shirt open, but before joining Beth he buttons up a bit–any thoughts about that?

    1. · Edit

      I did think about that when I saw it too.

      Because he was and is such a gentleman. Remember…………in the days when he was turned things were alot different. He loved her and I believe he was still alittle shy around her.


  235. Hi Terry,
    Well perhaps I should rephrase that, what I should have said was what is the music saying at that time, it is very pertinent to the clock waking him up.

    1. · Edit

      Here it goes;……………………………….

      Get up, get out, get out, get out and lift your head
      Come on, come on, get up out of bed
      Today’s the day you hold the world with your song
      Go now, go now, go now, help escalate
      Angels come down, help with this parade
      To hear your voice ring out
      Come on and shout it
      Let your song be heard

      This is the time
      This is the day that we’ve been waiting for
      All the world will stop to watch you shine

      Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now sing your hymn
      This is the new national anthem
      We will all stand on guard to let you be heard
      Let go, let go, let go all the cannons
      How beautiful this world has become
      Now everyone will see what I believe
      That these words should be sung

      This is the time
      This is the day that we’ve been waiting for
      All the world will stop to watch you shine
      This is the time
      This is the day that we’ve been waiting for
      All the world believes that you will shine

      And if you fall
      And if you fall
      And if you trust then
      Yes it will come true

      Hey, hey

      This is the time
      This is the day that we’ve been waiting for
      All the world will stop to watch you shine
      This is the time
      This is the day that we’ve been waiting for
      When all the world will stop to watch you shine

  236. joseph was born in 1599. He says he was 4yr old in 1603 in Ringer when Mick askes him what he remembers from when he was 4yrs old. That makes him 416 yrs old now depending on his birth month.

  237. Well Mick tells Beth when she asks “I will be 85 this October” but of course he would be probably have turned 86 by now.
    Josef is at lest 400 years old, not sure if at any stage they say an exact year. “Cause Lola was at least 500 years old. Coraline was turned in the 17th century I think it was so she would also be 400. Josef mentions to Beth in his school days there was the Plague or Black Death as it was sometimes called that happen in 1665, so yes Josef is 400 somehting.

    Yep, love those stories Dyann. Will wait to get mine. Either later on in the day for me or Monday depending on time difference.

  238. You think that question is easy? Well without going and putting in the MOONLIGHT dvd’s I admitt I don’t have a clue–gosh you girls know EVERYTHING!
    Well I did come up with one TRIVIA QUESTION, but you girls are sooooo good that I’m sure you’ll have it answered in no time at all:

  239. Good on ya Dyann, looking forward to the next instalment of story.

    Okay, well I will help Tish and Dyann out.
    When Mick turns his alarm clock off what time is it? Also what does the alarm clock say? Real easy this one.

    1. You’re my biggerst fan Sandra!
      Unfortunately I’m afraid you’ll be DEVISTATED when we hit the SEASON FINALE of my story—It was a LONG wait between DRACULA MEETS MICK AND BETH, and DAUGHTER OF A VAMPIRE, and it is bound to be a LONG wait until the NEXT installment==especially as I’m writing myself into a corner and have NO idea where it’s going! HA! I always figure it out tho, but sometimes it takes awhile!

    2. · Edit

      Hi Sandra,

      Ok………the clock time is 8:30AM

      what does the clock say???

    3. · Edit


      time is 8:30AM and the clock say


  240. Hello girls (and maybe guies lurking out there!)
    Hope you’re all haveing a nice weekend.
    I’m susposed to have a TRIVIA question for you, per TISH’S orders, but the truth is I don’t.
    Anywone else who wants to post one is encouraged to do so!
    For those of you reading my stoires, I’s writing the next chapter, so busy with that–we’ll see how it goes but should be up by Monday at the latest, and I’ll let you all know soon as I post it on here as usual.
    Lets all try to think of ONE person more to ask about writing about MOONLIGHT, and finding some MEN would be good!
    And of course if you find ANYPLACE to mention our CRUSADE on here-be sure to do so–more people we get more chances we have of success!

  241. I watch True Blood on the internet (not on our TV over here) But Sookie and Bill have nothing on Mick & Beth. The torment and doubt, where Sookie and Bill get on the sheets very often, and he does “bite down” whilst doing it. But to me Mick & Beth are so much more sexier, with the snatched kisses and simmering sex that is wrapped around the two of them.
    Also with Eric episode 1 season 2 he shreddes a guy chained in the basement etc True Blood is much more violent. ALso I find their southern accents a little jarring at times, much prefer to listen to the accent of all actors on Moonlight.
    Just watch Fated to Pretend again that turning scene. and at the end the rooftop kiss ahhhhhhhhhhh, so much more sexual tension than any Sookie/Bill romp between the sheets.

    1. Don’t ahve HBO and not sure I’d watch it if I did—I saw a clip from it with the Southern Accents and just went “What the F…!” I mean it’s no MOONLIGHT and it just looked (and sounded) DUMB!

  242. I would do anything to bring Moonlight back. Get a loan and send it all to the movie cast to put it in production. Why cant they see the millions of people who want it back. Its like their BLIND! YOu know why? It was taken up by TrueBLood! Same story line. Hot vampire blond girl. They couldnt think of anything better so they copied it!

    1. Hi Snowfire–hope you’ll keep hanging around with us—you asked why they can’t see the milllions of people who want it back—WELL THEY CAN SEE MILLIONS OF LETTERS IN THEIR BOX!!! Keep writeing—just remember Paramount canaceled STAR TREK—we got that one back and it’s still going strong—so keep writing! Once they figure out there is money to be made they’ll get on the beam and make us our movie!

    2. · Edit

      Hot Vampire??? YUK!! Personally I do not see anything hot about him and I still do not understand all the hype about him. Can you imagaine……………..him better than Alex.

      No way…………no comparison. You think they would put someone better looking in that spot. You are right though……………….they could not think of anything better.

      Alex Solidarity……………….Rah…………………Rah………………….Rah

    3. SnowFire337, read up on what you speak. Nobody copied Moonlight… True Blood is from a popular series of books that go back years.

      1. Well actually it’s obvious that MOONLIGHT sorta copied TWILIGHT– (NOT THE MOVIE BUT THE BOOK WAS OUT) but then who the heck cares! They are DIFFERENT in many aspects, and as far as I’m concerned tho I loved the TWILIGHT books and the movie was good too, MOONLIGHT (AT LEAST FOR MY AGE GROUP is far superior than TWILIGHT anyway. What little I saw from a clip on some TV show of TRUE BLOOD didn’t impress me, and tho I’ll give CW’s VAMPIRE DIARIES a looksee in the fall, it’s certainly NEVER going to take the place of MOONLIGHT!

  243. natalie,
    Thanks for the info on The Shield. I only watched the parts with Alex in it. I fast forwarded the rest. Just had to see his face. Also, did anyone notice that his voice sounded a little different from Mick St. John’s? I guess he was using a different accent. I liked Mary Bryant, but not the ending. Didn’t see that coming. Also, I just finished watching my favorite episode, Fever, on the Sci-Fi channel and ran downstairs to email Sci-Fi to let them know I am not a Nielson viewing house, but never miss a Moonlight Friday. I decided to check out the forums, and there was a section off to the right that congratulated Moonlight on its Saturn Award win. Well, people were commenting that maybe now Joel Silver will finally make that Moonlight movie, and someone posted that he has no control over it. We have to write to Warner Bros. You guys are more up on the details than I am, is that true? Should we branch out to Warner Bros. too? I have no problem spreading the Moonlight love around. I also questioned Sci-Fi about July 10th when Eureka returns and they moved its night to the Moonlight spot. I am trying to find out if they are changing its night or taking it off altogether. What are we going to do on Friday nights? I know we have the DVDs, but its not the same as watching it live. Everyone have a great night.

    1. Laura–if you check out the above Addy’s closely you’ll see that Joel is Exec Producer and President of Silver Pictures which is a division of Warner Brothers Studios–so basically it’s all in the same bag—but the Warner Bros Studios addy is there anyway if someone wants to do that—not sure who you’d address it to tho! If there is a MOONLIGHT movie I assume it would be a Warner Bros Production basically but Joel would still be in charge!

  244. I knew there was something else I wanted to say. On that forum at the Sci-fi channel as you scroll down under a picture of the Moonlight DVD box there are a few captions. One says something about the Moonlight Movie Crusade. When I clicked on it, it brought me to this page. That’s good exposure. Maybe there are many more out there writing letters. Also, not to pat myself on the back (please excuse me bragging) but the Mick & Beth voted as sexiest couple, I added them. Mick and Corraline was there and I nominated Mick & Beth. Can you believe they weren’t even on the list. Who wants Mick to be paired with Corraline-yuck! I believe it is a picture from my computer that got downloaded . Yep, just checked the picture, and its the one I added. Got to keep their names in the game.

    1. I made that post Laura at Scifi. I’ve been spreading the word over there. I’ve been posting over there for quite awhile. Several who have been watching Moonlight on Scifi but never saw it on CBS want more Moonlight. Go figure. Also one of the old Moonlighters is now saying that WB Studios is the one who controls Moonlight now. I’m trying to get a message to her to find out where she got her info and verify this somehow.

  245. I actually did Coraline, but here goes again with a few other cast members.
    Sannyn Sassaman Coraline 3 OCt 1978
    Brian White Lt. Carl 21 April 1975
    Jordan Belfe Josh Lindsey 30 Nov 1978
    David Blue Logan 17 Jan 1979
    Jacob Vargas the morgue guy Guillermo 18 Aug 1971
    Eric WInter Ben Talbot 15 July 1976
    That enough Dyann, I gor to get a few extra brownie points for that lot.

    1. Actually I remember now–you did do Sannyn–sorry about that, old minds tend to wander—-hahahaha!
      And for your prize you get to take the Saturn Award that MOONLIGHT just won up to Nina Tasslers office and shove……opps….never mind! 🙂
      Okay well, I’ve got company coming any second so have to run…..!!!!!
      But on a fast note as I leave–I got the first page of the NEXT chapter of Vampires Daughter typed–it’s a start!

  246. Okay, Trivia wise we’ve got our birthdays going–we’ve got Joel’s of course and now we have Jason, Sophia, and obviously Alex’s (somehow I KNEW you knew that one! LMAO!) So the next TRIVIA OF THE DAY QUESTION is how about our Logan- David Blue–anyone know his birthday? Extra credit for other characters like Corraline or Josh….!
    Oh, by the way I forgot to post yesterday that Tish said she hopes to be back online early next week—until then you’re just stuck with me! 🙂

    1. Do I get extra credit for knowing character Talbot’s birthday, Eric Winter – July 17, 1976. I never like the ADA Talbot. He always seemed to be an interloper in the MickBeth relationship. My understanding from an old interview with Joel Silver, midway through the planned 2nd season (writers were already writing a second season), that we fans would have liked Talbot. I find that hard to believe. Personally, I don’t want him in a new Moonlight movie, but don’t tell him that. He got married in 2008 to Roselyn Sanchez from Without a Trace. You know, I never understood it, the guy is handsome (a former model) but I never was that into him, I always liked hot and sexy Alex better.

      1. Deffinate extra credit! :)!
        However I agree, didn’t like him–not only did he seem to have his eye on Beth (we only just got Josh out of the picture and didn’t need another one!) I think he was very suspicious of Mick and was going to be trouble for him! Oh I know that’s what makes the storyline, but personally I didn’t need it! I’d rather he wasn’t in the new movie–but you know I think we get whatever Joel has in mind so if this was in the plan for season 2 it’s a possibility! As for Eric, never noticed him cause I was looking at Alex! ha!

    2. David Blues website stated back in April that enough people tweet, he would post pictures of his past projects including Moonlight.….html

      Birthday January 17, 1979.

  247. Natalie,

    Good idea. So for our next batch of letters in a few weeks we will go a little easy on demanding that movie. I already told him I have seen and loved all his movies. Guess what came in my mail today?The Shield Season 6. It wasn’t expected until next week. Can’t wait to watch it. I hope CBS and Joel Silver knows that Moonlight has won a Saturn Award.

    1. Laura,
      Just know that The Shield is gritty. Down and dirty. Okay, I just want to warn you. I like Mary Bryant better, though scenes in that movie was a bit graphic at times.

      1. Never saw the Shield, but Mary Bryant was a excellent movie and Alex was incredible in it—however I agree about it being a bit graphic–it took me 2 weeks to get over the big gang rape scene and I STILL don’t like to think about it! And of course a very sad ending. Then again what can you do when movies are of history and the history is sad!?

  248. Okay, just finished my job for the year. Don’t have to report back until early September. I now have all the time in the world to send birthday cards and letters to anyone that needs one. Just let me know what to do and where to send anything new and I am on it.

    1. I was thinking since Joel Silver was the person who approached Alex O’Loughlin about a Moonlight movie, we should commend Joel Silver for that brilliant idea, instead of putting pressure on him to do a movie. After all, he originated the idea. We could acknowledge that we understand that Alex’s schedule has to be freed up before a movie is possible (sometime after Three Rivers stops taping for the season). We know that Silver has a lot of other movie projects that he is working on (a few movies including The Apparition – haunted house genre), so he must be a busy man. We could say that although there are other various projects out there, we are still interested in a Moonlight movie. No need to knock him over the head with this movie, he’s just get mad. Let him know we support him as much as Alex. Silver brought us Predator, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Matrix movies. The man knows what he’s doing. He has many connections and is revered in Hollywood. If we do this, we may get the Moonlight movie that we want.

  249. Natalie
    I tried twice to add comments. It keeps on coming up error wrong words. I typed that code thing into the box.

  250. DOn’t forget Alex August some places it says 75 others 76.I will let someong else put him check on MYspace it’s got his correct year.
    But I will put in Shannyn Sossaman 3 October 1978 (Coraline)
    By the way Jordan Belfe was Josh Lindsey, if that helps anyone else to extned the thread.

  251. TRIVIA TIME!!!!
    Tish said I had to give you all a TRIVIA question for the day! Except I think you girls are MUCH better about these things than me.
    SOOOOOOO——-going with the theme of sending Birthday cards to everyone,
    we know Joel has his on July 14th…………………
    Jason William Dohring—March 30, 1982

    1. Sophia Myles March 18, 1980

    2. · Edit

      Our Beloved Alex O’Loughlin

      August 24, 1976


    No no not Joel! HA! TISH!
    She called me long distance, she said that the Computer Geek is coming over tomorrow to take her computer home and said he could probably fix it, she has some Virus called a Turtle or something–said her files should be safe. She did have a free security program, obvioulsy not a a good idea!
    Anyway we had a lovely chat for like an hour–and most of it was about MOONLIGHT, Alex, and Gerard–with a few other subjects thrown in!
    It was great cause I have really missed her in my email box as well as over here!
    We also talked about sending birthday cards to ALL the stars! Which I admitt was MY idea!
    I think it would be sooooo coold to have each of them get a stack from the
    MOONLIGHT CRUSADE BUNCH! What do you all think?

  253. I’m so jazzed to see Moonlight won best DVD on Saturn Awards! I paid my 40 bucks to become a member and thought well, I’ll do my part to get Moonlight a vote. I’m glad that many others thought to do the same thing!

  254. Did everyone see that Moonlight won the Saturn Award for best series released on DVD? Isn’t that great!!!! In your face Nina Tassler.

    I don’t have any trivia like Tish, but I have as my kids would say useless information. In Sonata the actor that plays Jackson in real life he has the same last name as my maiden name. How cool is that? It’s such a guedo name that I have never seen outside my family, it was weird seeing it listed in the credits.

    1. TAKE THAT TASSLER–CBS sucks!!!
      Thanks for letting everyone know that—wow that’s great news!
      More ammuniton for a MOONLIGHT movie!!!

  255. i think someone needs to makeup their minds or whatever.this was a very good vampire
    show.we need a good pretend show every now and then to get lost in;and this was one of them.

  256. Well I reported Terri Brocks comments to CBS so perhaps they could pull it so her personal information will be safe. She could always get the address to write Alex here, which I did post. I just don’t want some weirdo going to her home or contacting her in any way shape or form just because she wanted to post a message to Alex on the CBS website so Alex could contact her. It doesn’t work that way.

  257. Hello Tiffany, another one of my posts needs your approval and it’s funny though, but I used this link in my post and it got flagged. Thanks, Natalie

  258. On the CBS website, a person posted her address and information so that Alex could contact her. I wrote a comment:
    Hello Terri Brock, it would have been prudent to write Alex a letter in care of his management team Andrew Freeman instead of posting here. You never know who may be looking at these posts. Here is the link: Alex own website: Be safe by being careful.

    And Terri, if you are reading this, welcome to the website. You can post your comments safely here, but no more personal information, okay? Take care.

    1. Nope, missed it!
      However with Gerry’s THE UGLY TRUTH movie due out in July, I’m sure he’ll be in the News Cycle again at a lot of these shows/sites!

  259. Tish S,

    Am so sorry that your hard drive had crashed. I hope that you are up and running again real soon. I have ATT, so they offer antivirus software for free, McAfee.

  260. Dyann,
    Norton 360 is a new one. I know I bought mine over the internet, 69.95 with some extra protection.
    But when I looked on my Mastercard account it cost me $102. because of course it was in American dollars not Australian, so cost me more than I thought, but I should have guessed that the $ they referred to was American did not have au by it. But you don’t always think of these things.

  261. Hi Natalie,
    I went to the link you posted, and scanned through the article looking for Alex or Moonlight, to no avail.
    I recognise she is the lady wh did the dish of salt stupid quiz with Alex on Youtube. But unless I was suppoded to click on something else on that page didn’y see a mention of our man in that particular article

    1. Sorry. The blog does not mention Alex yet. She will be reviewing shows in the future and I’m sure Alex’s show is one of them. I kinda wanted to show support for her blog so when she does an interview with Alex, maybe we’ll get to see another fun interview. Perhaps she could mention that we are supporting him 100%. Anyway, sorry for the mix-up, I should have explained further in the earlier post.

  262. Laura Saltman who did that Access Hollywood interview on Alex has a new blog. Confessions of a TV Addict. I think we should adopt Laura as one of our own since she said nice things about Alex. You can comment on her new blog.

    1. Thanks for the link Natalie. I really like her and still remember how she blushed when Alex described the chair scene from The Shield. Shoot, Alex blushed too! 😉

    2. Laura Saltman added my comments from 6/24/09.

      I hinted that some of Alex fans would post. Looking forward to more Alex interviews with Laura.

  263. Tish, sorry to hear about your computer. Hope to have you back here soon.

    This is what I was thinking….do you know that the WB brought back Beverly Hills 90210 this year and in the fall is bringing back Melrose Place after being off the air for more than ten years. So, Moonlight has only been gone a year, so the chances of a movie should be really good. And we all know MY PERSONAL dream of all dreams is to have Moonlight brought back to primetime (not CBS). Maybe if they do a movie and it does well the next step will be to bring it back. Afterall the X-files had the first movie out with the series, and these days most of new series are after movies. Remember, tomorrow is the 25th and the Saturn Awards will be giving out awards. I hope Moonlight gets an award for best television series released on DVD. I don’t know if I will be able to check it out tomorrow night, it’s my twins prom and we are hosting the preprom party with all the kids coming here to take pictures and all their families. If I get a chance when they leave I will try to log on to Saturn Awards. Keep your fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Laura for the reminder about the Saturn Awards. I signed up to be a member and voted for Moonlight on DVD… I sure hope our show wins!

  264. OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe it about TISH and the computer crash!
    Really people–it takes NO time to burn your files to disc! I do all new stuff once a month, but at least do it every few!
    I have the MICROSOFT ONE CARE–it is a total security system for your home PC–it doesn a tune up every month and more important HAS TOTAL SECURITY AGAINST VIRUS’S you get updates almost weekly against new kinds! It even gets you files ready for backup and all you have to do is put in the disc and click the button! I mean it only costs around $40 a year for heavens sake and we have SSSSSOOOOOO much invested in our computers!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE–get some kind of security for your computer, and also BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!

    1. Instead of burning CDs I use It backs up my comouter every day to a remote place online. If my puter crashes I still have everything. I just get it fixed or get a new computer and then download all my files like nothing ever happened. It only costs $4.95 a month. I also have a flickr account for pictures so I never worry about those.

      Also get a good virus program. I have Norton’s 360 and no virus has ever touched my puter.

      1. Maybe you’re is better as I don’t recall mine being named 360–but the virus I got got through it, and I was less than thrilled with the phone call back up from them—–at least my computer didn’t crash–it just kept showing I had one and all the click on delete it did me no good, NORTON couldn’t find it or get to it—mine had to go overnight byebye to the computer geeks home but has been footloose and fancy-virus free ever since. Still any security is better than none!

  265. Three Rivers will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 4, CBS just announced.

    1. Amazing Race premieres on Sept. 27th and is two hours, so that is why Alex’s show won’t premiere until Oct. 4th.

  266. Thanks, Laura, for the comment on my replying to everyone on this thread of the AOLO BLog..

    Dyann, I do need you and Silverchex to do me a mega Mick favor , please… Girls please hold down the thread for me…Do not let this Moonlight Crusdae die…’tis very important…

    My computer crashed last night & I was told it would cost $300 for the Geek Squad to come to my house to repair, just what I do not need at this moment… I am posting this from a Library computer where one only gets 30 minutes…big deal by the time one types in this & that, it wastes 10 minutes… Well I stopped at Best Buy after dropping the rescue girls off at the clinic to be spayed, been up since 4AM to get all done beleaving at 7AM to come into town…..Anyway, I bought my HP COmpaq Presario Desktop actually thru the HP company, so no middle man involved…What upsets me, I did not see this coming, so no backups on my documents where my poems, my, thus far, 13 chapter novel (not a fan fiction but a life told in fiction novel based on a true story), & my 5 written children’s stories all on there…I do hope those more than anything else can be saved… There was years of work put into those… Ican replace the Alex pix, I have the hard copy photos of family pix I scanned onto computer, I do have some hard copy of my novel, but not updated with new entries, so my novel, my kids stories, and my poetry must be saved…Anyone have a clue?

    I cannot even get to my desktop, just my Windows entry where it is not allowing me to type in my name…This all began when I was trying to type into here last night & some other windows page popped up called In Private Messaging; guy at Geek squad said it sounds like a new virus called a Frog virus, so everyone stay alert…

    Keep fingers crossed, can’t lose all of this…

    So Silverchex & Dyann spell yourselves handing this, keep the peace here & push for the MLM Crsade to result in a movie… I hope I can get back online soon, or get a chance to make the trek into town to see how things are going on my thread…OUR Thread!!!

    Hugs everyone, I will miss being here, really & honestly…you are all wonderful, so supportive of our cause…Bless you all….

    Your Sister in Moonlight, Tish S

    1. Tish, I am so sorry to see that you are having problems with your computer. Mine just recently crashed and I had to totally ‘wipe’ it and start over. Please try to invest in an external hard drive if you can afford to do that. That’s the only thing that saved me. I have it scheduled to back up my computer on a daily basis. So when it crashed I had all my files and many pics. I also load all my pics at photobucket. I also have Norton’s 360 to protect it from viruses. I own an HP computer as well. The cheapest way to fix it for me was to contact HP which believe me is not the easiest thing to do as the are extremely busy but they will walk you through the steps to fix it for $49 or $59. The Geek Squad was the MOST expensive I contacted. Microsoft wanted the same as HP but guaranteed they would not charge if they couldn’t help you fix it….

      As for trying to keep up with the board I will try, I’ve been working alot of hours and haven’t had the time I did have but I will try to check in every so often and post. I hope you get your puter fixed soon!

      1. Yeah but you have to call on a cell phone and they hook you up to India and you can barely understand what they are saying with the accents—since I’m on dial up and no cell phone, I had to call a computer geek who turned out to be the next best thing to God and fixed my virus for only $100! Thanks when I changed from NORTON internet security (since the virus got past it) to ONE CARE–and I”m sure glad I did!

      2. I’m sorry you had such a rough time with HP Dyann and Norton’s. I’ve been using Norton’s for years and never had a problem…

      3. Oh and I guess I should add it wasn’t a virus that caused my puter to crash it was a problem with one of the registry files… A problem that happens quite often from what I read on the net. Have to run my registry cleaner more often…

  267. Sorry. I left off Tiffany. Sorry.

  268. I am in for the birthday card. Just remind us a week before in case I forget. I also got someone else to write a letter. My assistant at work needs me to type a letter for her (she hurt her arm at another job), and needs me to say she is not 100%. I told her I’ll do it, if she writes a letter to Joel Silver. Hopefully more than the few of us talking online are really sending out letters. I hope it’s not just myself, Tish, Dyann and Natalie. I hope many people go on this site and are doing something about it. Because, I don’t know about any of you gals, but on the imb.moonlight site so many people write in how they miss the show, and it shouldn’t have been canceled. I say put you money where your mouth is. Talk to you later.

    1. I will let my friends at MySpace know that we are going to send JS a bday card. Several of them are already circulating a bulletin I posted to their friends about this site and imdb and writing to JS with his address. Most of my friends were tough campaigners back when we were pushing for a season 2 so even if they don’t come here and post there are many who are writing…


  270. Hey girls! (and maybe guies-no telling who all is reading this stuff!)
    I just discovered the greatest site!
    IF YOU NEED SOME GREAT VAMPIRE JEWELRY OR STUFF LIKE THAT TO TIDE YOU OVER THE MOONLIGHT BLUES, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. They don’t have Micks Ring–but they do have about everything else! (encluding some cross rings)!
    They have links to online stores in whatever country you are in, so no one is unable to have some Vampie jewelry!
    It’s enough to make a girl go absolutely BATTY and polish up her credit card!

  271. I forgot I wanted to tell you, mentioning MEN writing to Joel, My brother is gonna send a card to Joel for his birthday and say about wanting the MOONLIGHT movie—-and DON’T ANYONE FORGET WE’RE ALL SENDING BIRTHDAY CARDS TO JOEL FOR HIS JULY 14TH BIRTHDAY!

  272. Laura, you are correct, my friend told me that is CBS is flaunting Alex because of Moonlight & to ring ML fans into the fold so, I feel, Nina can gloat and state she was right, “we are all actor-centric, Alex-centric… NT is a pathetic female…I will watch TR because of Alex’s acting abilities, not because of his appeal…

    Perhaps any JLo tabloid spread will show up Alex for that movie they are filming, but as far as Alex being seen out partying with Hollywood’s in crowd, NOT… He is too mature & private to be caught in that group…

  273. Boy you girls have been busy on here! As I get the emails for each new post when I opened up my box I couldn’t believe the size of list!
    At first I kinda freaked wondering if something bad had happened—then I ran over in case something good happened–like Tish getting a letter from Joel Silver or something!
    HA–well I enjoyed reading all your comments, don’t really have anything to say, except that much as I love Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, I think Joel knows MOONLIGHT the best and should bring it to the big screen!

  274. Natalie,

    You’re a doll. I am now the proud owner of The Shield Season 6 for only $19.99, and Friday the 13th part IV to finish my collection of it. I was in a store in my mall “Suncoast Video” and they wanted $49.99 for it. I just couldn’t see paying that when BJs had it for $14.99. Of course, they had every season but 6. Thanks again. Goodnight.

  275. So, this is what I was thinking this afternoon as I was watching “Fever”. I just got this funny feeling. When CBS is promoting TR as a new fall show, I bet they refer to Alex as the guy from Moonlight. The show they canceled and now they use to promote TR. Just a thought. Sometimes I get gut feelings. Please don’t bite my head off anyone I wasn’t being negative to TR just griping about CBS. Also, each week when I go food shopping I try to look over all the tabloid covers for pictures of Alex. I figure sooner or later there will be pictures of Jlo for The Back-Up plan, so Alex is bound to be in them.
    Natalie, thanks for the info about Amazon. I really don’t want to spend a fortune for a show that I never watched. I would if I have to just to see Alex. I am so totally obsessed over this letter writing campaign that now I asked my 15 year old nephew to send a letter. I told him he only had to write to Joel Silver. I figured the more guys writing the better. This way it doesn’t seem like Alex obsessed girls. I also agree Bachelor Party is raunchy. I was getting married when it came out, and I was freaking out that I didn’t want my fiance to have a bachelor party. Have a great night.

    1. Speaking about FEVER and the gal who played LENNY–I got to thinking, she used to be on AMERICAN DREAMS and I really loved that show and her character—it got canceled.
      Then suddenly I went BINGO–I’m pretty sure THAT show was on CBS too! Guess they just like to cancel anything good just to make all the fans watching pull their hair out!

      1. Dyann,
        I meant Tish’s comments here on this website, I’m sorry for the confusion. 🙂


      2. Dyann, the girl who played Lenny is currently playing a nurse in the Jada Pinkett Smith show on TNT called Hawthorne….

      3. Looks like a canceled show didn’t hurt somepeoples careers! By the way she was in a movie too–we just saw it on TV the other night but I believe was a big screen one as my TV Guide gave it stars which it doesn’t for TV ones–anyway it was about gymnists and called STICK IT!

  276. Spielberg is good but mainly in the supernatural vein is the flavor he leans to… We already know Alex is great in that, no one could ever recreat his Mick St John as he gave him life. However, Alex is more than vampire material or any scary film stuff, & though I can definitely see Alex having the empathy needed to portray a physician, even to actually be one (may have picked that trait up from his nurse mother) in real life, I still feel he will be the one who carries this show for what its worth since a show about transplants & grief can be a little depressing week after week for any audience… I am also stating this as I am at an age of 63 where I would prefer not my entertainment to be so morbid, life’s mortality is real enough at a senior’s age…

    Now I also see Ron Howard, who has brought us various themes of film entertainment being a great guy to direct & produce a film for Alex…

    But, in reality, Joel Silver has brought the world entertaining themes of film in every variety for over 25 years & is still the best, for now, hook-up for Alex…

    The world is well aware of Alex O’Loughlin, he was the person/star sent around worldwide to promote Moonlight when it was offered to another country while the show was still on TV here… And since his name is becoming synonomous with devoted fans who, in turn, clue in others to this “hunk”, so to speak… Actually half of the photographed personalities in mags have either only half or no talent compared to Alex… And, in my opinion, Alex should not have been made so busy on the Backup Plan that he could not fly to London and the Breakout Con for Moonlight, etc… The fans who made these plans to be there had made their reservations last year when it was announced he would be there… This was wrong of his agents… and I can say if they were representing me, I would be canning them… First of all, a contract is placed before them, not the actor, & if I were his agent I would tell that network to “kiss my backside in Macy’s window cause he is not stepping foot on any soundstage affiliated with your corporation..”

    1. Hi Tish S.,

      I believe that Alex did not land the lead role of The Back-Up Plan, then called Plan B until about April 7, 2009. So the agent could not have anticipated this coming up. Movies in general have to be made in the allotted time. Studio availability and location all have to be done at a certain time. Alex did apologize on his blog for not being able to attend the London event. There’s only a few big stars can ask that production of a movie be delayed until their schedules are free.

      Alec Baldwin, many years ago, committed to a play called Street Car Named Desire. He was scheduled to do the sequel to his The Hunt for Red October as Jack Ryan. Alec said no, I’ve committed to the broadway show, so he said he would do that first. The people who produced the Jack Ryan movies, opted for a better known guy named Harrison Ford. Ford went on to do Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. It’s unusual for an actor to get three franchises like Ford did, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan. The other one is Christian Bale who is famous for the Batman and now Terminator franchises.

      Three Rivers does not have to be depressing all the time, but I agree on your point that the subject matter is hard. Grey’s Anatomy had some who lived and some who died. They’ve had a wedding, relatonships, and friendships that have changed and grown. Evolved. They could stress the more interpersonal relationships between the actors than focusing solely on the operations themselves. This all depends on the writer that the show hires. On that subject, I will type a comment at CBS expressing our concern that the show would be too focused on operations and depressing material. Those darn writers better not make us too sad.

      Tish I hope all will continue to be well for you. I just think your writing is fun to read.

      1. OKAY–Now maybe I’m confused…What do you mean about enjoying TISH’s writing? You mean on this blog? or what?
        Cause if you mean THE VAMPIRES DAUGHTER STORY—well Tish has nothing to do with that–about the only thing she did have to do with it was tell me she was worried Coraline would come and bother Mick and Beth and the baby–and I said “Hell with that!” and wrote killing her off!
        I write the stories that make the MOONLIGHT fans sing! HA!
        Just wanted to clear that up—but then maybe you ment something else, so sorry if I misunderstood!

  277. You know that Alex being in The Shield for that short period of time, he got exposure that he was offered Moonlight. No Shield, no Moonlight. That’s how it goes. He had originally planned to stay longer in The Shield, there were options. The Shield ended up having a seventh season. See interview from 2007:

    I believe in Alex’s abilities as you do, we’re on the same side. If only other people out there, whether they be the TV viewing public, the movie-going public or industry could see what we see when we see Alex. If only Steven Spielberg could see what we see. We see it, but we have to wait for others to see.

  278. Did anyone see the Buffy vs. Edward remix? Buffy kills off Edward. Created by a guy named McIntosh.

    1. Cool video Natalie. My fave vamp ever is Spike and he would soooo totally kick Edward’s butt. LOL.

      1. yeah 🙂

      2. Tiffany,

        I seem to have two comments that need your approval to post, I’m guessing it’s because of the links. Can you review them? Thanks.

  279. The Lab in a warehouse 919 Figor Road. Where Coraline is tyring to make more of the compound that is the cure. Mick calls the cleaners when Lance decapitates the guy Coraline is working with. Mortal Cure

  280. Laura, I, like yourself, feel exactly the same as to NT setting Alex up for a fall… In my opinion she is a vindictive type & it all falls back to when we were fighting for a 2nd season for ML & she got some angry, very nasty letters sent to her… Well, this is childish of any grown woman to still hold a grudge, but this, IMO, is NT… And, no, she does not give a fiddler’s bowstring about Alex, or his/ML fans (they are one in the same for US shores)… Furthermore, she knew ML would bring in good ratings for a network slumping in their stocks…It is my opinion, as I am not in fear to state again, that NT did not come by her high position by what she know but who she knew & n what manner she became intimate with them… She is much too young to have reached this position justly…And it is also my opinnion that she is fan-phobic; not ML fans being actor-centric…Let’s face it, except for one short season on The Shield & not in a star capacity, Alex was a basic unknown to American audiences, so how could we, in this country, be actor-centric for Alex…perhaps now some may be, but his talent proved himself & we enjoy watching him perform, not that we all want to jump his bones…

  281. Oh, I further want to note that that push from vamperic stardom is exactly what is happening now to Robert Pattinson who is now filming in NYC a non-vampire themed movie with Pierce Bronson called “Remember Me”…And recently he did a very mature role as Salvatore Dali in “Ashes”… Patz is growing up, no more Cedrick Diggory roles as in Harry Potter & he soon will be too old for being Edward in Twilight movies, especially if Stephanie Meyer ever gives all all the 5th book in the Twilight saga… Usually novels are on the bookstore shelves for awhile before being scapped up for a movie…

    Unlike Patz who is still emerging from his cocoon in the acting field, Alex is a more seasoned actor having been in both movies as well as TV back in his native Australia… Alex will thrive in his career; it will come a day, (though our Alex can be a little too private in his personal life), when we will pick up a tabloid plastered with his photos…we will see Coming Attractions of his upcoming movies as we sit in a showhouse…

    I do not beieve we will have to be in fear of losing site of Alex, even if TR fails, because his is a face that is craved for & his talent is rare since it is real…

  282. Oops, not Feshies but Freshies; sorry girls & Mick…

    Now I do have something to say here in regards to the way Natalie is thinking ill–fatedly of Alex’s career if TR fails…

    Fans, producers, agents are all aware, is my opinion, of the unscrupulous measures that that “network” devised & used against Moonlight, its actors & the ML fans These entertainment industry folks are not blind nor dumb… It is my opinion that such individuals will not allow Alex to remain idle for long, perhaps save him from the continued ill-fates of having a TV series on that “network”… Furthermore, Alex’s agents, whom we should be writing to about a Moonlight movie & the crusade we have waged, are not about to let that network screw with their client’s career again if they are worth their commissions… If they aren’t then there are other wonderful talent agencies in & around the LA area that would want such a great talent as a client… I can think of one, here & now, as I personally know, since we were kids, the owner as she & her hubby run one in Studio City, CA for many years…

    It is also my opinion that the movie Alex is costarring in is not going to make him a big star, too much is being focused on JLo, not him… However, I do feel it may attract a older teen audience being a romantic comedy… And teens mean more fans that crave vampire movies…I feel a Moonlight movie will be the main project that will push Alex’s movie career ahead & on & on…

    1. Tish,

      I’m not the one thinking ill-fatedly of Alex’s career, I was responding to Laura’s comments. If it fails I was saying that he doesn’t get exposure that he needs. I do believe he will have a movie career. He just needs exposure. How many articles in the past few weeks has stated Alex O’Loughlin’s name attached to The Back-Up Plan, it is mostly JLo. One has steps in their careers, like Tom Hanks from TV to movies. It isn’t automatic, it is a lot of hard work. I understand that. JLo will give him exposure. Did you see the ET interview on TV, Alex was barely in it. He needs a project to promote to get on ET, Access, Extra, and The Insider. Alex is not depending on one single role and rest his laurels. I applaud his effort to keep working and giving us a quality product. I support him in anything he does (I’ve already stated that). I applaud you and others in your efforts to bring Moonlight to the big screen. I’m just saying that to wish the show to fail is not supporting Alex fully. I don’t hold anything against anyone stating an opinion, we’re all just being honest here. It is tough out there. I know that Alex is grateful for every opportunity and job he gets out there. I am grateful for the chance to watch him in whatever venue, whatever project he is attached to. God willing, he will have a stellar career, I’m all for that. Love and good blessing to our Alex.

  283. Well I see Mick’s Feshies & Newbies are stirring from their slumber, so I will post here, seeing some of the Newbies found their way here from other AOLO Threads and other places…

    Indeed, the answer for yesterday’s ML Trivia was DuVall being COraline’s surname/maiden name…

    As for today’s Trivia question…

    What was the address of a Trouble spot in regards to vampire killings giving the Clean-up crew continual work?

  284. Well this isn’t Alex news–but had to share it anyway.
    MARIE CLAIRE magazine had a CULTURE PRYAMID in the current issue-sorta like the FOOD PRYAMID, only with movies, tv, books, dvd’s and stuff like that! Well TOP of the Pryamid was GUILTY PLEASURES and they said “shiny Katherine Heigl and 300 SEX STALLION Gerard Butler reimagine CYRANO DE BERGERAC in the flick THE UGLY TRUTH.” (Anyway this was ‘ENTERTAINMENT DIET FOR JULY—It comes out end of the month!)
    Okay it’s not Alex or MOONLIGHT–but if you’re not doing anything else go check out MY guy in the movie theater at he end o fthe month!

  285. Perhaps Alex should have a career like Tom Hank’s. Tom started on TV with Bosom Buddies, then went on to film, then won 2 Oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Tom is nice as heck, just like Alex, though, Alex is way hotter.

  286. I used to love Boosom Buddies. Remember Tom was in Bachelor Party? and look how far he has come now. And Harrison Ford. I just love his voice the way I love Alex’s. I could listen to it all day. I am a die hard Star Wars fan, and for me Harrison Ford will always be Han Solo not Indiana Jones, but move aside Harrison Alex replaced you.

    What bothered me to most I think about TR is that Nina Tassler insulted all the Moonlight fans last year and said they didn’t like Moonlight they only liked Alex O’loughlin, and now she is counting on those same fans to boost its ratings. I guess thats my problem with it. Also, it is really on a tough night. I never watch primetime television on a Sunday. I usually surf cable for a movie. (and for all the money spent on cable, there’s never anything to watch on) or I watch House on channel 38 USA (in my town that’s the channel for it). I feel like she is setting him up for failure. I am sorry if I insulted anyone. I truly love Alex, I have all his movies, except Feed. That looks discusting. I am waiting to buy The Shield Season 6 because Alex is in it, but it has to go on sale first. I won’t spend $50 for a show that I never watch. I just got my last paycheck last week until September so I have to be careful how I spend my money. Have a great day.

    1. Laura,
      Yes, I remember the Bachelor Party, though then I was a bit of a prude, so some scenes in it a bit too crude for me. The Shield Season 6 is $19.99 on Amazon.

      I was not familiar with The Shield before, although I knew of Chiklis. The case that the character’s were solving was quite graphic and a bit too violent for me. Alex. of course, has that infamous “chair” scene, where he is fully naked and having intercourse with the female character in the show. He talks about the scene in an interview with Laura Saltman. I asked her recently (by Twitter) what was it like, she typed: “Alex is a sweetheart. I think my blushing made it obvious I thought he was hot. His new fall show Three Rivers on CBS is great.” .2:00 AM Jun 20th from web

      View the second video on Access Hollywood (has the logo) located on the bottom of the page. The first video is part 1, the second video overlaps the first and is part 2 of Saltman’s interview.

      Everytime I need a pick-me-up, a chuckle, I always watch this video. It’s delightful and so cute. Alex describes the chair scene as “weird” and “icky”. Love his accent and you can see him blush in the video. He looks cute blushing.

  287. Unfortunately Gerard Butler has not won his Oscar yet–but I still have hope! He’s put in a bit more time than Alex, but all in good time!
    Yeah and how old is that Clooney guy? Getting up there I’m sure!
    Alex is the NEXT GENERATION for sure!

  288. I’m here girls, been busy, but need to check on you all…
    Ah Yes, Dyan, loved that comment you left on the Best Vampire of all time… and the plug, as we all should be doing, of dropping the word here and their to let the world know what the Moonlight Sisterhood is doing,,,

    And, I am very pleased to read that we all settled our differences here… now I am aware that occasionally even the closest of real sisters argue… Real sisters even argue with real brothers, but sometimes brothers have the upperhand to push their little sister in off of a high diving place into the brinie(Yep, you’re right guessing, my older brother & me)…But even adopted sisters of a cause and similar favorites, do argue…my only concern was for it not to get out of hand to defeat our purpose here on this thread and around the Internet…

    Now we are not finished our work until we get that movie, so keep the letters heading to Joel, et al… I do know something we want is well worth waiting for…

    And as far as Alex & all that was posted about his career… I must agree that Alex’s star will shine the brightest on the big screen, & not just at any CBS affiliated studio… One of my wishes for him, & I hope to be still kickin’ when it happens, is to watch him on TV walking the red carpet at the Kodak Theater & then the stairs to that theaters stage to accept hid first Oscar…It won’t be his last…

    Yeah, I can see him replacing a sexy but aging Harrison Ford as an Indiana Jones type… or a Brad Pitt type in some spy or detective action movie as William Bradley Pitt is nearing 46 years old… And I feel Alex is in greater shape than either actor…

  289. I went over and signed up–guess I goofed as I put my full name up–haha–oh well!
    Anyway I saw both your comments—sorry girls I had to be honest–but I did my best under the circumstances!
    Here was my comment!
    Hottest Vampire of all time was Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000!
    But Hotest Vampire ever on TV was Alex O’Loughlin in MOONLIGHT!
    Join us at AlexOloughlinOnLine as we are CRUSADEing to get a MOONLIGHT MOVIE made–ex Producer Joel Silver has approached Alex on this subject and we want all the the MOONLIGHT fans to help us get the word out in support of this effort!

  290. Hi Terry I went over and of course commented on Alex. Could’t find many comments for him though, didn’g go any further than latest comments though. But at least I put my pennies worth.

  291. · Edit

    Alex’s pic is #1 on the photo gallery………………………..they are also asking to vote for who is the Best Vampire of all time.

    Vampire Solidarity…………………Rah……………..Rah……………Rah

    1. I made it over to the extra tv site and voted Best Vampire of all time. Wow guys… I just got caught up on the 3R,s discussion. He is (Alex) up against a harsh time slot.. true!…but he has a lot of buzz coming out about THE BACK UP PLAN esp. on the latino sites and I for one believe this will fuel is rising star. Exposure, Exposure,Exposure……..Have a great day!.

  292. Just got back from the post office. Send out my new batch of letters today. I sent most regular mail, but I sent Joel Silver’s return receipt certified. I just emailed this moonlight crusade to one of our custodians that just retired. He said how much he loved Moonlight, and I thought it would be good for Mr. Silver to get a male’s perspective.

    Natalie, there is no need for such harsh comments. As Trish said, we all have the same goal. Of course, I wish Alex all the best, but in my honest opinion I know the type of shows I enjoy viewing and I don’t think TR will do well. As you stated it is in a tough timeslot. It is also up against HBO’s True Blood among all the others you stated. It will be tough to beat. Of course, for Alex I hope it does. I guess I am just bitter and should have kept some of my comments to myself. But I though we were just a group of women expressing our honest feeling with eachother. I have also read on other sites that many people feel the same way, so I was also only restating what I have read. I also think Alex is a rising star that nothing will stop. He is going to be really big and nothing a little nobody like me is going to stop it. You have a great day.

    1. Laura,

      Wasn’t trying to be harsh, that wasn’t my intention. Everyone has differing opinions which always a great thing. I hope that TR’s ratings are at least as good as the show it’s replacing. I do appreciate your efforts in contacting Joel Silver for a Moonlight movie. We’d all would rush to the theatres if that came about. The fact that so many of you are so proactive that who knows, it may happen. Take care.

  293. There are a LOT of actors in Hollywood, a lot of fish in the sea. Yep life is rough for them, but one in a long while SOMEONE comes along, someone with STAR QUALITY. Alex is one of them. His big chance is that movie with JLO—people like her and her movies and will go because she is a big star. Then they will see HIM> Listen people I’m “in love” with Gerard Butler, but I’m a woman–I couldn’t resist that cute smile and those eyes when I first saw Mick St John! And neither will the women in America be able to resist him! Once he’s UP there on that big screen, he’s IN. Not to mention he’s a damn fine actor anyway. Americans male heart throb actors are ageing, someone has to take their place. Alex has all it takes to make the hearts go pitter patter. I don’t think he’s gonna have a hard time getting parts. He belongs on the big screen anyway. CBS can’t stop it no matter what happens with 3R. He was on a rather obscure TV show (note how many people never heard of it) and LOOK AT HOW MANY ARE ON HERE STILLIN LOVE WITH MOONLIGHT AND HIM! Given National exposure–BINGO! The man has a DESTINY! We can say we knew it first! Lets get MOONLIGHT on that big screen and he’ll have an even bigger audience to love him!

    1. Well said Dyann, well said. I truly believe that Alex has the x factor. And I believe he belongs on the big screen. Right now its Three Rivers but I think after he’s seen in this movie with JLo he will gain many new fans. I still think he would do a Moonlight movie if JS will get it going. He has stated more than once that he loves the genre… So I believe we’ll see him again in a major motion picture. I can see him also doing Indiana Jones type movies with all the action. He’s made to be an action star as well as a romantic lead.

      1. Deffinately agree!
        How about a Action Indiana Jones type movie about archeologist Brothers!
        Starring Gerard Butler and Alex O’Loughlin!
        Boy that would pack the women into the theater! 🙂

      2. Wow, I really like the idea of a Indiana Jones type of character. The only other one that came close to that type of genre was the Mummy movies by Brendan Fraser. Great suggestion.

  294. Coraline DuVall, says so on the Wedding certificate Lance gives to Mick on the balcony of his fortress, in the Mortal Cure.

  295. Well said Natalie, I wholehearted agree with you. I don;t care is ALex is selling toothpaste in an ad, I would watch it.
    I fell in love with Mick St John and Moonlight, but let’s face it, what is Mick if not Alex. Okay, no fangs, likes to hang around in dress down clothes. But, hey who’s is the one with tell all eyes beautiful smile, lovely hair, hot body? Why Alex O’Loughlin the actor.
    I buy alll his old stuff, no matter how small his part in it just to get my Alez fix. I watch an episode of ML a day, but seen then all before (mind you I do tend to notice stuff never noticed before, when I manage to acert my eyes from one hot vamp).

    Of course I wish TR’s all the best. I want it to be a success. Hell, I may even have to watch it on surfthechannel every week, ’cause no idea if it will be shown on aussie tv. But you bet, my ML sisters better tell me when it starts in USA so I can get it on the internet.

    So no more pessimistic talk sisters, get behing Alex the actor. It is his bread & butter, and as Natalie says, two failed shows, no matter that is isn’t his fault will not help his career at all.

    Look how long ER rained. So that was all different cases. But surely this will be different in the fact it is going to be about team, patient, family etc., so each episode will have a new story. And who cares if the doctor it is based on is older, Dr Andy will be our man Alex scrubs and all

    Come on Dr Andy ……..rah………rah……..rah.

  296. I just wanted to stress how hard it is to get work in Hollywood. Highlighted in the article: The first year, Alex had no work. Alex had to hock his stereo and other things to get by. He worked for $15 per hour at a buidling site. He had no money and no ticket home. He paid $10,000 to be in a Warner Bros. film. The Australian Herald Sun did an interview with Alex in December 2007, part of the interview states the following:

    “Time is the thing. A show like this pulls all your time away from you. Usually I’ll get home from work on a Saturday about 10am (after doing night shooting) and I’ll sleep until Saturday afternoon. Saturday night and Sunday I’m usually feeling wiped out and I’ve not seen Holly all week. It’s a pretty full-on life, but what do you do? I love my work and there are sacrifices.”

    And working on a Hollywood drama sure beats scrounging for guest roles and dealing with constant rejection on the audition circuit.

    “The first year I was here I was auditioning all the time and got no work,” O’Loughlin says.

    “I had no money and a piece of s— car and in the end I had to hock things like my stereo to get by.
    “I was just doing anything to scrape by, working on a building site for $15 an hour.

    “There were times I was thinking, ‘What am I doing, this is crazy’. I was scared because I had no money and no ticket home.

    “That is the time when everyone else packs up and leaves. But I remembered everything my grandfather taught me about the work ethic before he died. He was brought up out in the bush and his advice was ‘put your head down and keep working, son, and you’ll get what’s coming to you’. You just push through.,,22873887-2902,00.html

    We are lucky to have Alex to admire and watch him work. It’s his work that we get to see his face, his eyes, the love and caring this man shows. I want more. I want more than just Moonlight’s one season. I want to see Alex in more things, doing more roles, doing more movies. Love Alex for all he does, not just one role.

  297. And once again you all posted the correct answer to my trivia question of last night…

    Josh Lindsey’s cell phone number was indeed, 310-555-0119

    BTW, the area code, 310, is actually a real area code in the LA, Marina Del Rey, area….

    And now for tonights’ trivia inquiry…

    Okay, we all know that Coraline was married to Mick, so what was Coraline’s surname?

    1. On Mortal Cure, the marriage certificate of Mick and Coraline states that her family name is DuVall. Full maiden name on the certificate is a bit obscured. The addresses of Mick and Coraline on the certificate is as follows:
      Mick’s address: 9545 Wentworth St, Los Angeles
      Coraline’s address: 3274 Main Ave.

  298. Laura and Tiffany, please see my response to TR fail 6/21 above. TR has a tough schedule. It is up against Desperate Housewives on ABC and NBC Sunday Night football.
    TR may pull some viewers from aging Desperate, but in all likelihood, he may come in third in the ratings for his timeslot. Remember, no series, no movie offers, no new pictures of Alex working. He show has to pull in decent numbers for it to survive. If CBS cancels it, they probably won’t give him a second chance and then where would he go? Shows are not offered to everyone everyday. See how many of your favorite actors today with shows that got cancelled are on TV afterwards, none generally. They are off the air for a year or several years (more likely). Not be able to see Alex for years, are you kidding me. And don’t forget, the JLO movie that he is in is made by CBS films. CBS, yes that CBS. If he loses CBS tv show, then there probably won’t be CBS films movies. Do you want that to happen to our sweet Alex? Nooooooo. If you care about Alex, the man, the actor, the person, you will support him in no matter what project he does. He does it for his fans, to entertain, to thought provoke. I know that you may feel bitter about Moonlight’s cancellation, but don’t forget, the actor that created Mick is still here acting. I hope he gets to act for many more years to come on TV or movies. But the offers will dry up if he doesn’t have work, specifically TV work. Remember Sam and Diane from Cheers? Diane, the character by Shelley Long left. Why? Shelley Long was offered movies and wanted to do that instead of TV. So she left the hit show Cheers. The offers for movies dried up. She was never offered anything, her career went south because she wasn’t part of a hit series anymore. No one wanted to see her. She has lamented her decision many times. Although Alex is in a different place, he is grateful to his fans and the work that he gets. He used to work up to 16 hrs a day on Moonlight and 1/2 hour meal. He operated on no sleep. He slept on the weekends, a fact that Holly Valance disliked. I bet she didn’t see much of him during that time.

  299. Folks,

    I like our frankness here as we posts but I am going to have to ask everyone to please refrain from accusations, defamation…

    I am well aware of the emotions surrounding Moonlight; I am also aware that we all adore Alex & feel protective of him… I know I do… I know I have felt like spitting nails many times about Moonlight, about Alex signing a contract again with that network, among some other facts…I do know our emotions can voice stronger as we write a post…If I was not aware of all of this, I would not still be supportive of Moonlight coming to us in a movie…

    We are all aware that TR is going to be an entirely different show than we are accustomed to seeing Alex act out… Alex was without a project, though crumbs may have been tossed his way, for approximately 8 months after signing that CBS contract…now 8 months is a long time not to be in an actor’s public eye… I do know this also makes the agents antsy, too…so, the push is forced even stronger to get the acotr working again… Now let your thoughts take you wherever, but not into the realm of wishing bad luck, or defaming our own…

    If this MLM Crusade is to come around full circle to a successful goal, we cannot begin warring between each other… Seen too much of that in the 2nd season campaign, it failed… Capieche?

  300. Tish,

    I just wanted you to know that tonight I wrote my second batch of letters about the Moonlight Movie Crusade. I also asked my niece to write letters. She said she would. Have a great night.

  301. Okay–just a note–if you try to sign up at DiscoverGerry so you can post, you will after registering receive a email from them that you must click on before going back on and posting–at least one person forgot to click hers hence the problems with Posting! Now Solved!
    Everyone seems to be out having fun today–quiet on here!
    Approximately 20 ladies were over at DiscoverGerry reading the new chapter tho–the QUIET readers from here I’m sure! At DG I always called them the LURKERS! LMAO!
    I’m off to the movies! To bad it’s not MOONLIGHT–but still a busy season for movies!

  302. As the ladies who I email the chapters to already know CHAPTER 5 OF DAUGHTER OF A VAMPIRE is now posted for reading at

  303. Know exactly where to find that. Love Lastrs Forever.
    Josh been kidnapped, Mick and Beth chasing the car. Rings Logan to track Josh’s phone. Beth tells Mick number to give Logan
    It is 310 555 0119

  304. Well, I gather here that everyone did, indeed, “Seize the Day” in Trivia…

    Okay, 1 more, & am posting now as my eyes grow heavy & need sleep… 5:-5:30AM rolls around very quickly & my horses do not understand nor care that is it Sunday morning…

    And now for Sunday’s AM’s trivia teaser,what I want to know is:

    What was Josh Lindsey’s cell phone number?

  305. Well, I do not watch those shows since I do not have satillite or cable…Moonlight was my thing…So before we see the end to the supernatural era or films about vampires, Please let us all concentrate firmly & positively on making a Moonlight movie be made…

    I also invite all to post on on the discussion about the Moonlight Movie Crusade…Every positive comment can’t hurt one bit…or is that “bite”????

    On another note, I finished the next chapter a couple hours ago and it just needs a proof read and last minute fine tuning —so I’m sure it’ll be up tomorrow, and I’ll let you all know!

  307. Laura,

    Busy Moonlight schedule, me too, but I am also on Facebook, MySpace, (just posted about our crusade there) & watch my Moonlight DVD to reacquaint myself with the episodes to find trivia to stump you all… Add to this sorting & packing, looking for property & tending to, now, 10 dogs (just got another rescue this week (What a boy Stripes is), & 3 horses, plus normal running of my home, bill paying, feed buying, property maintenance, grocery shopping, etc…

  308. Thank you Tish for your kind words. It’s true. Also, this doctor that Alex is portraying is supposed to be this great surgeon, don’t you think Alex is a little young for the role. For someone to be this accomplished and well renound, I think the person playing the role would have to be older. I would like to say how much I enjoy chatting with everyone about Moonlight. This is the first “chat group” I have ever communicated with. My whole family is on facebook and constantly nags me to join. I have never entered any chat rooms of any kind or like I said I am not on facebook. But, this seems to be a really nice group of women and I thank you for that. I tell my mom that I have no time for face book because I am too busy with my Moonlight crusade. I check this site daily, I go on imbmoonlight and check out the comments about Moonlight there. I write to Joel Silver and the crew there. Then let’s not forget I need to watch Moonlight as much as I can. I don’t have time for any of her nonsense about facebook. I write to Sci-fi weekly to let them know I am watching Moonlight. I write to CBS to tell them how they made a big mistake pulling Moonlight. Who has time for facebook?

    1. Gonzalo Gonzalez-Stawinski, M.D. seems young and is the doctor that Alex’s character is based on. You can check out the dates on the second link.

      I’m glad, Laura, that you enjoy this site. I do too, thanks to everyone and Tiffany especially. It’s the only site I don’t have to log into to place a comment. Sometimes I have to type fast or lose my train of thought.

      I posted a comment on the CBS website Three Rivers mentioning this website. Someone mentioned that Alex looked like he gained a pound or two and had fuller, longer hair. Had to refer this website to her and tell her to look at the pictures of him now. He is a lot thinner since his Moonlight days and his hair is not as long. Anyway, I don’t know where I would express my love of Alex if this website were not available (heaven forbid). We all have differing opinions but hold a love for Alex all the same. I know we all would love to punish CBS for it’s “betrayal” to Moonlight fans, but Alex got caught in the middle and it was hurtful to him as well as his Moonlight fans. Remember his blog on MySpace:

      It was a very tough time for all concerned when Moonlight was cancelled. Let’s hope for the best with Three Rivers.

  309. Furthermore, I will add that Alex also had nothing to do with the final flamethrowing at Moonlight, again, the network… We are not blind, we do have intelligence, so it is not difficult to see that that network, which at one time was a major force in TV broadcasting, is far from giving its viewers satisfying entertainment…

    Honestly, we are not bitter, we are just being honest…

    I am hoping Alex, who has already found his place in all of our hearts, will find his career leads to movies, not just a Moonlight movie, but worthwhile entertainment that is worthy of his talents… Especially with great casts & great leading ladies…

  310. It is unfortunate that we must come to stating such about 3Rs, but I must agree it does sound depressing week after week…It will not fail due to anything Alex does because he is “a 1 in a 1,000,000 actor” that knows his craft, enjoys it, more than finds it to be work…If for any reason 3Rs succumbs to the fatal scaple, it will be held by the networks hands not Alex’s…

    1. If it wasn’t for Alex I deffinately would not even consider watching it, and even if it IS a success (heck MOONLIGHT was headed that way) CBS won’t care-they’ll cancel it anyway!
      Just like the CW and REAPER–they wasted NO time rushing the DVD into the stores of the season they just canceled! GOOD GOD WHO DO THEY THINK IS GONNNA BUY IT–OH YEAH ALL THE FANS–SO IF IT HAS FANS WHY CANCEL IT!
      A Pox on ALL their houses is all I can say—keep it up dumbos and no one will watch anything on your stupid networks and it’ll be the end of an era!

  311. I am sorry to offend anyone out there about my comment about TR. I guess I am bitter about Moonlight. It just bothers me that Nina Tassler insulted the fans by saying we didn’t like Moonlight, but just were hot for Alex, but now she is counting on his fans to boost the ratings. Also, I know what kind of shows I like, and I truly think a show about organ transplants week after week sounds boring. I feel it is a truly depressing and sad thing a family has to go through and a tough and emotional decision they have to make. Seriously, how does a show like that last over time? I mean I am probably wrong because who am I? I just know NBC has a new medical drama that looks good and CBS also has one that TR has to go against. Even though they are on different nights, people might decide to only go with one new medical show. Also, HBO’s True Blood is on Sunday nights @ 9:00, that show is really hot right now. It did great in the ratings with its season premiere. How can TR compete with that? Honestly, the real draw to the show is Alex O’loughlin. He needs to be available for that Moonlight movie and with a miracle from God someone will bring Moonlight back to primetime. So, if I sound bitter I am sorry and apologize. Its just that I can watch the show over and over day and night and never get tired of it. It was a great show with a great cast that had enormous chemistry together and it breaks my heart it was ripped from us. Dyann was right, what has CBS put on in its timeslot to replace it that has lasted? The Ex-List sucked. I heard then there was Swingtown and now flashpoint. Is that even still on? Every show on the networks are either medical, reality, some sort of CSI or CSI, Criminal Intent and so on. CW is putting on vampire diaries, but like Twilight that’s for teenagers. What do we have? Sorry if I insulted anyone about TR.

    1. Laura, I am not offended. I happen to have my doubts about TR being a success as well. But I certainly would never say I “hope” it does fail. This is the man’s job we are talking about here and even though I know it would not be Alex’s fault it would have to sting to be on not one but two cancelled shows. I could never take pleasure in something like that.

      Also I highly doubt the same crowd watching TR would also be True Blood fans. Heck I don’t know many Moonlight fans that like True Blood except for me, LOL. And HBO plays True Blood all throughout the week inlcuding twice on Sundays so you don’t have to watch on Sundays. I saw the premiere on Sunday and then I have watched the same eppy 3 or 4 times AGAIN this week.

      I plan on watching 3Rs at 9 and then True Blood at 11:00 if season 2 is still aring by then.

  312. I just love the way Mick’s eyes stare and follow Beth. He doesn’t have to say anything, his eyes says it all.
    Dynn, I have to agree with you. It’s not offense or disrespect to Alex, but CBS cancels everything without giving it a chance. Back in the day shows were given years to prove themselves, Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld. They were horrible in the ratings in the beginning and look where they all ended. I think I was the only one watching Seinfeld the first season. It wasn’t fair to Moonlight because it didn’t even get a full season. If it wasn’t for the writer’s strike maybe it would have done a little better by the end of the season. I don’t think any show that season should have gotten the axe just because of the strike. I watch CBS Monday lineup and some during the week, and I can tell you I never remember seeing a promo for Moonlight. Survivor, CSI and Ghost Whisperer is aired to death. I hope TR fails, just to teach them a lesson that they are depending on all the Moonlight fans to boost their ratings and I for one won’t reward them for what they did. Also, you’re right. It won a People’s Choice Award for best new drama, it won its time slots each week and had a fan base that is growing. I don’t think it was fair to us or the actors to promise they were coming back for a second season up until the last second and then change their minds. We didn’t get a proper finish to any storyline. Also, on some website (I think buddytv) there was a vote of the top tv series that was canceled that you would like to be brought back and Moonlight was #2. Also, I hope it wins the Saturn Award on June 24th. If I would have known sooner I would have paid $50 to join so they could send me voting papers. I feel badly about that. I also wrote to NBC to tell them how disappointed I was that they canceled “Life” and asked them to consider bringing Moonlight back. I told them it had a 8 million fan base plus that is growing weekly thanks to Sci-Fi. I know it won’t do any good, but I can dream.

    1. You hope TR fails? Ouch! Honestly though I think there are many Moonlight fans who secretly feel that way… kinda sucks for Alex. Seems kind of bitter.

      It sucks that NBC canceled Life… I liked that show.

    2. I know that we all are attached to Alex O’Loughlin’s character Mick St. John and are hoping against hope for a movie version, however to wish that TR fails…I am flabbergasted. This is Alex’s project that he picked and got greenlighted by CB fricken S. He had to wait a year for a project to come about, that’s a year with no work. Alex won’t get more movie deals if this series fails, only people in current hits get offered movie deals, people in series that fail are offered zilch. I thought you guys loved the picture of Alex in The Back-Up Plan. I thought you loved all the projects he did before Moonlight like Mary Bryant. I thought you support the actor Alex and not just the character Mick St. John. Please support Alex in whatever the project he is in. You can see more of his expressive face, you can see more shots of him working. Without Alex working, we get no new pictures/photos, no new articles, no tv guide, no new movies, and Alex gets no respect among his peers in the tv/movie making industry. Never hope that Alex’s projects fail, only wish happiness and success for him, for his cute expressive kind face.

      1. · Edit


        You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
        I was out of town and saw the comments and just had to cry. I thought of not even commenting anymore……………….but………………..Alex is the only actor out there that I have come to know and love through his interviews, movies, and Moonlight. ……ooppps…..forgot his smile = )
        This is an Alex Oloughlin Fansite and WE ARE HIS FANS!!!!!!!!!
        We LOVE Alex no matter what he is in and I know I will continue to support our Wonderful Alex. Even my hubby had to talk to me (can you imagine that), My husband who puts up with watching the same scene over and over aqain………watching youtube videos of him. And helping me look for a gift for him for his Birthday.
        What would actors be without the fans?? Nowhere!!!
        So……………..I have picked up the sword again and am going on with the fight. I recently heard him being interviewed by a 10 year old girl and it was wonderful. I think it was from 2008…………….he was as sweet as sweet could be. So……………………….on with the Crusuade………………… matter what Alex is in…………………I will support him 1000%. That is why he loves his fans. so……………………………

        ALEX SOLIDARITY………………..RAH………RAH……………….RAH


  313. Josh to Beth in Love Lasts Forever.

    Reaper Status Update
    Here’s the latest on the Reaper Season 3 situation:

    Unfortunately, The CW has released their 2009-2010 schedules, and Reaper is not on it, despite there being a perfectly good Friday at 9PM time slot they are instead giving to a crappy Top Model repeat.

    The Hollywood Reporter states that Reaper’s producers are in talks with CW affiliates about the idea of showing Reaper on Sunday nights next season. If you’d like to see this happen, e-mail your local CW affiliate and tell them you would definitely like this. Apparently some affiliates are very interested.

    A third-season pickup for Reaper could cause trouble for Tyler Labine’s new series (on FOX), as his contract has Reaper in a first position, though hopefully, if the show were to be picked up for more, he could do both. The show would not be the same without Sock.

    Just remember, above all else, THE SHOW IS NOT DEAD YET! There’s still a new episode left to air on Tuesday, and hopefully this syndication thing will work out so we get another year.


  315. Since we are taking about Mischa–and Josef–well storywise there is Josef and Mischa! Lots more about that coming—just wanted to let you know that Mischa being Administrator of DiscoverGerry is obviously HOT for Gerard Butler. She also thougth MICK was HOT, beacuse, well he’s a LOT like Gerry! I had decided she was ending up with Josef in the original DRACULA 2008 MEETS MICK AND BETH storyline, and I was worred she was gonna kill me. I really thougth with Josef being borderline like a Mob boss, and Mischa being realated in real life to Al Capone, it was a good fit. Well I was NOT telling her how things were going to end up–haha–she actually had it in HER head I was gonna kill her off anyway. So before I get to the hookup part she tells me she “thinks Josef is so cute and funny” the way he’s always being a wise guy etc. WELL that was a relief! And through the story etc I think she is really likeing him more and more. She even said she thought he’d look “HOT” in that new hairstyle I wrote. LMAO–just call me the Matchmaker! But to be really honest–well Gerard Butler floats her boat and I wouldn’t be honest if I let you think otherwise!

  316. Thanks katie, I’m kind of partial to this website myself…

    And since Dyann, a Moonlight fan & also Gerald Butler fan (our thread in fuller form is also on Gerry’s site thanks to Mischa (Gerry’s owner, Mischa loved that comment whe I said it) to the endth degree, & I have been online/phone friends for a long while now, she put the word out to Mischa what we were attempting to accomplish here with my thread and this original Moonlight Movie Crusade…

    I go way back on this website, where Tiffany is the administrator, to the days of the Moonlight 2nd season campaign… I was at other sites for Moonlight, found too much catty-action so I found peace here and many friends that still remain so to this day… Hope you do also…

  317. B C is my favorite episode, followed closely by Fated to Pretend. Mick’s eyes when Beth says “She?” after Mick says he wants to go to club Valas because the silver makes him think maybe SHE is there. His eyes do the same thing when Lola says “I know you’ve looked at him and wondered, What does it FEEL like to move through the night, so powerful, nothingcan touch you.”
    There is a point when she is trying to seduce him when he almost give in. He is about to kiss her and she says “join me”. He bites his lip for contyol. He wins the fight.. the next day he is still in control. The way he looks at her as she goes up the stairs is wonderful. WOW, what a vampire he is. That is only part of my favorites. I have watched the show every day for over a year. I can’t even get interested in anything else on TV.
    . .

  318. Hey Folks,

    I just wanted you all to know I just posted a mini-version of this thread on my Journal at a worlwide following on a Friendship sight I belong to called Tagged… Hope it brings more people to AOLO & also to our crusade… Hopefull many more letters will head out to get the attention of Joel & all…

    Now there is a distinct possibilty I have just ended many friendships there as they will think the normally “normal” Patricia S has flipped… But anything to bring Moonlight…Even adversity is a form of advertising…

    Here is what I wrote…also posted a Mick pix & my own Moonlight poem, which is not copying to here, I see…


    Moonlight Movie Crusade
    half a minute ago edit

    I am currently involved in a crusade, as I was for a 2nd season, for a favorite TV show unjustly canceled, Moonlight…We were led to believe it was its ratings that got it canceled… Believe that & I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge…

    Head on over to help support this endeavor posted on various sites, including, but mainly on in the Permalinks in right column on the on the link…read the comments & get the info & addresses to contact to make this happen…hurry, time is important…Joel Silver contacted Alex, the lead actor, Dec., 2008, & was agreed upon, but nothing in works yet, so let him & all actors agents know we want this now…

    Over at AOLO I have supplied all of the important addresses to write to… I am posting this mini-message about the crusade to reach more people worldwide as Moonlight was watched & loved worldwide…even recipient of Peoples Choice’s Best New Drama Award in 2007…


  319. Favorite scenes…Well, when Mick is going to insert the microchip in Beth’s hand and he says “this may hurt a little bit” and she says “I’ll be fine, right? Won’t I?” Mick counters with “let’s hope” Then beth says “By the way, the whole kiss thing”. Mick looks at her and says “Yeah, the kiss. I was thinking that maybe that was like an accident His smile was so knowing.

  320. Running a little late posting the trivia this morning, but here I am now…

    To all who answered yesterday’s trivia question of What does Carpe Diem mean, all were correct in answering “Seize the day!”…..

    Now for todays’ question…really trying hard to stump all, would also appreciate some of you bidding in some trivia questions for all to answer, too…

    Who said “I forgot how cute you are when you are crusading?” If you can, give episode…

    1. · Edit

      Hi Tish,

      Josh says it to her in……..LOVE LAST FOREVER



  321. Welcome back & “home”, vicki,

    No we, nor I, can forget Josef… Though only Mick’s second sire, he, being the elder, does have a tendancy, in a “pretended unaffected manner” (is the only way I could explain what I see about him), to protect Mick… I feel that, not knowing all of Josef’s past history except he was turrned 400 years prior, & the fact he was very young when it happened, that Mick is the sibling he, either, never had or like he did have…

    One of my favorite Josef/Mick scenes is the “birds & bees” talk in Fated To Pretend”, when Mick does admit to Josef that he is, in fact, “In Love” with Beth… Josef advises him to pursue his her, bring it to full circle intimately, in so many words… But I love when Mick has this question about this & Josef says, “Vampires & humans can have sex”…and, he also questions Mick, “Didn’t your Dad ever tell you this?”(or something of that nature)… I thought it was adorable, Josef giving a “facts of Life” lesson to Mick…And I am certain all women around the world, “Yes!” simultaneously when Mick said to Josef, “But I have this tendancy to bite down when, you know” & Josef says with this “been there, done that” smile on his face & tells Mick, “Some grls like that.”

    1. Hi Tish..You bet ya…That part about Mick ” But I have this tendency to bite down when, you know” .I thought the first time i heard that (What did he say) I caught that when it aired and since have replayed that dvd over and over again. Josef does his little flick of hand gesture he does so well. replyed “some women like that” Just like when Beth and Mick go over and visit Josef about the death of Beth’s boss and he ask “Am I a suspect ” and gets the nod from Beth and he replys “Cool, like role playing with out the leather” and does his quick hand gesture. He makes me laugh..

      1. · Edit

        I LOVE it Vicki!!!!

        Makes me want to just go and watch it again. I just Love Josef’s little comments. They are all one heck of a team.



  322. Dyann, where can i read your stories about Mick and Beth?

    1. lMAO–Where have you been Katie? That’s all anyone has talked about on here besides the MOVIE CRUSADE–check out the OLDER comments–believe MISCHA put up a driect link to the site on here someplace–but it’s:
      It’s a site for Gerard Butler (Dracula 2000), you need to click to go to the FORUM and then scroll down to FAN FICTION—on the right you should see the WELCOME ALEX O FANS thingie and click on that–or if not click on FAN FICTION and when the list opens click on the WELCOME ALEX O one–it explains about the stories and how to find each one and what they are. And what order they were written in etc!
      Thanks for your interest!

      1. i just found this website Dyann, I used to read the old moonlight website till they got rid of it. I have been on some other websites not as good as this one.

  323. I have been away and was just reading all the new comments. I just love this site so much. It makes me feel justifyed in my passion for MOONLIGHT and Alex O’Loughlin. I to like the SUPERNATURAL series and watched the final episode(what a cliffhanger). My married name is McKay and it is SCOTTISH. My relatives did and extensive search when their father passed to find members of his family thinking they were of IRISH descent and found they were not.,,,, since there father came here and was orphaned shortly after he arrived and was rasied by an Aunt who passed when he was about twenty. My maiden name is Locke and my great grandparents came here from England… I can still remember them. 🙂 My mother ‘s maiden name is Winchester and is half Oogala Indian from North Dakota. So I quess that makes me 100 percent American LOL. Any way…. back to .Mick and Beth. When I read everyones fav quote or episode or what ever your conversating about ,,,,,I so get it!!!
    I am like yes yes I remember that . One of my favorites is when Mick just saved the young Bonnie from jumping off the roof and Mick is walking Beth back to her car and she is talking to D.A. Talbot on the phone and Mick grabs Beth”s arm cautiously when they step out to cross the street. She say’s”He is starting to grow on me” Mick says”hey” and Beth turns around to face him and he has this most angelic look on his face!!!He has that ability to just pull your emotions to him..Then he goes on to ask Beth to come to his place he wants to make her dinner and she ends that scene with the ( oh yeah Baby) smile. Lol well its one of many favorite.s
    Vampire solidarity Rah Rah Rah ……..Lets not forget Josef .(Jason ) I like him alot to.

    1. I’m deffinately not forgetting Josef! I’m a big fan of Josef! In fact in Chapter 6 of my current Story you’ll be learning MORE about Josef from his now special lady! What’s he like as a lover? Oh my, enquiring minds want to know, the girls will have GIRL TALK and it will deffinately be INTERESTING!
      And Chapter 4 was almost all about Mick and Josef and their interactions and Josef’s wise acre comments!
      Then again maybe you haven’t read it yet!
      In any event, no I (for one) have NOT forgotten Josef!

      1. I do love your story Dyann.. I had a little bit of a problem finding it but I am not that computer savy. But I did and I enjoy it. umm…umm…You go with that writiers style and I will keep reading on. Yes I do love me some Josef.
        Remember when Mick tells Josef about the Black Crystal…” Apparently, we are the new high”, the look on Mick and Josef faces . How Ironic ….. they are still a drug to us……….Have an Aewsome day..

      2. I’ve been meaning to bring up the Black Crystal subject–remember Beth says “Do you always feel like this?” I mean she is really feeling GREAT at the time–well that’s usual for drugs I guess (I’m not one for stuff like that so couldn’t say from personal experience!) And AFTERWARD she doesn’t throw the vilal aways now does she? Beth could have pitched it but she saves it…………………PAUSE FOR THOUGHT ON THE SUBJECT………….

  324. Oh almost forgot…in pertaining to Celtic surnames, depending on your clan the O, the Mc, the Mac, etc, all meant, more or less the same thing, “Son of”…

  325. Sandra, not certain what generation of Australian inhabitants Alex’s parents were, so their family could trace back for a very long time…

    And, yes, O’ is a prefix of an Irish surname… However, Mc is mainly an Irish prefix, & I know this as my maternal grandfather’s surname was McIntyre (Irish as Patty’s Pig),, So you are correct in concluding that Alex’s Mom is Scotch

    1. Gerard Butler is Scottish, and has some Irish ancestry–now we know why Dracula 2000 looks like Mick St. John’s older brother! HEY they are maybe related way back!

  326. Dyann,

    I am sorry to tell you, but I believe I read somewhere that Reaper was canceled. Everytime you find a show you love, bam-canceled. I loved NBC ‘s Life. Bam! canceled. I loved ABC’s Life on Mars and a new show that came on late in the spring The Unusuals BamBamBam!. And, life goes on, but I am totally obsessed with Moonlight and can’t get over its loss. The season finale of Supernatural was great. I really like that show. Sometimes it’s too scary for me. If I don’t get my laundry out of the dryer before it starts, it either stays there or one of my boys (much to their annoyance) has to go down to the basement to get it for me. I have been reading your stories on and have enjoyed them. I need my Mick/Beth fix. Have a great night.

    1. Well I had a feeling they might cancel REAPER–especially as the season finale left us UP IN THE AIR–with not only Sam having his soul owed by the Devil but his girlfriends too! The only thing WORSE than canceling a show is having it end without the issues being resolved! Still they rushed Season 2 DVD out into the stores so people must like it! I JUST DON’T GET THESE STUPID NETWORKS!
      And I hate to tell the Alex fans but if 3Rivers doesn’t get the ax it’ll be a miracle!
      Anyway glad you are enjoying the stories!

      1. · Edit


        Come on ………………we really need to be positive about anything Alex is in. This is for and about him and his fans and HE LOVES his fans. It would break his heart to hear his fans say that. So…………….positive………positive………………positive……………………………

        We LOVE everything and anything you are in Alex.

        I believe in miracles……………………..and as Mick would say
        “Would you?”

        ALEX SOLIDARITY……….RAH………………RAH…………..RAH


      2. It’s NOT about Alex OR his talent–it’s about CBS being ignorant! Most of these stations now adays have their hands on the CANCEL button and can’t wait to pull the plug and go on to the next show which they think will be an INSTANT success instead of giving things a chance to grow. Case in point the old show ALL IN THE FAMILY—the first whole year the viewing was a bit dismal—but they gave it a second season and it became a ALL TIME CLASSIC with Archie Bunkers chair now in the Smithsonial Museum!
        But now the won’t give anything a chance! They just cancel cancel cancel and put on dumb reality shows!
        NBC just canceled their HIT show MEDIUM–altho CBS has taken it to put on Fridays in MOONLIGHTS old spot–why? BECAUSE NOTHING HAS SUCCEEDED THERE SINCE MOONLIGHT GOT THE AS! So why in God name didn’t they just keep the show that had every possibility of working and give it a little PROMO instead of the ax! I don’t know how many people I”ve mentioned this show to that NEVER HEARD OF IT! TV watchers who say they would have watched it but they didn’t realize it was on! Who’s fault is that? THE NETWORK!
        CBS had MOONLIGHT and it won awards, and had high reviews, and what did they do? Do we really think they won’t do it again?



    1. SO TRUE! But then I was probably struck brainless by the sight of his chest poking out of his shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  328. Hi Dyann
    I too, love Suoernatural.Have season 1,2 & 3 on DVD. I also love Smallville have season 1 -7 on DVD.
    Unfortunately we do not have them on TV now. So on the week-end after you people in USA watch it on Thursday I have to catch up with it on the internet. surfthechannel.
    I have watched Dean and the angles, and Sam drinking demon blood. SO i know what you mean about his fate.
    Also season 8 of Smallville Himmy Olsen getting killed etc.

    1. I also have SUPERNATURAL Seasons 1,2 &,3 on DVD–will deffinately have to get #4 now that it’s over! I thin #4 has just been a rollercoaster all year! Many shows I’ve been on the edge of my sofa clutching a pillow to my tummy and exclaiming “Oh my God!”! I thnk SUPERNATURAL is the only thing that kept me going after MOONLIGHT got canceled! Have you seen the Season Finale then? WOW! Can’t imagine where they are going to be heading it next season!
      I’ve watched SMALLVILLE too—8 years really? Some shows better than others. Wish they’d get on wit it with Clark and Lois, altho I think Chloe was always hotter than Lana anyday! haha! Missed the last few as they had it and BONES and UGLY BETTY on all at the same time! Love those shows so SMALLVILLE got left out of the watch one tape one mode! But I knew they’d repeat S-ville so not worried I’ll see them eventually.
      Any chance you have watched REAPER? It’s more of a comedy, but I LOVE that show–second season, and no clue weither CW will bring it back next year. Have the first season on DVD, and hear the second one is out now! The Devil is sooo funny but wicked in it!
      Everyting I have watched and read, they all influence me when I sit down to write my stories!
      By the way I’m still working on Chapter #5 but it’s coming along nicely–3 pages on the Microsoft program currently, I usually go 4-5 on a story chapter–have been known to go longer, but usually try to break it at 5 for ease in putting it up. Just so you know…..!

  329. Dyann,

    I am a Supernatural fan. I never miss an episode. But, I have to watch it in my room with the door closed, because it’s too scary for me to be out in the open in the downstairs. I am counting down the time until 9:00 for Moonlight on Sci-Fi. My husband is off tonight and I told him he better not get in my way at 9:00. I never miss Moonlight on Sci-Fi. Remember, let’s try to log on to Sci-Fi after moonlight and leave our feedback that we never miss the show. I read somewhere a few weeks ago they were only running it for a little longer. I hope that’s not true. What else do I have to look forward to?

  330. Carp Diem, I cheated a little on this one googled it. It means seize the day. Cause I was stumped. I hope you tell us where in M.L it relates.

    Just a little bit of trivia, not positive but from my knowledge of some of Great Britian countries and their name originality:’ One of Alex’s parents is Scottish and tha other Irish. His family name is O’Lachlan. I am thinking his father was Irish, mother Scotch.

    My reasoning being, Scotttish have predominatley surnames with Mac or Mc, like MacDoanld etc. Irish have surnames predominatley O’ like O’Riley, O’Malley etc. This is sort of rule of thumb, and of course people move. Fegan my surname is also Irish, my husbands father was Irish.

    Could be wrong of course, but the Irish and Scottish tend to move to England or elsewhere, Australia etc, not from Ireland to Scotland.. or vise versa.

    1. Carp Diem is LATIN, and yes for SEIZE THE DAY—as for MOONLIGHT, well as a Vamp it’d be more like Seize the Night! 🙂

  331. In Love Lasts Forever. yes Mick does say no to turning Josh, “That’s not Living”. When he visits her at home later throught the window. She asks him what he would do if it had been her. To her he says the same. In his mind we hear “I’ve asked myself that question” and iin words of the kind, he says he’s got no idea what he would do if it were Beth..
    I don;t see aging bothering him, he loves her warts and all. But I think anything happening to her that will mean that will stop him having the love of his life with him , he would change his mind and turn her. I feel he would need to do a whole heap of soul searching first though.
    I think the “Mortal Cure” does not exist as a permanent thing. Beth told him enough was enough in Dyann storyline. They might try again to find it, but a child is on the way, whatever the outcome of a possibly quarter/half vampire mortal child will pretty much tie then for at least a few years from roaming around, they will be parents with all the responsibilities that go with it.. Also in Dyann storyline the French aristocatic connection, with the herbal cure thing, I would imagine died with them, the fire they went up in I imagine would have taken any records of how it was made with them. Coraline was stated there wasn;t much left of it anyway.
    I think Beth and the whole sexy vampire jumping thing that she meantions, will pale into comparison of not having her husband with her all the time, sleeping in freezer , daylight etc.
    But it all depends what bady girl turns out like. The whole turning thing can be very voilent, and would Beth be able to be safe around her child, if the child were more human.
    Mick is controlled, he would be able to handle it. Hard question, Maybe eventually they will have that double white freezer that Mick joked about in Sonata about the Monaghans.

    1. I really appreciate all the thought you put into your answer, and am quite flattered that you added my storyline into your thinking…(Newbees check in Fan Fiction in the Forum at….All I can say at this time is that it’s not an easy answer–pros and cons on both sides. The deciding factor is probably FATE, what is Beths FATE to be and whay steps does FATE take to make it whatever it is. FATE made Mick a Vamp and all attemps to change it have been unsuccesful. ANYONE ON HERE WATCHING THE CW SHOW SUPERNATURAL? I only mention it because FATE is playing a major influence on the Winchester Boys in that Series! Dean has been “chosen”, nothing he does can change what his FATE ends up to be! Sometimes we don’t know what our FATE is but the plan may have been unrolling for quite sometime. Only HINT you get is that I LOVE Supernatural and you might see a bit of influence in my storyline down the road!

  332. I should really simplify the above letter writiing schedule to a clearer explaination…

    Write to Mr Silver at least every two weeks, once you send the original mail to him, at least, just certified mail, just post the rest regular mailings…

    Write to the Moonlight actors’ agents at least monthly…

  333. Yes, Yes, YEs!!!!! to imitate the famed Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally”… Went to the mailbox yesterday & found the little green receipt card fro the Post Office that was sent attached to the letter I sent to Joel Silver… I sent it Certified/Return Receipt/ Restricted Delivery… though not signed by Joel, someone named Matthew Gruca (is what it appears to be) signed for Mr Silver, which means this Matthew has been allowed to accept such mail for Mr. SIlver…

    I did find it strange that the return post mark came from a area called Santa Clarita, CA, way above Burbank, actually northwest of even Simi Valley… So the detective within me will check out if Joel may have a home in that area… As I see it, Matthew may have signed for the letter at the Silver Pictures Office at the WB Studios, but seeing the restricted delivery, Matthew, more than likely, felt his boss should see this personally… His boss being Joel Silver, so this letter, I feel, I sent did make it to the hands of the man who will bring us a Moonlight movie…am assured Matthew & Joel saw it as a “must read” plus returned the card at the post office after noting how it was ordered to be sent for over $10…

    I feel assured now that Joel knows it is serious to get us a Moonlight movie, but please all continue to keep sending Joel letters & yes, at least monthly, send to all of the Moonlight Actors agents…

    “Vampire Solidarity…..Rah, Rah, Rah!!!!”

    1. Sound to me like maybe this MATHHEW guy is Joels PERSONAL ASSISTANT, anyone who is that big a wig is bound to have one, and the Personal Assistant would have legal right to sign for letters or other stuff as that is worked out however–anyway that’s great that you got that back! Would be better is you got some kinda of reply from Silvers office! Hey lets all keep fingers crossed!




    June 16, 2009 | Permalink | Reply
    Hi all,
    I spoke to Tish and asked her if I could post this here. I wrote this up to promote the Movie Crusade. If you would like to post it elsewhere to draw in more support feel free. Since it doesn’t look like I can post photos on here I will instead put a link to my photobucket acct to the pic that I have placed in here…. I hope we draw many who are longing for a Movie!
    Vampire Fever Sweeping the World

    Everywhere you look, vampires are taking over. One of the summer’s most viewed movies is the trailer for the Twilight sequel New Moon. HBO’s True Blood returned for season 2 on Sunday. And one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall is the CW’s teen drama The Vampire Diaries. There’s no point in resisting, it’s time to give in to vampire fever.

    Who is the Sexiest Male Vampire?

    There’s something alluring about the undead, and we want you to vote for your favorite sexy male vampire from film and television. by John Kubicek

    [insert pic here]

    Mick St. John, Moonlight
    This heroic vampire only lasted one season, but Alex O’Loughlin left a huge impression on his female audience.

    Here’s the link for the slideshow:

    Then go vote for who think is the Sexiest Male Vampire

    And since Vamps are so hott right now why not drop Mr. Silver a line and let him know you want a MOVIE!
    For more info go to:

    Mr. Joel Silver
    Silver pictures
    4000 Warner Blvd, BLDG 90
    Burbank, CA 91522

    Interview excerpt with Alex at the Boston Herald 4/29/09
    Given the recent success of the big-screen “Twilight” and HBO’s “True Blood,” is there any chance “Moonlight” could rise for a big-screen reunion?

    “(Executive producer) Joel Silver called me right before Christmas. ‘Alex, we’re making the movie. You in?’ ‘Well, sure.’ He hung up, and I haven’t heard from him since. I don’t know what the answer to that is. I don’t know.”

  335. I see everyone has had thoughtful answers to the Beth to be or not to be a Vampire question!
    But then I expected nothing less from this bunch! 🙂
    Anyone who has yet to weigh in on the question still has time!
    Nice to see TISH back with us today!
    As for me I’ve got unexpected company coming long distance today–and no idea what time they might get here–oh well, I’m bound to connect with you tonight if nothing else!
    As for MY feeling about Beth/Vampire question and how that should play out, you’ll know soon enough–several chapters down the road in my story. No hints! You’ll just have to wait and see!

  336. Thanks everyone for your input to my questions.
    Dyann, I definitely think Beth should become a vampire to stay with Mick forever. I don’t think she should have an accident or a terminal illness though. I think it should be her decision freely and not because she has to. There was so much more to tell with this love story. CBS sucks!!!!!. Do we continue to send out letters to everyone or just Joel Silver about every two weeks or so. I am done with work next week (the school year is out) so I have the whole summer with nothing to do, but let my fingers do the walking. Have a great day everyone.

  337. Oops, that village above Anza is Idyllwild.. that Ernest “Papa” Hemmingway loved…..

  338. Wow, I just read your very powerful question, Dyann… I gave my opinion above about how I feel that Mick will eventually turn Beth if she were dying for he could not live without her…

    Now your question does leave us some thought… How I feel about this is that the “Mortal Cure” will be both their quest for years… It is, always has been Mick’s desire to not be a vampire, so he has even more reason to be human, live a normal life, now he has Beth’s love to match his own… Mick would love nothing more than find the “cure”, remain human, take Beth & move to some quiet little area in Southern CA (since he likes the weather…I, having lived there can recommend Anza or the sleepy village Papa Hemmingway loved, Idllwild right above Anza in the Cahillia Mountains…Ah, come to think of it, there is one more…a little more north & in San Bernadino County in the mountains above the urban smog called Crestline, an even less populated village off the Ortega Hwy)… However, I still feel that while the “cure” will get always within their grasps, it will stay elusive & Beth finds out she is either terminally ill or she is somehow sustains a wound that can take her life & Mick is faced with a ultimate decision…Does he chance loing Beth & could he, would, want to live without her even as a human? Or does he keep her alive by turning her if that is the only hope he has of her not succumbing to a mortal death & losing her forever?

  339. I feel that Mick will keep Beth mortal for as long as possible… As Tiffany mentioned, “a willing freshie”… However, it is my opinion that Mick will find it difficult to let Beth die if she were near death though he told her differently when she confronted him when he was tending to Josh’s wounds & Beth was begging him to “turn him…save him, turn him”… Even though Mick said no then, I feel somewhere down the passage of time as his love intensifies more and more (for there are many stages of love after the lust subsides and gets controllable) Mick will find it unimaginable to live the vampire life without “his Beth”…

    Many emotions, many decisions were made by Mick during his second turning, I felt, one to change much of his outlook on his being a “monster”, etc…one, I think, was that he could never live again without Beth….

  340. Sorry I did not post a trivia question yesterday…I explaine in other post…

    Before going any further…today’s Moonlight/Alex Trivia question is

    What does Carpe Diem mean?”

    And the answers to Tuesday’s trivia for Josh Lindsey’s insurance policy’s amount left to Beth was answered by all who did correctly…The answer wa, in fact, $40,000.00…..

    1. · Edit




  341. Hi Everyone,

    First I would like to apologize for very little contact here yesterday…very very busy persoanl life to attend to…trying to locate more property elswhere as well as sort & pack but not found the land yet…Still life as it is now also needs tending, so I had taken on many tasks yesterday…

    In no way, shape or form have I abandoned this MM Crusade, this thread, all of Moonlight/Alex friends & fans… So let me check comments & take it from there…And from what my email inbox looks like, AOLO site has been very busy, even MM Crusade thread…

    Oh my, Sandra Fegan…thank you for the time zone rundown…I hope we all will take note of the time differences between our local area time zones (where we each live) here in the US & Australia when Alex goes home for a visit…remember he would either be visiting in NSW (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where Mom lives) or ACT (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia where his dad lives)… Our wonderful friend Sandra lives in QLD (Queensland which is in the most northern east corner of the country of Australia, very lush & green, too, from the pix I have seen)

    ANd, also thank you, Sandra Fegan for posting on Ozlighters ( for us here at AOLO & Moonlight Movie Crusade… And, hey, everyone, why don’t we all take a look at the site… I had been there long ago during the 2nd season campaign but not since…I do think, however, I never posted, I felt I would be invading our Australian Sisterhood, now if one of them invites any or all of us to visit often, that would be awesome…

    Okay, think I will begin another post to reply to some other details…

    Hugs, Sandra, aka Mick Forever….

  342. I think Mick is very protective of Beth, and that had something to do with it saying he didn’t want to drink her blood–also didn’t want her to HAVE to let him, as he was in desperate straights, and maybe his fantasy is that she would want to not have to—very complicated for sure!
    He’s also not about to admitt he’s jealous, and I also think he’s a bit confused because he wants her but doesn’t think he should! All makes for a good show!
    And don’t think I’m asking because of my Story cause I’ve already made my decision about it–in fact it took me so long to get from Drac meets Mick and Beth story to Vampires Daughter story= because I just didn’t know what way to go! I felt I needed to decide it before I could go on to where ever the story led! Anyway I have already made my decision and I’ll stick by it–nothing you say will change how I”ll write the storyling..Once I make up my mind I am like a ROCK-you don’t move me for sure! I know some people might feel one way or another about it, and I’m sure everyone will be passionate…but I just wondered how everyone felt..
    I’ll look forward to seeing everyones thoughts on this subject!

    1. · Edit

      Hi Dyann,

      mmmmmmmmmmmm great question for all of us.. I think she should stay human. I think that is what is behind alot of the romance. Although…….how long can you go with that. But Beauty and the Beast lasted for a few years…….didn’t it??

      That is a hard question……………………….what if Mick stayed human for a longer time than he thinks. That won;t work either…………..Beth and Sophia like the vamp thing.

      Remember when Beth says to Mick……………..It’s a shame you can’t still do that SEXY VAMPIRE jumping thing. ( Fated to Pretend )
      And I saw an interview early on of the 3 of them talking about Moonlight. Alex talks about how Sophia makes a pass at him when he comes out of makeup.
      They are absolutely wonderful together.



  343. Laura,
    Yes, Fever is when Mick drinks Beth’s blood. My thoughts are ‘not like this’ refers to the fact he would rather die than drink her blood, after all he loves her, and I think he knows that fact at that point, and I think she also feels it, upset when she thinks he’s dead, also her reaction to Josh’s kiss on her puncture mark arm He doesn’t want to feed on her, or Lenny. In his delirium he images doing just that. Also he thinks he may have hurt Lenny. I also think he thinks Beth will scorn him or something, he would rather die than hurt esepcially her.
    The Click scene not so sure about that one, I know in all the melly of paparazzi their relationship with Mick goes up a notch. Later on in another ep Beth calls Ben, Ben and Mick asks if he should be jealous. Her response if yes, makes her feel more desirable. Don’t forget Mick is still a monster in his eyes, so not really good enough for Beth the Human, who’s life he’s followed and documented at a distance since she was 4, in his eyes anyawy.
    This is just my take pn those points.

  344. Okay ladies, here’s a stupid question for you. I kind of have the idea of the answer, but sometimes I don’t always catch on without an explanation. In “Fever” when Mick tells Beth that he doesn’t want her blood and “not like this” what does he mean by that? How was he referring to drinking her blood? Also, in Click when Mick is in the restaurant with Tierney and Beth is with Ben Talbot, Mick looks over to Beth and Ben with jelousy (his nostrils flair), but when Beth questions Mick as having a “hot lunch date” why do you think he doesn’t let her know he is bothered by her being with Ben? Just two thinks that were on my mind. Have a great night. I am getting ready for company my twins turned 18 today.

    1. Laura, I also wondered about that line. Saying “not like this” implies that he does in fact want to drink her blood but under better circumstances. MY personal take on it was that in his wildest dreams he and Beth would be together and she would be his own personal freshie… a willing donor.

      As for not saying he was bothered by her being with Ben… most men are reluctant to show jelousy. Women feel much more comfortable letting that out there for whatever reason. He is also not quite sure he belongs with Beth at that point still, so feelings if jelousy would be out of line unless he was ready to totally commit.

  345. Just posted on aussieslovemonlight for you Tish. Told them all about the letters. That you are all a friendly bunch, mostly American, but that we couldn’t hold that against you LOL Getting cheeky arn’t I, now I wonder if that is the old Pom (as they call us over here)I was born in England, or the 23 yrs Aussie in me LOL.But I think it is just me, and you can’t hold that aginst me either.LOL
    Dyann I also mentioned you stories, felt sure you wouldn’t mind.
    By the way I am called Mick Forever on there, but did put Sandra Fegan at the end of post.
    Hopes it helps, but did my bit anyway.

  346. HI EVERYONE! Nothing really for me to report about today–I did start typing the VAMPIRES DAUGHTER chapter #5–but it’s a long way from being ready to put up! But at least I’m working on it! Thanks to all again for your kind praises….by the way someone from Discover Gerry and I’ve known on there for years, and who read other Phantom stories on other sites said she likes my storyline better—but that I don’t describe everything like the rooms, scenes etc which others are doing……….for anyone who is new and didn’t catch that over at, my stories are just OUTLINES and not finished or polished “novels”–I write for fun and the truth is I think I’m better at dialog than descriptions anyway! I figure you don’t REALLY care about the wallpaper in the hotel Mick and Beth are in, you just want to know what Mick and Beth are DOING in the room (bed) and saying —am I right? YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT–lmao!!!! 🙂
    Shoulda been a screenwriter! LOL–Hey Joel is you need on for tha MOONLIGHT MOVIE, I”m available! Anyway just thought I’d add that for anyone who was wondering!

  347. Sorry about the link. I copied and pasted. I noted the link didn’t highlight, but assumed as I had copied and pasted it would work. Your link worked fine. Thanks for that Tish

  348. Hi Tish,
    I went to a family barbie last night. We have 7 family members over from the U.K,
    I received notification of your 2am email at 7pm. if that helps.
    Your are correct Adelaide is S.A. and yes Sydney is NSW. There are 2 terretories Australain Capital Territories (where Alex’s dad lives) and Northern Terrirtories,5 states Queensland,South A,Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales (where ALex’s mum loves) which go by Qld, S.A, Vic, W.A.and N.S.W. for short. Then there is Tasmania cut off from the mainland a little Island all by itself. It was a penal colony originally and called Van Demiens Land
    There are three time zones, Australian Western time (A.W.T)Western Australia capital Perth is the only place on A.W.T they would be on 2.47am ,Australian Central Time (A.S.T), these are South Australia and Northern Territories.would be 4.17 am at that time. And Australian Eastern Time (A.E.T.)all the other places, NSW,ACT, Victoria, QLD and Tasmania. At the same period of time, it would be 4.47am . I think most of the places do daylight saving from March to October QLD and Nothern Territory do not.
    This all sounds very complicated I think, hope you understand it all.
    I will do a post on aussies love moonlight for you.

  349. Sandra,

    I just noted that the link you sent did not highlight because there were some typos of extra letters , so with you permission I will post again for fans to take a gander ay Alex’s clothing choices… in the movie

    I do hope this works but could not understand if that word connected to “related” was actually supposed to be “hen”….

    Of the link does not highlight properly & connect all to the correct locale, please repost it for us again, Sandra…. Thanks & again, good night from me in America…

  350. Thanks Sandra, I was almost close on the Oz part… I should see if they will pass the word about the Moonlight Movie Crusade in that fansite…

    At one time, when I was all over the boards liiking for anything Moonlight while the 2nd season campaign then reigned, I visited that forum quite a few times… However, Sandra, since you are from there, would you mind terribly checking out the site for me & seeing if you can begin a discussion pertaining to this MM Crusade…. Perhaps you can let them know what we are up to over here and at this site, as well as several places running this Crusade thread…. Would so appreciate it, if you can… The more our word is spread about the better… and the closer we will all be to a Moonlight movie…

    Well, my friend, it is 2AM, Thursday, June 18, 2009, here in Tucson,AZ’s Mountain Standard Time & time for me to become a “Sleeping Beauty” for a few hours that is until the horses begin to neigh loudly as if they were starving…. NOT… SO good-night from me in the US…

    Oh, so we all do know, using this time above please let us know what time it would be there now in Australia, but are there differnet time zones in AU as in US??? I know you said you live in the state of Queensland, so what time difference also would it be in Sydney which is in New South Wales (correct?) in reference to the US??? Or, for instance, in Adelaide, which is South Australia, correct?

    Nighty-night, Tish

  351. In australia there is aussieslovemoonlight. NAd yes it is claed Ozlighters.

  352. I found this on youtube. It is so Alex in his own choice of clothes, casual baggy pants, t-shirt and cap. The in the movie button shirt and ight pants. It look s fan made.
    T in the movie,
    Hope it works.

  353. DOn;t even have to chrck up $40,000, and the guy said sorry the big bucks weren’t in the civil service.
    I tired to post earlier today, and couldn;t. Sorry Tirsh you were right that address Waverley Place was Josef’s house for Sarah. Sam the computer lady texted Beth the address., I got a little confused.

  354. Hi Everyone…for those who responded to the Trivia question of yesterday, Wednesday, the answer was indeed… April 28, 1955 when Charles/Josef attempted to turn his lady love, Sarah Whittley but failed and it left her in a comatose sleep…

    Now for today.s new trivia question… and lwt me tell you folks it is getting hard to stump you people….

    How much was the amount of the insurance policy left to Beth by Josh Lindsey?

  355. Hi Terry,

    Your question is easily answered…we already have some fans here from foreign shores posting on this thread, as well as the other threads… But there are a coupld of forums I did forget about… I will have to recheck the links…I know Alex/Moonlight was welcomed in Germany as well as various locations in and around Europe… perhaps, my link finding friend, you can do some of your online detective work as you have found so much interesting stuff that you sent to me… Either send to me or post here or even go on theri sites & tell them about our Moonlight Movie Crusade…

    I need to track bback to find the link for a good ALex fansite in his native Australia & let them know what we are trying to do… I can recall Ozland something…any help appreciated her folks…

  356. Oh yes…the way Mick stares at Beth when she and Josh go over to ask Mick to help find the 22yr old missing witness and Mick set’s two glass cups of coffee down and slowly turns the handles toward Beth as she picks them up Mick is so intense on staring at her and through out that whole visit he continues to eye her. Amazing delivery………he’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

  357. Terry,

    I have to agree with you. I have the series dvrd on both my televisions and have the dvd set. Each afternoon and at night I just flip through all my favorite scenes. I just love the way Mick stares at Beth. His eyes says it all. He just loves her so much, and she obviously loves him. That’s why I love the show. Of course, I think Alex is the most beautiful man on the planet, but I am a hopeless romantic. I look for the romance angle in any show. That’s why I love it and everytime I watch the episodes it breaks my heart that it got ripped away. I also purchased from Itunes all the songs and each time I listen to them, they bring me right to the spot in the episode where they were from, but again, it breaks my heart that it is over. I hope Trish’s moonlight movie crusade idea really stirs up a lot of interest with all the Moonlight fans from all the sites and they make that movie. Of course, I would also love the show to come back to another network on primetime.

  358. Yes…The “Fever” When Mick is in the Tub and Beth tells him “your dying” I also felt that intense emotion projected (ALEX) that.. he had the opportunity to be mortal however fleetin ..he needed no words…I have seen this in him esp. “Criminal Minds” It’s like you can feel his thoughts in his expression. I dont know ….I quess I just kind of wonder off thinking about some of those episodes. I do like to watch the DVD on my down time. He just makes you smile doesn’t he.

    1. And lets not forget the LOOK on Beths face as he feeds from her–I mean he is so vulnerable and even tho she is still with Josh (why?) it’s clear she is already in love with Mick!